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  1. >> To the user, a JavaScript or Session ID link makes no difference to their experience of the site so why should a search engine rank them differently? It certainly does if the user's browser has problems with jScript, if the user is disabled for example and uses a screen reader - if a spider has difficulty in following a link within a site that *may* make several pages of the site unavailable to the search engine and therefore missed by potential searches It is realtivly easy NOT to use JScript and Session IDs in navigation - in fact it may be the easy way out to use these - better sites will avoid using both - IMO Sure links have been one of the main factors used by SE's (Google for sure) but that is not the 'be all and end all' of it - recent blog spam and 'contests' based on link spam have caused SE's to look at other ways of determining 'site quality' and what I am suggesting is that some of the 'signs of quality' I put forward would be well worth implementing if anyone wants to continue doing well in the SE's - which is certainly my intention! If quoting google to prove a point helps then try: http://appft1.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2&Sect2=HITOFF&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsearch-bool.html&r=1&f=G&l=50&co1=AND&d=PG01&s1=20050071741&OS=20050071741&RS=20050071741 its a long hard read but shows Google is looking at other ways of scoring sites, including links of course but covering other areas such as #38 deals with the domain name Hegs - you are well informed - but why argue against the fact that SE's need to continully improve and find other ways to score sites determine search quality? I would love to hear how you think they could improve search results?
  2. >> I suspect that the vast majority of time spent on "SEO", whatever that may mean to various people, is time wasted. mmm.... nope don't agree at all there - one of the most effective forms of promotion >> the sheer number of listings that I have for our place is moving our own website down the rankings. Not because it's being "demoted" but simply because it has to fight its way through getting on for 100 listings. eh? if its not being demoted then what? - your own website *should* out-rank any *gite* or *accommodation* directory - if not you got your own site wrong IMO
  3. >> How come it's doing that if most people only seem to manage to get a couple of pages indexed? Do not where you get that idea from, Googlebot is a ravenous bot and will take as many pages as you can give it, one site i have has 5k plus indexed Badly designed, or bad navigation will get you only a few pages indexed
  4. Hi Hegs, that list is meant as an overall 'indication of quality' and some things will not apply to sites in different markets, and many of the points are not soley for SE's they help / encourage the user to complete the desired goal Although search engines are algorithmic it has been shown that Yahoo, for example, also applies 'search quality' checks which involve human intervention - in this case some of these quality indicators may apply >>how can an algorithm determine "Suitable design for the market" or "Ease of navigation" Ease of navigation - a spider can easily follow links within the site - it can access the homepage in one 'jump' from any page in the site, links are not JScript links, not using Session ID's >>How can it tell if a help section is detailed? Spiders read all content - if its readable, not difficult to scan a help section, determine the scope of the page compared to other 'similar pages' from other sites - is it better or worse, then score based on that Links are easily scamed and SE's need other ways to determine 'quality' - how would you suggest they do it? Add to the list please  
  5. Agree with most of what's been said here - sometimes its useful to think of Search Engines from their point of view.... What would / does make Google better than any other Search Engine ? - without a doubt it has to be the quality of the search results, Google wants to supply you (the surfer) with quality results - that way you are going to be back next time you need info, products or a service - so how can Google identify a quality website above a 'not so good' website? This has been a recent discussion on other SEO forums - here is a list in no paticular order, bits taken from Googles own patent and other more obvious points that should provide a signal of quality to Google: Company Name, Address, Tel and Fax etc Company Number VAT (TVA) Number Unique Content (Low or no duplicate content)Suitable design for the marketCorrectly formatted HTML Code and CSS that Validates Fast loading pagesEase of navigationAbility to click back to last site Site not over optimised (keyword repetition)Time spent by visitors to the site Customer / Supplier Testimonials Regular Updates, amendments Disability Access Disability Access Statement Membership(s) and links to trusted Trade Organisations and Bodies Privacy Policy Detailed Help SectionFAQs About Us Complaints Procedure Quality on topic links inbound Quality on top links outbound Posted Terms and Conditions Domain name registered for more than 1 year, preferably longerDedicated IP addressHosted by a "trusted host" not 'free hosting'Low link "churn" (links not changing too fast on a page)Web site regularly growingBacklinks regularly growingSession ID's in URL not required for viewing web siteValid use of Robots.txt fileLow number of affiliate linksNo site-wide external linkingHope the above provides some food for thought Mpprh - certainly spiders will follow database driven pages, but much better if there is no idication that the pages are coming from a database - that way every spider will follow every page
  6. Hi peter - this is so common, if you register a domain it is always best to buy the similar domains including domains that may be mispelt - they cost nothing Now - why dont you simply register pano-midi.com? and point it to a page on them on your site  Then you could set up an exchange  If need any help to do this quickly and cheaply just shout
  7. Afy I understand your feelings - there is work here but be prepared for a struggle to get in the market place, even if your the best in your field - good luck!  
