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  1. Like Hereford I'd like to know " Théière: what is a "Voltage optimisation unit" Cheers W
  2. Pickles..........thanks for the link, dunno why i couldn't find it ! Wilko
  3. Parsnips........thanks for the response, I didn't realise anyone had replied, didn't receive an email, so only found this a hour ago. i have searched various government sites but cannot find mention of the 25% abattement. Could you post a link if you have a moment SVP. Thanks Wilko
  4. Hi........I think I read somewhere that the gov are offering a 25% discount on CG in 2014..........or did I dream it ? If anyone can point me in the right direction would be grateful W
  5. Hi Quillan Have you got a link to the list(s). Thanks W
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I'd better Pop into the bank. W
  7. Hi We bank with Banque Populaire. I have been away for 3 days and Mrs W bought some books on Amazon.fr with our CC. A couple of ours later Amazon mailed to say payment declined. She called the bank and they told her that an SMS message was required, or something, in order for the payment to be authorised. The amount was 20 euros and there were more than sufficient funds in the account. Does anyone know anything about this procedure, I don't remember receiving anything in the post re this situation. Thanks for any comments. W
  8. TV is about 8 years old and takes around 30 minutes to warm up ie it starts with green lines then an overexposed picture which gradually adjusts to normal. For the past few days we have had an intermittent no signal, hence no picture, on all beeb channels, whereas ITV seems to work fine. Question is this because the TV is nackered or something to do with the signal/dish problem. We are going to buy a new TV (any recommendations) it's just a question as to when. At the moment le Tour on ITV4 is fine but BBC 1 is off and on like a yoyo. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks W
  9. I changed my UK licence 27th December 2012, was given a temporary one...................I'm still waiting for the real thing. W
  10. Personally I'd just get on with it. I wouldn't declare anything to anyone. Why complicate matters, a Frenchman certainly wouldn't and neither would I. You just have to stick to the 90 day thing. W
  11. Be quite interesting if people went to their respective mairie's and asked for the regs............wonder if we'd all get the same answer ? W
  12. It's an immigration problem that successive Swedish governments didn't see coming. They opened their borders in the '70s to various immigrants, but failed to assimilate them in a worthwhile manner, now they are paying the price, bit similar to Blair's mc bullshit. My wife, on a recent visit, was somewhat surprised that the taxi driver couldn't speak svenska.
  13. Quillan..........thanks for the speedy response. W
  14. Hi Just wondered what commissions you guys are paying to Beds 24 and Booking .com. Thanks Wilko
  15. "As to the woman, Corinne Griggio, head of the Hotel du Pont Vieux hotel in Carcassonne" Quillan how does she fit into the scheme of things ? I read some of the T/A reviews but am no wiser as to her connection. W
  16. I have skied extensively in the Alps and three times in the Pyrenees, Aix, Baq/Beret and Andorra. There is no comparison, the Alps are just superior in every way though far more expensive. "She tells me that there are more 'black' runs in the Pyrenees resorts than the Alps" Quillan I had to laugh at this, I would think there are more black runs in Les Trois Vallee than in the whole of the Pyrenees. W
  17. You might try asking these guys here: http://www.greenbuildingforum.co.uk/newforum/ I don't think the Pope will figure too much in their responses W
  18. Gardener the link won't work for me. W
  19. The Pont du Gard is truly amazing, I've visited 3 times and I find it an astonishing feat of engineering. Have to say though Sweet "Never having seen the Pont du Gard, I am definitely keen to see it. Just hearing the name makes me think of Marcel Pagnol's grandfather who would look at the stones instead of the whole structure as he was a stone-cutter! Pagnol describes the scene with affection in "La gloire de mon père" . Makes you wonder what's happened to Italy in the intervening years! Ciao W
  20. Hi Need a bit of advice. Have an Amstrad Skydigibox when I turn it on there's no power going to it, have checked power lead and changed fuse inside, still nothing. Anything else I can try ? A friend says if I buy a TNT box, 25 euros, all will work again, is that correct ? Thanks W
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