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  1. 'I did ask earlier if it could be paid direct into my UK account and they said No.' Yes it can. Mine was, but you have to fill in the part of the form that asks if you want it paid into another persons account. You simply put your own details in there. cheminot
  2.  If the existing bulbs are standard single pole bayonet fitting they should be 21watts. I dont think you can get higher wattage bulbs than this in this fitting so the first thing to do is check the power of the ones you already have .  If they are less than 21watts then you can there is no reason why you shouldn't uprate them. cheminot
  3. Many thanks Clair. I am now suitably prepared!  There is one thing that puzzles me though and that is that on the notes it says I must provide an SAE for the return of my licence and on the application form it says that I must provide two of them. I think I will take two with me just to be certain. cheminot
  4. Certain categories of my french driving licence expire next february. This is because I will be 60 then. I am aware that if I wish to continue to hold these categories I will need to pass a medical but can anyone please tell me if I have to institute the procedure myself or will I be sent a reminder by the prefecture? Also, are there specific forms etc that I will need for this? My thanks in anticipation. cheminot
  5. My thanks again to everyone for their help. Particularly Clair, whose suggested website provided the answer to my problem. In effect I had to change over the TV scart connections and now everything is working fine. cheminot
  6. New problem! No sound on the DVD recorder whether recording or playing back. The instruction book is no help at all. Has anyone any ideas how to fix this please? cheminot
  7. The hdmi connection was and is enabled on my TV I used it for the DVD recorder but it doesn't make any difference. Thats what puzzles me. cheminot
  8. Many thanks for your replies. I have sorted it out now. I changed the TV connection from hdmi to scart and it all works now. I dont understand why it wont work on hdmi though, it is supposed to be the best way of connecting for HDTV. cheminot
  9. I have just bought a Humax HD freesat box. I have connected it to my dish which my old skybox was on, to the TV via an hdmi cable and to the DVD recorder via a scart cable. I switched it on and it is displaying 'inst' on the front which I assume means it is going through its automatic installation program, however, it has been like this for 3 hours now. Is this normal? cheminot
  10. We painted our exterior walls with Santex smooth paint. They were a fairly rough render which had never been painted before. The Sandtex covered them in one coat but because of the texture of the render it took a lot more paint than we expected. Having said that it is a good finish. You could try a small area with one coat of the final colour to see what it is like. If it does need two coats then one of white followed by the colour should produce a good finish. cheminot
  11. Sorry for the delay in replying. I was hoping I might get a response from the prefecture to include in this post but its starting to look as if  my enquiry was written on soft enough paper to render it useful for other purposes rather than responding to it! I have a 1960 Mc cormick Farmall Super Cub which is pictured below. It might look close to being finished but I still have a lot of relatively small jobs to do on it when I can afford it. Unfortunately small does not necessarily mean cheap! [IMG]http://i469.photobucket.com/albums/rr56/malced/TR13.jpg[/IMG]
  12. I hope that below will be a picture of the bottle of cream I am referring to which may make it easier to find when in Leader Price. cheminot [IMG]http://i469.photobucket.com/albums/rr56/malced/100_0830.jpg[/IMG]
  13. [quote user="Alan Zoff"]When I last tried the Creme Fleurette Entiere, it tasted nothing like English fresh cream to me. Have searched in vain for some time to find an exact equivalent.[/quote] Until I found the Leader Price product I would have entirely agreed with you but this is not like any other creme fleurette that I have found. All I can say is get some and try it. cheminot.
