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  1. Hi Nectarine I have cooked this recipe on several occasions, they are excellent. I used farine de pois chiche. I'm no cook but this is pretty simple, put the laptp on the kitchen table cos the photos are really useful when cooking them Bon Ap W
  2. JC just plays the market and does very well from it...............I find him most amusing and vaguely relevant. Each to his own W PS Got the Ferrari wound up at 6.21am hier on the way to Grenoble ...............249 kms/hr...........what a blast...JC would have been proud,
  3. My OH has become increasingly anxious with regard to the increasing number of break ins around here, often associated with violence. I'm getting a bit old to handle 2-3 20 year olds especially as many are armed. We are rural but not isolated, nearest neighbours at 300m I imagine there are others on here who share the same fears and wonder what steps you have taken to protect yourselves...........guns, tasers, steel bars ? Interested to read your comments. Rgds W
  4. Simon............call his bluff, do nothing. Is he going to go to law for this, considering what it costs in France. If the trees are unlikely to cause a subsidence problem with the neighbours house I fail to see how the insurance company will wish to become involved. He's taking the piss. Good luck Wilko
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    Hi Thanks so much for all your replies. We have spent a lot of time looking on the net........so many conflicting views. Thanks again Wilko & Mrs
  6. Wilko


    Hello Mrs W went to the doc this am. Her cholesterol level is very high. She has been given statins and a diet sheet which implies that the only things she can eat are basically vegetables.........all a bit of a drag. Would like to hear from others that suffer similarly and what has worked for them. Thanks for any info bon santee W
  7. I use zero forfait, you get it off the net, I just pay for what I use from my CC mothly......works for me...........last months bill 8 euros. I only use it here. W
  8. In some ways I think it is sad for France that DSK's dik interfered in this way. I think that France would have been better off with him in charge in these hard times. W
  9. Windows 7. We are a B&B so may different types of system used by clients. Thanks W
  10. Might have looked better though. W
  11. We bought a double one from Leroy Merlin about 7 years ago. Never again, pain to keep clean and if you drop crockery in them it breaks. Stainless steel for us next time. W
  12. I have a Netgear router for Wifi along with a TP Link wireless extender. It works perfectly until a client logs on via the Wifi...............then I lose my connection. The clients are just fine, couple on line at the same time etc. For me to get back online I have to reboot my laptop, the router and the TP link. Anybody know why I have this problem and what i can do about it. Thanks Wilko
  13. Wilko wrote: Simply "La Maison de l'Eglise" followed on your site by the name of the village. Then everyone will find it! How does that work then ?? W Well, people can usually find the Eglise in a village. Christine ..........our wires slightly crossed. La Maison d'Eglise is fine but I don't see how that name works for an i/net search, which i would imagine is more important if you are setting up a new chambre d'hotes, though I agree once you have the booking it will be easier for guests to find you, though as more than 70% of our guests have GPS, finding us no longer a problem W
  14. Simply "La Maison de l'Eglise" followed on your site by the name of the village. Then everyone will find it! How does that work then ?? W
  15. The most important thing about naming your house is to make it work for you on i/net searches eg if you are in the Lot you could call it Chambre d'hotes Lot...........so when someone searches for C/D Lot you'll come up on the first page, similarly name the rooms after tourist sites in the area. G/Girl go down to the pharmacie and buy Fervex, it certainly helps the fuzzy head. Rgds W
  16. Moincherio,, on the Italian border, you wouldn't believe the price. W
  17. Norman.......what information ? that they were Belgian ? It was the legal position I was looking for which PP supplied..............It doesn't make any difference if they are from Belgian or Ireland as far as I can see. So in future don't respond to my posts cos i would hate to waste your very valuable time. Of course it's a bluddy try on W
  18. Chancer the restaurant in question is run by Belgians !! I had a look at reviews for the resto on L'internaute and Tripadvisor.............a number of people have mentioned their similar discontent. I wonder who one would report this to to give these people a slap on the wrists. I did some very rough calculations and by refusing to dispense tap water they are probably netting around 12K per annum. Not a bad little earner. The reason I am truly teed off is the woman's attitude. Incidentally friends of ours ate in a restaurant in the same village, some 300 metres away, and were served a carafe of tap water gratuit, it tasted fine. Bon ap Wilko
  19. Hi We have tickets to see the above on 15th November at L'Arena in Geneve. We would prefer to stay in a hotel in France (cheaper). Question where to stay and how to get to and from the gig without using our car. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks Wilko
  20. Just had an excellent lunch with Mrs W in a nearby village. We asked for a carafe d'eau only to be told that the water is so bad in the village they don't offer it...... but only charge 3 euros for a bottle of Evian. We have eaten at 2 other restos in the village and drunk the tap water...........no problem. My question............is it lawful for a resto to refuse to serve chateau robinet...........they wouldn't let us try the water to make our own minds up as to the drinkability of it. We won't be going there again, or sending our clients there from our B&B.........we were a little teed off with their attitude Incidentally we did consume an excellent bottle of Gigondas at 40 euros, so we weren't cheapskating. I object to bottled water A, it's a con & B http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/5208645/Drowning-in-plastic-The-Great-Pacific-Garbage-Patch-is-twice-the-size-of-France.html Bon Ap Wilko
  21. Hi THis is a little off thread but re Facebook. When i look at traffic through my site I have recently noticed that I am getting hits from F/Book.............whenever I click on the link it goes to F/Book but says page not found eg http://www.facebook.com/l.php It would be interesting to know what people are saying. Does anyone know how to find out. I am not a member of F/Book, though my Mrs W is but she never posts. Thanks for any insite. Rgds W
  22. Cat................thanks for that but they are not the ones. i'm sure it was re trying to end a contract and the matter was pased to debt collectors and what rights these people have etc. However the consensus was to deal with the original creditor not the debt collection agency. Thanks again for your efforts Cat Rgds W
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