  8. I cant see this being true - why cap what someone could earn? If tax is being paid on commissions then i cant see a problem - would love to know more if anyone has any info
  9. We are in 81 - message in your inbox www.south-france-gite.com
  10. > Q1  How do I submit it to search engines ?  There is no need to 'submit to search engines' - best advice is to get out on the internet and find websites that will list your website, and / or find other websites that will give you links > Q2 " Location " key words ( what should have been done ? The location meta tag is part of the dublin core, it is not ness. for search engines and will make no difference - in fact the tag is supposed to indicate the 'document' location not the location of the property in relation to to the planet! It sould be used as <meta name="DC.location" Spliting your site up into several pages and targetting those pages and specific terms is going to give you the biggest improvement, combined with getting links in from directories / other websites you should see a vast improvement. There are many things involved with marketing a site and starting with a good foundation is abs. critical - dont stress over the 'keyword' issue too much, use them (what your target market would search for) in the page text as you would do normally when writing about a subject - many people see keywords as the easy / quick fix answer and it certainly is not I see many websites sat at #1 that dont even contain one instance of the keyword being search for You could use google adwords to get instant targetted traffic to your site - but TBH I would spend some time on the site making sure that visitors follow the path YOU want them to AND that they find the info they need on the site - after all if you use adwords you will be paying for every visitor.  
  11. re: your website I have to say that its not going to attract visitors / clients of its own accord - if you get your website listed in other directories / holiday websites, then you may get some business - but your site isn't going to attract clients just by itelf, i.e not from search engines A few things need changing Split your pages up - grow the site page on page - month on monthGet better photos1 page = 1 subject (like fishing, walking etc)Go into depth on your specialist subject (fishing) a quick scan, as most people do, your site says nothing about fishing holidays to meTo get a better idea look at our gite site: http://www.south-france-gite.com There are many, many Gites in France, specialise (as you are doing) then focus your advertising / marketing (including the website) on this specialist area Hope that helps!      
  12. You have lost me Arnold I've just been back through the posts previous to yours - what website are you talking about? Have you posted in the right thread, or has a post been removed?
  13. >>Dell are pretty incapable of resolving these things to peoples satisfaction Not for me - laptop hardrive went with 4-5 days left of the normal RTB warranty, after speaking to a (very) proficient support guy, Dell sent an engineer out within 4 days and fitted a new HD on site, reinstalled the OS and was gone in an hour, hard to beat that!
  14. Why not just use dell? Last time i ordered a laptop you could select UK keyboard and OS, after sales is also excellent, in fact here in the office we have gone totally 'Dell'
  15. Dave, use the net to find the answer http://www.google.com/search?&q=thompson+speedtouch+adsl+modem+problem&btnG=Search If possible also use the modem model, and any error code - pretty certain you wont be the first with this problem
  16. Ah yes IE on a MAC - needless to say that site dosent support it, Firefox is a far better browser - set it as default At least now you know its not the line - Im afraid I dont use those modems - far better to get a generic ADSL modem - much more control for networking / firewall etc etc You will just have to play with the settings, maybe compare with yours?
  17. Tourangelle - you are right - a british credit card is fine - a debit card however may not be - depends if it shows the visa / matercard logo's  
  18. If it carries the Visa, Matercard logo you should be ok - best to make an enquiry directly with them
  19. >> By the way Mike, I looked at your site and all the text in the bottom half is waaaaaaayyyy over the rhs. OK cheers - what browser and operating system?
  20. OK good luck! It can be very frustrating! - I know! See if you get any error messages back from the modem - if you get a code then do search on google for that code - presuming you can get on the net of course!
  21. Tried changing the ADSL filter? Plug it into another phone point Have all phone points in use got filters? Have they played with the Encapsulation, VPI or VCI settings? I dont use these standard modems so I cant help with the set-up of the modem itself - try re-booting everything maybe Hope some of the above helps!
  22. You will find that all the major car rental firms require some sort of card, visa, mastercard etc to provide 'insurance' against any problems - do you have any of these? If you are under 25 you may have to pay a 'young drivers surcharge' around 15 GBP per day, and will have a capped top price If you have pleanty of time before you need the car, you *may* be able to pay by cheque - but dont bank on it Try www.france-car-hire-rental.com they are brokers and I know they will do what they can    
  23. >> What do you think?? Bin http://www.hoax-slayer.com/ms-money-giveway-hoax.html
  24. Its the best stuff for Parquet flooring apartently, it stops grease stains from marking the floor
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