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  1. Hi Still can't find this thread for those of you with a better memory than mine the thread referred to the powers of these agencies that are passed the debt by, eg SFR, and they harass you for payment. Be great if someone can point me to the thread. Cheers W
  2. Hi I seem to remember reading a thread in the past 2/3 weeks regarding phone contract cancellation and debt collection. I can't find it. I would really appreciate if anyone can point me to the link. Cheers W
  3. So how many airlines have you run Renaud ? "If he doubled the basic airfares and said that the extras were throw-in for free the airline would still be low cost and he would be the traveler's champion" If that would work he would have already done it. "The image problem with RyanAir is all down to O'Leary" No it's not it's all down to the 1% who whinge when their flight is late/cancelled.or inconvenienced in some way. He runs a public company which continues to make profits in these difficult times. RYANAIR’S FULL YEAR PROFIT RISES 204% TO €319M FARES FALL 13% AS TRAFFIC GROWS 14% TO 67M PASSENGERS RYANAIR TO PAY DIVIDEND OF €500M IN OCTOBER Wilko
  4. Claude Take a look at this T/A link: http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotels-g187208-c3-Provence-Hotels.html This doesn't appear to work in your region, ie Macon No idea why. W
  5. Hi CB Love to know the story. W
  6. Richard You are a B&B as well but it appears not to work in the same ay for gites,............so I wonder how long before we have to pay. W
  7. I stay with you and have a great time. I go to T/A and where it says Write a Review, open that. I've just checked this and it doesn't work like the B&Bs reviews. At the bottom of the review page it say' s not found tell us more.I'd take it from there and see if you can get your gites posted on there via an independent guest Whether this will work or not I don't know, you might have to pay...........greedy T/A. Good luck Wilko
  8. Claude This is the link for B&Bs in your area showing client reviews. http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotels-g196541-c2-Macon_Burgundy-Hotels.html This should give you an idea as to how it works. Hope this helps W
  9. Hi Claude Where are you based ? As Betoulle says it works via reviews from guests, which can be a double edged sword,ie somebody that hasn't enjoyed their stay writes a bad one. However it works for us. W
  10. We have been approached as well. i found the people somewhat snooty or maybe it was just an atttitude problem. The cost is de trop and, if I remember rightly, by the time we had paid them we wouldn't appear in their guide for some 14 months.............so we said no thanks. Tripadvisor is the way to go, and it's free. W
  11. Hi I know the answer is on the forum somewhere but I can 't find it. Do I add acid to reduce my ph level ? Thanks Wilko
  12. Kemyst.............thanks again for your help in this matter but I am now totally confused, or just dim. Could you elaborate a little SVP. Rgds W
  13. Hi I run the salt water pool at 3500 ppm of salt. I had to buy a new bit for the control system that measures the salt as kilogram per cubic metre. Does anyone know what 3500 ppm is in terms of kg/metre cube Thanks w
  14. Thanks for that Clair...........now i won't miss the Ozzie GP...so thanks again W
  15. Someone on here posted about Zero forfait, I looked at it and signed up. Works well and you only pay for usage via CC at end of month All on the net. I don't use it much so pay 6/7 euros/month. W
  16. Chez Tinns Could you post details of the product SVP W
  17. This might be of interest to those of you who hate R/Air. http://www.laprovence.com/article/region/marseille-elle-attaque-ryanair-pour-un-retard-de-vol-de-17-heures W
  18. So Quillan why not take the cheque and see if it produces cleared funds ? W
  19. "Looking forward to a much needed rest after serving breakfast every morning since early June...........& to closing the pool for the year...... " You betcha !!! W
  20. We are looking for someone to house sit our 2 Jack Russells and the house for around 3 weeks end of January 2011. Anyone know of anybody ? Thanks Wiko
  21. I had a real bummer with Fedex today. Our son bought tickets for Bob Dylan in Marseille tonight. He sent them Fedex first thing Monday morning paying for 24 hour delivery............we have no tickets they appear to be in Marseille tho we can't go there pick them up and on to the Dome. I've never seen Bob and with both of us of a similar ages it might well have been my last chance. Bollox Fedex Wilko
  22. Try a guy in Normandy selling packetcurry.com . It think they are really good, tho i know it sounds naff............in a bleedin' packet !! I have no connection with the company other than being a happy curryman. I made OBs from this recipe and they were good.....ain't got a deep fryer. http://jeenaskitchen.blogspot.com/2007/12/onion-bhaji-recipe.html bon ap W
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