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  1. I was advised by my local pool shop to raise the Ph level because of the hot weather. All looks good and consumption pf PH- way down. W
  2. Theiere You said "With a lot of france having hard water due to limestone if you get your water correct (this can only be done with a proper pool tester not strips)" Which pool tester are you talking about, I find the strips a right bluddy pain, how much do they cost, and will they check everything ? As ever thanks for your help for the technologically challenged. Wilko
  3. T. thanks for the response and sorry to be so tardy in replying. Problem solved the control was in need of recalibration, also raised PH from 7.2 to 7.5. Thanks Wilko
  4. What's the reason that I'm getting through lots of PH minus at the moment...........20 litres in 2 weeks, getting a bit pricey though water quality perfection. Thanks for your help Wilko
  5. i need to get a package from southern France to Sweden. Do chronopost make 24 hour deliveries, if not anyone know who does ? Thanks W
  6. I use Zero Forfait http://www.zeroforfait.fr/cgi-bin/cie.cgi?p=index.html I only use it in France but I think they have an international package. You sign up, they send you their sim and off you go. Been using it for 2 years, hassle free , bills run at about 7 euros/month. W
  7. Anyone know where the pointless pic of the lavender fields was taken. W
  8. Wilko

    payment cv

    Thanks a lot Cooperlola and Norman. Wilko
  9. Wilko

    payment cv

    Finally got Carte vitale, last Mrs W has. She visited our doctor a couple of days ago and paid the 22 euros and just sfter that found 15.10 euros paid into our accont which i assume is what we get back from the 22 euros. would you concur that this is the correct amount ? Thanks for any info Regards Wilko PS I tried searching but the site is most unhelpful !!!
  10. Théière ..........I receved an email from you today but without a message,could you post on here SVP. Regards Wilko
  11. Have just found this thread. Opened the pool up and lovely green colour. I estimate it's around 100 m cu, so logically should add 10 litres of 9.6% Javel, have done this over a period of 3/4 days. It has changed color and improved but still not there. Is this because I didn't add the 10 litres of Javel in one go and if so what should I do now. Be grateful for any help as first clients of season arriving this week. Thanks Wilko
  12. Don't wish to pry.........but why do you want it ? Wouldn't olive oil do ? Wilko
  13. Hi Completely in the dark regarding modern technology. I want to buy Mrs W this painting prog, that David Hockney uses. Which bit of Apple kit do I have to buy to load up with paint thingy, she doesn't need anything else on it, ie just the paint s/ware. I have no experience of Apple so non techie terms appreciated, what should I buy ? Thanks W
  14. Norman..............thanks for that, it helps a lot. Regards W
  15. Does anyone know the differing legal implications for the words: arrhes and depot Thankyou W
  16. Chiefluvvie Thanks so much for the speedy response, Mrs W is engrossed in their site as I type. I notice, like us, you live in the Luberon. We are in Cheval Blanc, are you close by ? Thanks again Wilko
  17. Sometime ago there was a thread discussing the purchase of glasses online. Search fails to find it, or anything like it. Can anyone help SVP, I need to get some for Mrs W. THanks W
  18. Thanks everyone for the replies. Really helpful. Norman could you post a link to: "I have previously posted on what to look out for when choosing a Mutuelle". I don't seem to be able to find it. Cheers Wilko
  19. One thing i forgot to ask is that we have not specified a doctor, will do so in next couple of weeks "n'a pas declare un medecin traitant. Does this make a difference to our reimbousements ? W
  20. Hi Cooperlola.After 6 years, don't ask, have finally got Mrs W's CV however they missed me off the CV, let's hope they do't take another 6 years to sort it. We are both of retirement age. We have never had any sort of mutuelle and have been looking at them on the i/net........all a bit confusing. What are the sort of things to look for when buying a mutuelle. We are both in good health, touch wood, especially Mrs W. I have had a stent put in 10 years ago and have had check ups in France and all is good. The thing I don't really understand is this 200% 300% etc. Be obliged for any sort of run down as to what we should look out to be buying, and from whom Thanks Wi;ko
  21. Hi Gyn Paul You said "Most mornings there are 10 to 20 corpses to brush up in the living room" We have similar, have had for a couple of years. Are you sure they are wasps? They listless, can barely fly and although the majority seem to come from the chimney they appear in random places on the ground floor. They are not in the least bit aggressive. I have searched for a nest but can't find one. They are not a big problem but I just wonder if they are damaging the fabric of the house. I have asked the local old boys but they have no idea as to what they are. Has anyone else experienced these ? W
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