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  1. Hi all, I know I declare a small lump sum pension payment on form 2047 line 11 but what is the difference between pensions, retraites line 1al/1am and pensions de retraite versées en capital Line 1at. Also do I include in the sum the tax deducted by the uk which has since been refunded. Hope someone can help as thought I understood when I asked last year at the tax office but now I have to complete the forms I'm not sure. Cheers
  2. Ok so I've been and queued up at l' hotel des impôts this morning and have the answers to my questions. Apparently the interest goes in line 222 you apply the taux as per the notice for the country it was received and complete line 8ta transfer this to line 2tr under section 25 and to line 2tr on form 2024. Dividends go in line 210 in the same manner. Hope this helps anyone with the same questions.
  3. Don't you just love it when they change the forms.. Anyway my question is where do I enter dividends received from UK companies. I don't know whether they are eligible for the abatement of 40% or not. Also for UK savings interest under 2000e, does anyone know if we should transfer the amount to box 2fa on the new form, and where is it recorded in the first instance lines 220-226 or section 25 line 2tr. Hope someone can help otherwise I'll have to stand in line at the hotel des impôts. Thanks in advance..
  4. Just wondered if anyone out there had used Lhdcarsupermarkets.com to purchase a second hand Lhd car. We are looking to trade in our Lhd car and are wondering if it is easier in the uk than in France.
  5. thank you I will try the RSI and see what they say.
  6. hi we have had our cvs for the last 9 yrs due to running a B&B, being registered and paying our cotisations to what is now the RSI. If we cease to run our B&B are we entitled to keep our entitlement to french health care and our cvs. If not would we qualify under the 5+ year rule of residency and tax payments and who would be our 1st point of call to start the process. Any ideas from anyone out there would be appreciated..
  7. Thank you  suandbob and you cooperlola I will give them a try.. Le Mans busy was it???
  8. Hi just wondered if anyone has any recommendations for holiday insurance. We are going to Greece in Aug from the UK and will need insurance, but because we are resident in France the UK companies that do cheap single trip insurance will not cover us.  Is there anything similar on offer in France? Thanks in advance  
  9. Hi Nick, try the following wesites www.leboncoin.fr - www.vivastreet.fr - both have a long list of rental properties in the area you require.  We have always advertised our properties on there.  You can also try the local paper Journal de Montreuil or the free paper Top annonce (website www.topannonce.fr) I hope this helps J
  10. try the one in Beaurainville, rue de ferronier, cna't remember her name but she is good.  Or else the one by the post office is ok.
  11. its probably a silly question but how do you do a rescan on a digi box? it might help us with our lost channels.   Ta J
  12. Hi, you could also ask at your local tax office.  Ours has been a mine of info.  I was told after I registered that it wasn't necessary.  If you don't register there must be a way of joining the health system if you are a traviller independant.  Ask loads of questions, the french won't give you info unless you ask the questions.   good luck   J  
  13. Hi I wondered if any one had exported their car back to the uk. we imported our car and have had it french registered for about 2 years, we have now bought a car in france and are returning the rhd car to the uk for our daughter to use. has anyone done this before? do we have to inform the prefecture and/or french customs?  what do we do with the carte gris? I'll be contacting the dvla to clear up some info on their website first and then I suppose I'll have to tackle the french auth.    So any ideas anyone. J www.longhousefrance.co.uk    
  14. [quote]'and' no french assurance tag in the windscreen of some very tatty Brit reg cars (and Channel islands) in the usual parking slots at Brittany ferries at St Malo... Thats normal... However today I sa...[/quote] We were told in no uncertain terms by our insurer that it was illegal not to have insurance on a vehicle in france.  We were trying to insure a motorbike that had been off the road for a year and had a gap from when the uk ins expired to when we went to get french ins. So may be the auth. will do something.
  15. We now get ours from Isambourg, which supplies everything for most businesses.  Before that we used to get then from Gite de France (being members) and our friends used to get hers from Clevacances (again a member). J www.longhousefrance.co.uk  
  16. I'm in the process of re registering our bike a Yamaha trx850.  so far so good.  Had to get a cert of conformity from Yamaha (100 euros) (same as the car) took about 6-7 weeks but that was in Jul/Aug.  Now have an appointment with the Drire for an inspection.  So fingers crossed all will be ok.  The hardest thing is finding a replacement wing mirror and having to buy a anti vol lock to satisfy the insurers.  We have a small U lock but it is not on the list given by the insurers and we no longer have the receipt.  So far most of the locks seen are huge and are not practical to be carried on the bike.  It has also been suggested by most bike shops we buy a large U lock just for the receipt and don't even use it, one even offered to sell us a small one and show a large on on the receipt, but then we wouldn't have the right key if it was ever needed for proof in the event of a theft.  So it seems most bikers have the same problem. Anyone else come across this J & S www.longhousefrance.co.uk       
  17. Sad to say but I have to agree, when we have english children staying I worry about the crockery being broken at breakfast but never when we have french children staying even at the age of 2. I think they are more used to sitting around a table for meals and with grown ups. Luckily I haven't had any accidents yet.   j 
  18. Are you doing better than last year?  That's how I judge the year, and so far so good.  Although for us here in Pas de Calais May was a bad month especially with the demise of Pentecost as a bank hol. good luck anyway   j  
  19. any one else had this problem?  we have got uk tv here in pas de calais and have had no problems until this week when itv stopped receiving a signal and then today we have the same problem with c4. we use a sky ftv card in 1 set and a bbc free to air card in the other and both have lost the signal. Any ideas? jackie  
  20. I also received the same letter today.  I run a GdF CdH in Pas de Calais.  It looks like they are trying to find out how many non labeled Gites/Chd are in operation. My other half says its non of their business and I suppose as long as you are paying your taxes etc you are not obliged to have a label.  It certainly makes things easier here in advertising with tourist boards etc. but I suppose its up to the individual. Are you going to answer??? I'm not sure yet.      
  21. Hi anyone out there know where I can buy boxes of xmas cards in France.  You know like the ones that have been on sale in the UK since sept (only French of course) but seem very thin on the ground here in Pas de Calais. Help I've a list which is getting longer by the day and I may have to resort to getting them from Woolies! and getting writers cramp the day before the last posting day just to send them off, not an exciting prospect. a very frustrated french xmas shopper        
  22. hi Melanie have you found someone to help? i have only just seen your post, if you are still looking send me an email [email protected] jackie
  23. Hello Mike If the offer is still on I would like some details. We have a B&B and Gite in 62. my web site is www.longhousefrance.co.uk Thanks Jackie
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