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  1. Anyone who sometimes uses the St Denis route into Paris (e.g from the A16 and through Sarcelles to the BP) beware of the road works. A new tramway is under construction and it is horrendous. Doesnt affect the A1 route as far as I know. From the A16 take the Francilliene instead or cut across to the A1 at CDG.
  2. I have just replaced an old SKY box with a 'newer' SKY+ box. In effect there is no change as the SKY+ facilities cant be used without a viewing card. OK I have the better menu structure with a better info button but thats it. Anyone know a way round the need for a viewing card or how to get one? Will any old one do the trick or am I over simplifying it?
  3. Must admit I love it! However I do tend to use it mainly on a Sunday when there are no lorries. I go from the A6 then east round Lesigny and up to CDG then over to the A16. No problems generally.
  4. Thanks Anton. Have looked at Lapeyre website and seems promising. I have already used them for kitchen units so am familiar with them and have one quite close. They are a bit expensive I think but quality goods. Plus would save on 'shipping' costs.
  5. Hi Leo, Height is 90cms and I need 3 lengths about 2m each. It is for a sitting room. Style I have seen is Victorian. I have a Touran so might just get 2m in but with everything else that I normally transport from UK it might be difficult!
  6. Is it possible to buy ready made up panelling for walls in France? I have found MDF panelling at The English Panelling Company and Wickes but it would be difficult for me to transport it as it comes in > 2m lengths. If a similar product were available in France that would suit me. The panelling usually comes with skirting boards and dado rail.
  7. Thanks - just what I hoped! The sat dish should be OK as it was already aligned for the old decoder, but we will soon find out. Not bothered about HD. Will look for a Freesat decoder then. Thanks again Danny Mike        
  8. I feel pretty sure this has been covered before but I cant find it. I have a French TV with satellite and up until now had a decoder bought in France and received basically all the free to air channels via Astra. The decoder has now packed up. I am back in the UK and believe that decoders are cheaper than in France but will it work?    
  9. As a follow up to my original question I ended up hiring from Brico Depot which was both cheap and easy. Driving license, utility bill, cheque to cover damage which is then returned (unless .....). The staff were friendly and didnt charge until I was loaded up (which was a good half hour). Petrol was included (depending on kilometres but I did only 100k so was OK). All in all a success.  
  10. Thanks guys. Have noticed also that some colours come in 2m lengths as well as 3m so may change my colour scheme!!! Anything for an easy life!
  11. And I have the picture license, not the old green paper so should be OK then. I have a SuperU nearby as well so have a choice. Thanks.
  12. Can I hire a 8m3 van from Carrefour with an English driving license?
  13. I am going to re-roof a 'bucher' i.e. woodshed and am thinking of replacing the corrugated iron with bac acier. How easy is it to work with and how do you cut it as it comes in 3m lengths and one side needs max of 2m? Is it heavy to transport?
  14. Thanks Jako, putting my address shows me that my analog signal is good (which obviously I know) and that the TNT digital signal is transitory and currently lower than I can reasonably expect after the switchover. So the advice to do nothing until then seems to be wise. The smiley faces will then have broader grins!!!
  15. Thanks for all the advice and the links. I am not a resident and in fact I will be back in UK from mid Oct to mid Dec so I will find out what I have or havent got when I return so I dont see me spending money on new aerials etc until I have seen how the switchover affects me. Yeah it could be that when I retune afterwards I get better signal. Cheers    
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