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  1. Many thanks for your reply. The frame is carved wood and we have taken it to a local restorer to replace the missing pieces. His estimate is quite high, but we appreciate the intricacy of the work involved. Now looking forward to seeing the finished job.
  2. Many thanks. I have emailed you with a little more detail.
  3. We have just purchased an antique mirror which has a carved wooden decorative frame. One or two of the pieces of carving have been lost. Does anyone know of a supplier of carved decorative frame work in France, or a restorer in sw France (Charente Maritime)?
  4. We would like to tarmacadam a small area of our garden (about 20m2). Does anyone know of a contractor interested in a small project in southern 17 (near Jonzac)?
  5. When this group was formed last year, Bill Ashbee was the first chairman. Not sure if he still is, but you can try him at:- [email protected]
  6. Does anyone know where, in this region, one can sell quality English furniture? After many years of (happy) marriage, we have acquired more furniture than we need, but find that English furniture is often not to the French taste, and it would be too costly to ship back to England speculatively. Thanks in advance.
  7. I am in Dept 17. The problem with free.fr is identical to that with sister company freetelecom.fr. However, if I dial the "numero de secours", I get through first time, every time. Only trouble is, I can't remember my password for the latter connection.[:(]
  8. Exactly the same problem with free.fr as you describe. Sometimes (but rarely now) immediate connection, but most times it's a case of constant re-dialling. Record to date is 36 times before getting connected. Isn't there a web site somewhere which lists all the ISPs, charges, etc in France? Anyone remember its web address?
  9. It has been reported very recently on another forum that pool alarms have now been "removed" from the list of approved safety devices. Can anyone confirm (or otherwise)?
  10. Zeb, this really is my last posting on this thread. Your comments are becoming boring and repetitive. The 3%. The following is extracted from the Nation Federation of hunters own web site.  La Fédération Nationale des Chasseurs coordonne l’action des Fédérations Départementales et représente 1.450.000 chasseurs de France. As the population of France is around 55 million, that makes the hunters 2.6% of that number. I have been too generous with my figures. Selfish? No! Let the hunters have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the remaining 55 million of us can have Sunday. I did not say that I was shot AT. Some three years ago, I was walking our dogs in a public recreation area when a hunter fired at something in our direction. I heard the shot and immediately heard a load crack as his projectile (bullet? lead shot?) smashed in to a tree trunk just a few yards away. I went to examine the damage of the impact on the tree and then noticed a man, with a gun just across a river, running in the opposite direction. I can only assume that he was being totally careless and reckless and had presumably fired at something between himself and the public area. It was from that day onwards I became strongly opposed to shooting on the main leisure day of the week, and the selfishness of the tiny minority of aging hunters.
  11. Zeb, I have re-read this thread and can find absolutely no substance in your claim the the "no hunting on Sunday" lobby has lost the argument. You keep trotting out the same old clichés about the short hunting season, the hunters' rights, and no danger except during a battue. In reply, most respondents have pointed out the "selfishness" of 3% of the population effectively dictating where 97% can't go on Sundays. So what about their rights and the selfishness of the hunters. After all, the petition which originated this thread is not advocating the banning of hunting, but only asking for a level playing field. 3% can hunt for six days a week for 20 weeks (120 days), whilst 97% can walk safely for 20 days. Not exactly a well balanced request, but still very much in the hunters' favour. As for battues only being dangerous. What a load of cobblers! I have personal experience of a shot from a very careless hunter, very narrowly missing me and my dogs when we were actually walking in a public leisure area.  I shall read any reply with interest and respect but only if it adds something new to the discussion.  
  12. Very interesting item about Jeffrey Quirk. Thanks for that. As it happens, he was featured on a BBC TV programme yesterday evening, which was covering the lives of four different English people who have moved to France. He was, at the time of filming, going around his neighbourhood trying to get the agreement of landowners to hunt across their land - and he did not seem to be meeting with much success. The mayor of Pau, seemed to be incensed by this gentleman's assumption that he could "ride to hounds" in France, stating that it was against the law - which I did not know, and am not sure is correct. So the news that the mayor had welcomed the enterprise seems to run counter to the impression on the film. We shall be joining the RAC - no, not the British one! Incidentally, next Wednesday evening is another BBC transmision reporting how French "emigrants" to Britain are faring. Could be interesting.
  13. Zeb wrote:- "The problem with your argument is that you seem to want all the cake (52 sundays) you don't seem to want to share it with anyone else at all. Now that is being pretty greedy." As far as I can see, Chris (nor I for that matter) want all 52 Sundays for ourselves. We are perfectly willing and happy to share them with the 97% of the French population which does not hunt, say about 53 million in total. Now that's not exactly greedy, is it? On the other hand, the <3% of the population which does shoot, does want exclusive rights for 20 Sundays to vast tracts of the countryside. Now THAT'S what I call pretty greedy.
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