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  1. >> So tell us, what do you think you are missing then Mike ? Miki, thats not my quote its Wilko's - see my first post which tells you what I think is missing, Im not running through it again >> did you ever think to help Arnold privately ? Hindsight is wonderful isnt it - and its a public forum - private comments are usefull to one, not all the users  
  2. If you are good with XML / XSLT and ASP, live between Toulouse and Beziers we would like to talk to you. Please send a PM.
  3. Hi Richard, my first post was an observation from a users perspective - I still stand by those comments, and yes I could have helped with those points - so yes it was genuine, and not touting for work as was suggested several times Although i commented on the site what really got my goat up was the direct reference to our company and then our clients While I was making observations on the site(s) in question I have never questioned the posters business, clients or other sites under their control - only the ones in discussion - and Im sorry if anyones offended, but I do tell it like it is, sometimes that hurts, sometimes it helps, either way its my truthfull opinion
  4. Captain, I see you have the forum 'bug' - its a public forum so the choice to read or not is yours entirely
  5. I said I wouldnt post again, but........ Paolo, you are correct with Yahoo! - its a personal call on paying or not, Jill does run a good forum, along with several others I spend a lot of time reading and contributing in I would also reccommend anyone who wishes to promote their site spends time reading up on best practices Arnold - you really do not know what service agreement I have with my clients, individually or collectively, and unless you have scanned every directory on the internet you also have no idea where they are listed or how old the site(s) are - so how you feel you can comment is beyond me >> There have been no untruths from me. >> There have however been considerable exaggerations, unhelpful and, in this forum, confusing comments from you Please do point these out and I will rectify / carify where ness. Cheers
  6. Arnold wrote >> Your customer didn't translate his site into French - you did. In under 12 hours according to him and that was including running up the site in French too. I don't know about you but with my degree level French, I'd find translating such a large site quite a task in 12 hours OK now you are talking cr*p, coming up with so called facts are that are rubish, but i will indulge you, here is the quote you are reffering to: Our site was built in just over a month and a translated site was made live in under 12 hours once he had received the information from me!! Notice the bit in red? Arnold you need to understand english before you start stating your so called facts Arnold wrote: >> Starting off by attacking fellow professionals is not the way to go though; we hit back. Here is my original post: Good ideas, I would add that TBH the above sites need a professional touch added to them, or at least more time spent on the ‘look’ - to stop them being perceived as a bit "homebuilt" this would add confidence for the website user - broken images, unformatted content, broken links all add up to the 'un-maintained website' look - implying the listings are out of date and the user may get no reply to enquiries Does that read like an attack? I could do much better than that  ;-) I honestly do not think I attacked a professional - a least not in my line of work - advice on how it would be better for the end user is what I originally posted >> fellow professionals jeez you havnt in even bothered fixing the broken images pointed out earlier!! Professional na..... Wilko - I to think its a good idea - but as i said I think the site needs sorting out, you prob hit the nail on the head here: If 10% of these viewers own B&Bs why dont we have more people on the Ourinns site? Am I missing something here or do people prefer to pay? are they all fully booked for the season? <added> I hope that will be my final post on this subject - unless of course more untruths arrive </added>  
  7. Searches - Not sure what site you are talking about - it doesn't really matter TBH, none are in the Yahoo! directory - I dont see that £299 is currently worth the return on investment - it was several years ago then the Yahoo! directory was important - not so now, and I advise my clients exactly this, if the situation changes I will advise them accordingly. On top of that the default search at Yahoo is the web search NOT the directory search making it even less important I really do not have a house style - I design what people want, designs are pre-approved, the customer provides the lead on this - I advise on marketing, usability, accessability etc and how that effects the design - truth is at the end of the day the site looks proffesional and does its job The French lang thing - OK now I see where you are getting this from - something you wouldn't have known is that our clients get FULL control over their websites, adding, editing text, pages, images - whatever they want - through a web based management system, so content is in control of the owner. As I said before, theres more to building a site then meets the eye ;-) FYI - We are finding french versions of our sites to be very 'worthwhile' Arnold I'm not rejecting critisim, I welcome it, IF its based on solid opinions, the above should provide an answer to a few of them Cheers for now I've just read my post - it does sound like advertising, its not meant to be - just answers to Arnolds posts, I have removed my sig (edited to add the above line)  
  8. >> I understood that he meant adding additional metiers which probably would not be a problem if the two were related. Thats just what I had to do - around the 100 euro mark to add 4 additional business activities, 2 of those were not related to the original business
