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  1. Try www.edf.fr , then click EN for English if needed. Click 'particulier' or 24/7, then info pratiques, and couleur du jour Tempo. This tell you the day before the colour day and times. Also 'Historique' tells you the previous months of red, white and blue days! So you know how many are left. Hope it helps Matt
  2. Happy New Year to all at LF Forum, From Matt and Sue in Hampshire and Morbihan 
  3. Thanks everyone. Will pass it on to her! Matt
  4. My friend has a very large fireplace with a chimney, which had a woodburner stove, which the previous owners took with them. She would like an open fire. Where can you buy a very large grate etc., reasonably priced in the St Lo area? Looking forward to many BF crossings in future!!?
  5. We need to finish off our electrics upstairs and need an electrician. Does anybody know of one in the Pontivy - Josselin area?
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