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  1. [quote user="Sunday Driver"] ertificat de cession.  This is the three part "notification of change of owner" document.  Three copies, one to the buyer, one for yourself, you must send the third copy to your prefecture within 15 days.     [/quote]   Just to confirm - should it be me or the buyer who sends the 3rd part of the certificate de cession to the prefecture?   Thanks
  2. Is cash still ok for a lower price sale? I am selling mine tomorrow for around 1400 euros and the bloke wants to pay cash only.
  3. they work for me too...ok so looks like i'm not the only one. I'll have to call them again. There isn't much forthcoming when I call them though.
  4. I can't open those links for some reason. Yes, it's a cable TV provider. Apparently many people in France had not received their deposits back last year (25000 people or so). Hopefully someone will have heard of them and already got their deposit back.
  5. I'm sure plenty of people have heard of it and are using it. I'm hoping it's just taking some time :)
  6. Hello, I am leaving france and have cancelled my subscription with Noos by sending a registered letter which they have received. However, I have not received a response from them with regards to sending the receiver back and getting my deposit back. Has anyone already gone through this process? I have heard from a few people that there have been problems for most people trying to get the deposit back. I don't get through on their telephone lines and they don't seem to want to reply to the registered letter. I am actually leaving very soon so am hoping to resolve this asap.    
  7. Hello Dee&Tom,   I got it , thanks very much...sounds like he will do a great job.
  8. I think you're right...I got quotes for a 2 day van hire picking up in Strasbourg and dropping in Calais next day for 780 euros..
  9. thanks for the info everyone.. I will try the companies and nos. that you gave me... Re the van....another colleague of mine left last year and had to drive the van back to France as they couldn't leave it in UK. Like you say they don't seem to do one way deals.
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone is moving back to the UK from the Alsace area this month and would like to share the costs/van (whatever option turns out best). I'm moving to London from Strasbourg at the end of May and the quotes I got so far from removal companies have been fairly steep. Other plan is to just hire a van and move my stuff myself.
  11. Sharing a van could be an option..is anyone else leaving end of May in the Alsace area? I'll probably be dumping some excess stuff in my parents house...sure they'll be delighted. I am trying to sell all of my furniture so it's unlikely I'll have too much anyway. Sue - do you remember which company you used?  
  12. I am leaving France at the end of the month after almost 5 years in Strasbourg. I wanted to ask what other people who have left have found to be the best/cheapest option in terms of bringing all their stuff back. I am moving back to London so will probably be swapping living alone in a F3 flat for a small bedroom in a shared flat in London. I will try to sell all of my furniture but that still leaves me with a  lot of stuff to bring back. So far I have had quotes from removal companies charging between £1200 and £2500. Another option is just hiring a van and driving it back myself which would be cheaper but would then need to drive back from London to Calais so that the van would be dropped off in France. I was told that using a shipping company who would basically wrap the stuff and send it over would be a cheap option but even for that I am being quoted the same kind of prices as the removal companies. Does anyone have any tips from their experiences from moving to or from France? When I first moved here the company subsidized the move but I need to finance this one myself.
  13. Excellent..thanks for the info.
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