  9. The B&B owners topic is not the place to comment on or criticise web design or to tout for website design business as you are doing. However, since you have criticised my abilities here I thought that I would take a brief look at your own. Please do I have tried to find your clients on the internet in vain. mmmm....well, I will let others be the judge of that! You appear to have only used the "cookie cutter" approach to getting them listed rather than the much more successful, personalised approach to listings. I appreciate that all the latest tools available make the "free" marketing that you can with them do look like a bargain but, as I hope you know, it isn't. ROFL - Im not even sure what you are talking about - not making sense to me I have looked at your client sites and it's clear that the "cookie cutter" approach is your style as a number of the sites are clearly clones of one another (although, I doubt if that affected the fee that each client paid). I don't say that as a criticism though for sometimes a common "house style" is a useful discipline;  both myself and Neil offer a more personal approach. I build what people want - do you really think I say 'OK this is what your getting' - or do you mean by 'clones' that they have a left hand menu and a top header, like 80% of the sites out there? I have looked at some of your French translations. To put it mildly, I have seen better. Please do point this out to me (via the contact form on my site) - I would be most interested, and IF you are correct thankyou for bring this to my attention That is, of course, aside from the fact that a French website is somewhat less useful than most people expect without prior knowledge. You have accepted money from clients to write a poor version of their site in French when you presumably already know that other languages would almost certainly be more useful for them. Perhaps you have advised them otherwise, but it would appear not from their testamonials. Where on earth did you drag that gem from - are you suggesting that  a french language website is not wise? why ever not - I hope your not suggesting that french people do not use the net!! All that is, of course, aside from the fact that "internet marketing" is rarely sufficient on its own. Anyone that thinks that just by buying a website, no matter how good it is, will bring them all the clients that they ever need is living in cloud cookoo land. As I pointed out earlier - there is far, far more to a website than simply building it . And yes, I can honestly say that your version of  cookoo land does indeed exist I don't know if you intend to do it or not, but your site definitely gives the impression that all they need to do is buy a website off you. Its one of the most cost effective form of advertising - if done correctly working alongside traditional marketing - however - I know several 'internet only' businesses that are doing 'very well thankyou' Even a website plus a listing on a single listings site isn't enough. I encourage people to list on as many places as they can manage (subject to a sensible budget) because you simply never know how your future clients will find you. Even if ourinns.org does manage to get to be the number one B&B listings site for France (and it will slowly and surely move towards that spot), I would still encourage people to list elsewhere as well. I encourage people to try the inprint advertising too. I know from conversations from other owners, much more experienced than I, that it can work very well. At last some sense - I will watch with interest over the coming months Criticism is good. As time goes on, I hope that people will continue to criticise and make suggestions for the development of ourinns as they have already. Those comments have been and will be taken on board and the site will continue to evolve over time to become, I hope, one of the best places around for both owners and their clients. The difference from commercial sites is that the evolution will happen, unlike the stagnation that seems to have afflicted a number of commercial equivalents. And the best of luck - and I mean it - although you are suggesting that your site is not commercial, you are running adsense, that makes it commercial in my books
  10. Cars arriving next week and I believe its "considerably bigger than yours"
  11. Arnold - here are some more points to think on, again think of them as constructive critisim - needless to say I stand by all my earlier points -  I found these map images broken: http://www.mascamps.com/ourinns/en/rhonealpes.htm http://www.mascamps.com/ourinns/en/bourgogne.htm http://www.mascamps.com/ourinns/en/hautenormandie.htm I also see no doc type in most pages, little or no meta information and built in a frameset all of which are not going to help you with search engine positioning, hopefully those are in the process of correction On a usability note; http://www.bedandbreakfastfrance.org Please correct me if I'm wrong here - Go to the homepage, click on enter site, ok an interactive map - I live in the Midi-Pyrenees so I click on that, now Im lost - whats going on? where do I go? You are right web-pages are not just about 'nice looking' nor are they just about search engines / marketing - its about getting all the parts of a web-page right, from the (X)HTML to the cross browser compatability to the usability, to the accessibility for both the sighted and the visualy imparied** ** anyone reading this with a website (a website is a service) may be breaking laws if you fail to observe this one I hope you can see my point, I dont think those sites are professional at all but I'm willing to be convinced otherwise and hope the above gives some food for thought