  14. Leader Price sell fresh 'Creme fleurette entiere' in 0.5 litre white plastic bottles with a red label which is identical to UK double cream. There is no need to add 'fixe' or sugar to it as it whips up easily and is not 'soured'. cheminot
  15. I recently bought an old tractor which I am renovating. The problem I have is that it has been registered by its original owner but having been sold on at least twice no-one has bothered to re register it. Like thunderhorse I would like to take it to shows and if possible drive it to them but I need a carte gris to do this. I have written to the prefecture to ask them what I can do about this. I'll post the outcome when I receive a reply. cheminot
  16. Do you mean, Can a single camera on a single carriageway road record the speed of vehicles going in both directions at the same time, ie: from the front in one direction and from the rear in the other? If so, not as far as I know. In the UK I have been flashed by speed cameras a couple of times when travelling on the opposite side to the one they were monitering with no result. cheminot
  17. There is a Troc Moto at Juillac le Coq, nr Segonzac, dept 16 on Sunday the 26th april. Loads of second hand and new bike stuff, barbecue etc. cheminot
  18. If you want a UK pension paid to a foreign bank some pension providers use a bank transfer service to do this.  In this case there is usually a charge levied by the bank for this service. The figure you quote is about the norm for this. Whether you are charged by the receiving bank depends on who you bank with. cheminot
  19. Click on 'all programs' in your start menu. Click on 'accessories'. From the dropdown list select 'system tools', from this dropdown menu select 'system restore'.  Windows might now ask your permission to continue, if so click on 'OK'.  A 'restore system' page will then come up. It will offer you a recommended restore point but this is unlikely to be far enough back so select 'choose a different restore point'.  It will then bring up a page with a list of other restore points or an option to select an earlier date. Choose this option if neccessary and scroll down until you find a date that you are sure was before your computor was infected and click on it. Click on 'next' and follow the instructions. You will not lose any programs or files but you may have to download updates for some programs again. cheminot
  20. Have you tried doing a 'system restore' back to a date when you know the computor was working ok? cheminot
  21. Many thanks for your replies.  I suspect my aerial is something of antiquity.  It was on the house when we bought it so I dont know how old it is but it is definitely pointed towards Niort. I think a replacement will be a good idea, has anyone got any recommendations regarding aerials please? cheminot
  22. We receive french TV on a standard analogue aerial. Our TV/DVD setup is capable of receiving digital TV and we can get some of the TNT channels but the reception is generally poor on these. Would it be worthwhile changing to a digital aerial or is it just down to signal strength? cheminot
  23. [quote user="Ron Avery"]Sorry,  to make it clear, yes of course you can pay cheques from another French bank into your account at any bank in your own region of CA, but you cannot pay cheques or money into your account at a CA in Provence if your account is with CA Calvados, you have to send these payments to your branch. There have been a number of threads on this.  Just to add to the praises of CA NMP, I managed to get a direct debit that had been in error yesterday re-credited with to my account after just a five minute meeting at the local bank.  Better than phoning Calcutta as I have to do with HSBC and getting somebody who cannot make a decision without "talking to their supervisor".[geek][/quote] Well all I can say to this is that I have had no trouble paying cheques/cash into my CA Normandie account from CA Charente. I have also done it from Brittany, Paris, Picardy and Nice. Only in Charente was it queried in the manner I described in my previous post. cheminot
  24. You can pay in cheques/cash into different area CA banks. You simply have to fill in the 'code guichet' number as well as the account number on the paying-in slip. I have done this several times in different areas without problems.  I would point out though that often CA staff themselves do not know this.  Once when I paid in a cheque the woman at the desk in the bank said ''ce n'es pas possible" but I insisted it was. She went and consulted the manager who showed her how to process it. cheminot.
  25. The story so far....... I sent in my FD5 forms with my completed tax forms to the Hotel des Impots last may. The FD5's seem to have made it as far as the UK before being 'lost'. Eventually, after many phone calls, emails and two more sets of forms later Nottingham finally acknowledged they had received them in december. In january the Bootle office told me they had received them and would process them. Ten days ago I receive the letter I had been waiting for telling me that they had credited my account with a refund for 2007 and had instructed my pension providers to refund all the tax I had paid in 2008, yippee!!!  Er, not quite! I check my bank account, nothing. I phone my pension providers who say, ''We haven't received the letter yet but even if we had its too late to process it for this financial year so you'll have to go back to HMRC and ask for it''. I phone HMRC, ''You say you have paid me back my tax for 2007 but it isn't in my account''. Reply, '' We hold a few back for a second audit and yours is one of them''. "How long will that take?".  Reply, "Dont know".  Next question, "My pension providers say it is too late for them to repay my tax for 2008 so what happens now?" Reply,"When you get your P60's send them to us and we'll process a refund".  "How long will that take?" Reply, "About 3 months after receipt of P60's" And the icing on the cake? This morning I receive a letter from the 'Impots' telling me they had miscalculated my tax and I owe them another €640! cheminot
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