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  1. TV is about 8 years old and takes around 30 minutes to warm up ie it starts with green lines then an overexposed picture which gradually adjusts to normal. For the past few days we have had an intermittent no signal, hence no picture, on all beeb channels, whereas ITV seems to work fine. Question is this because the TV is nackered or something to do with the signal/dish problem. We are going to buy a new TV (any recommendations) it's just a question as to when. At the moment le Tour on ITV4 is fine but BBC 1 is off and on like a yoyo.

    Any advice gratefully received.

    Thanks W
  2. It's an immigration problem that successive Swedish governments didn't see coming. They opened their borders in the '70s to various immigrants, but failed to assimilate them in a worthwhile manner, now they are paying the price, bit similar to Blair's mc bullshit. My wife, on a recent visit, was somewhat surprised that the taxi driver couldn't speak svenska.
  3. The Pont du Gard is truly amazing, I've visited 3 times and I find it an astonishing feat of engineering.

    Have to say though Sweet "Never having seen the Pont du Gard, I am definitely keen to see it. Just hearing the name makes me think of Marcel Pagnol's grandfather who would look at the stones instead of the whole structure as he was a stone-cutter! Pagnol describes the scene with affection in "La gloire de mon père" .

    Makes you wonder what's happened to Italy in the intervening years!

    Ciao W
  4. When we came to live in Provence our house was surrounded by apple and pear trees, now, nearly 10 years later, we are the only people in the area with apple trees, all the others having been pulled up. I asked a suit in Auchan one day why were they selling apples from New Zealand when they could purchase locally....it appears they were cheaper to source in NZ than here. Something wrong somewhere M Hollande.

    HNY Wilko
  5. James 2 wrote "leaving Bristol at a comfortable time of 11.50am. Now, Ryanair, have decided to change the departure time to 6.30am"

    Not just Ryanair, BA did it to me 2 months ago, which in effect cost me a day and to add insult to injury changed all flights, to Marseille, from Gatwick to Heathrow which was a real pain.

    Happy Xmas one and all.

  6. We bought one in the UK 4-5 years ago, when the exchange rate was very friendly. It's a couple of kms of rubber tubing and works very well. It does suffer from the occasional leak where the tubing is joined to the manifolds, but it's no big deal fixing them. We have to turn it off in summer or the water gets too hot and pool chemistry becomes a nightmare not to mention the water becoming a "delightful" green colour. They are certainly a winner in the shoulder part of the season. They are also easier, to install, and cheaper than heat pumps or solar panels and your heat is free.One thing to bear in mind though is your pump big enough to pump both pool and solar mat, ours was fine but I don't know what you would do if the pump wasn't up to the job.



  7. Have had the expensive expert around and it was a problem with the bit at the end of the arm thingy on the dish, now working perfectly again.

    Poppy no C5 for real but am getting reception a couple of days ago which was an interview with the Rolling Stones..........fairly recent by the looks of the genius that is Keef, it's now showing the Brazillian GP.....have no idea what channel it purports to be !!

  8. One of the interesting scenarios re all this doping is the complicity of UCI in all this, has as been alleged by Landis and more importantly by Paul Kimmage, ex pro cyclist and respected journalist. Like Landis he is being sued by McQuaid and Verbruggen who are the big chiefs in UCI, the latter being in charge when LA was winning the TdF 7 times. Landis didn't defend their court action so of course lost. Kimmage is defending in December of this year and finance for his defence has been raised from many small donors via a blog on L'Equipe.

    For those of you with a Monty Python sense of humour take a look at the link below and read the Swiss judge's summing up on the Landis farce, it's incredible.


    It would appear that cycling is rotten and corrupt from the very top downwards.

    I look forward to Kimmage's defence in December.
  9. "Quite clearly they are not celebrities but members of the royal family"

    They are celebrities because they are members of the royal family whether they like it or not.

    "This is recognised by the French courts today."

    I don't think that French privacy law differentiates between royals and others.

    "Well if thats the case what is the big deal, why did they feel the need to publish them if it's no big deal."

    Because they are members of the royal family and A list celebrities.

    "I would be interested to know if the sales of these three rags increased for the date the photo's were published."

    I am told that publishing rights were offered to an Australian magazine for £160,000, so the value of the piccies are huge and I imagine these editors knows what sells magazines or they wouldn't be in the job.

    I think that M. Lagerfeld was spot on with his comment,see previous post.


    PS It's all a storm in an A cup :).
  10. I talked with an old mate today who still works for a national newspaper and there are very strong rumours that what has really teed off/frightened the royal couple are the piccies of what happened after the sun tan lotion had been applied !!

    The Italian mag has said that they have 200 frames so the chances are that the photographer was there for some time..........so where were the security men ?? I would have assumed that someone in their entourage/security would have been briefed as to the capabilities of modern long lenses and a balcony on high ground, with clear views, should have rung some alarm bells.

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