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  1. We have just spent a morning getting quotes from insurers for our car which has uk plates, as the insurance is due to expire. All the companies insisted we change the plates to french and only 1 was prepared to insure us before this was done.(AXA) Just one other point all companies were quoting the same as my renewal in London, although they did include breakdown cover worldwide but had high excesses. I thought insurance was supposed to be cheaper here in France? Perhaps its because we drive a Merc? Must think were rich english. If only they knew... Jackie www.longhousefrance.co.uk
  2. Hi just read your message. We have a B&B about 1h30 from Calais see WWW.longhousefrance.co.uk if interested
  3. Helen We used Towergate for our insurance on our unconverted stable block in France. However a month after we had purchased the property the original insurers contacted us with a quote very very much cheaper than Towergate and with less restrictions. Needless to say we canceled and took out the French insurance especially as they knew the property. I only had insurance from the uk just incase I was asked about it on completion but I never was. As everyone else says try a French insurer they usually are cheaper Jackie
  4. Hi We opened a bank account with Credit Agricole in our local town. It was easy we just showed our passports and gave our english address then deposited some money... We opted for the cash card as it carries the lowest charges about 2 a month. If I need to top up my account I just deposit an English cheque If i need to deposit a large amount I ussually get a ff bank draft from A.N. (10)and send it to my bank. Easy... Jackie & Steve
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