  12. OK first off I wrote >> Please don’t take offence these are just my observations You obv. have - oh well constructive criticism is useful if you learn how to accept it Arnold wrote >> Both are designed and maintained by IT professionals who each have more than 18 years experience. I stand by my original words - they still 'look' unprofessional to me - but as I said thats a my opinion - if you dont like it - tough Arnold wrote >> Neither have broken links, unformatted content nor broken links Simple link checkers / broken image checkers are free and should be part of anyones pre-launch checks http://www.mascamps.com/ourinns/en/corse.htm I could prob list more but dont have time to look Arnold wrote >> Neither are they blatently trying to push webdesign services as you clearly are. In fact no I'm not, It was in my mind to offer help depending on how my post was recieved - I think the idea is good - not new but being 'on the ground' here provides more insight than some of the sites run from elsewhere Arnold wrote >> I think you'll find that my own marketing MBA and Chartered Institute of Marketing professional qualifications hard to beat Did I ever challenge them? Arnold wrote >> For those considering Spash Internet, they will get you a nice looking website because that's what they're about. No we are not - we are Internet Marketeers, we are not focused on 'nice looking' - although that helps a lot once you get the visitor to your site - which is are core strength Arnold wrote >> Don't fall into the trap of the "free" marketing though because you will most certainly be paying for it one way or the other. In fact what I was offering has nothing to do with my core business "Splash internet" its an entirely different offer - and no you wont be paying for it in one way or another
  13. Good ideas, I would add that TBH the above sites need a professional touch added to them, or at least more time spent on the ‘look’ - to stop them being perceived as a bit "homebuilt" this would add confidence for the website user - broken images, unformatted content, broken links all add up to the 'un-maintained website' look - implying the listings are out of date and the user may get no reply to enquiries Please don’t take offence these are just my observations, on the marketing side, we offer free marketing to both individual sites or sites similar to the two being discussed, I wont put the URL here but anyone can contact me if interested  
  14. >Er ...... not registered! >I thought that the forum had moved on from recommendations for unregistered workers? 1. Who cares 2. How are you so sure? 3. Would also recommend
  15. You can either deposit money in Euro or UK pounds - so no exchange rates apply on deposits, The credit balance in your account expires after 180 days of inactivity, so with a 10 euro deposit I have 1/2 a year to use it CPU usage is not too bad - you def need ADSL and at least a semi-decent PC There is VAT on charges (15%) but if you are a business you may soon be able to aviod this, as an example here is a call from France to the UK 2 days ago DateNumberDestinationRate/min.DurationPriceDec 10 14:394412######United Kingdom€0.01722:46€0.391   22mins for 39 cents - not bad I say!
  16. Not sure if anyone here is aware of this, I have been trying this and am very happy with it; http://www.skype.com/ free pc -> pc phone calls Pc -> Land line to any of these countries: Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Canada (mobiles), Chile, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States (except Alaska and Hawaii), United States (mobiles) and last but not least: Vatican. SkypeOut Global Rate: 1.7 Euro Cent per minute. 1.7 Euro Cent is approximately the same as 2 US cents or 1,1 pence. Unless it is specifically mentioned, the SkypeOut Global Rate is only for calling regular landline telephones. Calls to mobile phones are more expensive. Enjoy!
  17. >"guarantee my website gets found on the first 2 pages of a google search" Typicaly this is using adwords and charging you an increased price - as mentioned before 'ask for the key terms they will get your site listed for' - ask for examples I have been in SEO for 6 years and still do not guarantee placement - although we always get what we are after    
  18. From http://free.grisoft.com/freeweb.php/doc/16/lng/us/tpl/v5 Important notice: This Beta version of AVG Free Edition will expire 11/30/2004. By this time, the final version of this product will be available for your free download. So set your calendar for 1/12/04 and download the new version
  19. Yeh, have to agree, I get JScript errors in the control panel Also - any chance of changing the stylesheet so it uses EM's instead of PT's that way I can adjust the text size - I would think a few people have trouble reading this forum
  20. Chris i am considering Bayo, but; >the program is in French but as I use Windows XP Professional on my PC there is no problem with language DLLs screwing my PC up, a problem usually found with older versions of Windows Any idea if its going to screw up on Win 2000? Mike -------------------------------- http://www.splash-internet.com --------------------------------
  21. LAST EDITED ON 28-Jul-04 AT 08:47 AM (BST) Dell do some very good machines at good prices, you can order in france, with french electrical bits, UK manuals, UK Operating System and UK QWERTY keyboard Link: http://www.dell.fr Or save yourself a few quid on ebay Oh and if you've no need for the old lappy Im collecting 'bits and bobs' for a project Mike -------------------------------- http://www.splash-internet.com --------------------------------
  22. Add me to the list - I have a 1955 James 98cc if anyone is interested - looking for something bigger Mike -------------------------------- http://www.splash-internet.com --------------------------------
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