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  1. Poolguy Can you fix your site so shopping works ?? W
  2. Theiere Never got a reminder that you had replied so sorry for the pause. The thing I am talking about is the ph minus automatic doser............however i have discovered that it still works but the little screen on it is blank all the time so i don't know my ph level or temperature etc. The price i gave was for a like for like replacement but a it still works i would like to buy some sort of hand held machine that measures evrything for me. Can anyone recommend a product tat will do this at a reasonable price, the only one I found was in the UK and was £750 !! Regards Wilko
  3. My doser for electrlyse de sel et regulation de PH has died. Replacement is over 3000 euros Poolsquad 95.........painful. I checked out this on the net; http://www.piscine-center.net/duo-sel-ph-o-clair-de-0-a-100-m/145/1769 Anybody know if this product is up to it or not or even better something a little more cost effective. Cheers Wilko
  4. I'd go B/caire to St Remy and on to Cavaillon, pick up the A7 and go 1 stop north Avignon Sud exit. Follow signs for Avignon from the m/way and the airport is about 1.5kms, second r/about you come to it's at the airport. For a good lunch, and you'll need to book well ahead......a month maybe, try the Mas du Capoun in Molleges, it is excellent and on your way back to B/caire http://www.masducapoun.com/ bon ap Wilko
  5. PM is a neighbour of mine, well 10kms away, and I have bumped into him in our local village bar on more than one occasion. He is a charming man and exceptional raconteur. I met him when they were filming a Good Year and asked why he wasn't on set as he wrote the book, but not the screenplay, for Ridley Scott......his reply was "far too many luvvies for my liking". Unlike PM Scott is not well liked in the area by the locals. He is an infrequent visitor and his pastime seems to be taking people to court for various matters, the latest being a young french couple, who applied for and were granted planning, for a large chicken coup. It is some 500 metres from him in an area zoned as agricole, it seems he was offered the land but thought it too expensive..........with all his millions !! He went to court and lost his case a month or so ago. According to the local rag he has sued on 4 other occasions and lost all of them. I have read most of PMs books and invariably enjoy them but certainly YIP and TP provide fascinating descriptions of the Provencales. I read YIP before I lived here and thought very tongue in cheek but after having lived here for some time you realise that the local people are very much as described by PM. Good luck to him.
  6. Completely baffles me, giteowner, as to why you didn't and don't post a link to your property which is for sale.................all publicity is good publicity. An occasional visitor might well read your post, they are not a member, so couldn't pm you. W
  7. Hi All Many thanks for your numerous replies. Polly thanks for the advice, I shouldn’t think they’ll be visiting and I don’t think we’d like any of her friends to visit if they are similar. Theiere yes simples my first thought as well, he’s not being harsh RH just a little tongue in cheek………..have to say his response made me laugh. Q thanks for the cancellation policy, it’s filed away……………should I send it to her ? AnOther…….I don’t have a moral dilemma here, she’s been offered a better deal than her insurance company is offering, if she has a policy. Richard 51…….read my previous post. RH & T…………this person’s attitude is without equal on the rude stakes so the chances of her being recompensed are less than slim, if her attitude were a little more reasonable it might well be a different matter. I may well call Brigadier General D H Wilko and ask him to get the gun boat out of mothballs to teach these colonies a spot of decorum. Still no news from overseas, but will keep you posted. Rgds W
  8. Thanks for the replies, I was interested in what other people thought re the situation. I have already mailed these folk and said that they should be claiming on their travel insurance and said that their deposits are good for the next 12 months. Some seem happy with this but one of them has become particularly rude and threatening..............which may well lead to an interesting exchange of emails, which gives me something to do after the footie tonight. Ironically Mrs W has been stuck in Sweden for the past few days due to old smoky. Thanks again for your replies. Rgds Wilko
  9. Due to the smoking mountain with the non pronounceable name in Iceland I have had a number of cancellations....mostly US and Oz. A number of these people want their deposits back. Whilst I can understand these peoples disappointment I don't feel that it is my place to refund monies.........if it is what is the point of a deposit. Any thoughts from you fellow B&Bers. W
  10. Apologies dog i suffered a doggybanana moment, possibly due to an excess of pastis with my neighbour prior to lunch. W
  11. Dog.......he doesn't look like a nutter tax inspector......or is this another voisin ? Love amnesia/deja vu....is that a quote or original ? Rgds W
  12. Hi Anyone having problems booking with Ryanair ? I have tried from both my computer and my neighbours both with his M/card and my french visa card. After clicking ok to pay it says......unknown error occured, cannot accept payment at this time, try later ?? Have been trying since thursday. any ideas Thanks Wilko
  13. Amazed Op didn't leave his site address. Who knows who looks at this forum.........maybe a prospective purchaser. Rgds W
  14. 5 element Never had a problem with clients complaining they are too hot on our Ikea beds. Mind you the old mas never gets overheated, helped by the huge amount of insulation in the roof and ceiling fans in all guest rooms. Sleep well W
  15. We have had ikea beds for the last 20 years, swedish wife, and have always found them to exceptionally comfortable, but they are not cheap. if you want the very best try Hastans, also swedish but arm and a leg time.........but then you spend around 30% of your life using it so not a bad investment. Lastly if people insist on doing this think of the repercussions; friend was telling me this lunch time that she went to a super-chic bed store and tried out all the beds... took the references of the ones she liked and then went hom and ordered them online through a discount bedding shop and saved two thirds of the price Perhaps this is the way to go If everyone does it there will be no small shops left either here or in the UK..........or anywhere else for that matter. Sleep well Wilko
  16. This thread is on tripadvisor re car hire insurance http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g187234-i138-k3368742-No_insurance_excess-Nice_French_Riviera_Cote_d_Azur_Provence.html Rgds Wilko
  17. Theiere thanks for that, i didn't think anyone had posted as I never received a reminder in my inbox............maybe I forgot to tick the replies box. Thanks again Wilko
  18. Is there any sort of cost effective substitute for PH- Just bringing the pool out of hibernation and in need of several litres. Thanks Wilko
  19. I'd set up some sort of web presence as soon as possible. It will take some months to establish any sort of presence. Be obliged if you could mail me when operational as we visit Paris a couple of times a year. good luck Wilko
  20. There's so much rubbish talked about the education of today's little blighters. I have found that the construction of a fairly adequate lockable space beneath the stairs. Kids are ushered in at the age of 3 years, passed the Telegraph on a regular basis along with a glass of milk or two. Let them out 15 years later and you have perfectly balanced human beings. A friend of mine has adhered to this plan and has two very successful sons with careers in.......... politics. Way to go or what ??
  21. JUst after 22.00 hrs now and 50% of threads won't load and whole site really slow. wilko
  22. Clair Thanks for the offer. I just wanted to know what happened. W
  23. Whoever is concerned with the loss of Feb 4ths emails...............what's happening. Information would be good or have you taken a leaf out of M'O Leary's book Wilko
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