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  1. Hello, Has anyone any knowledge of or any thoughts/comments about the Tricel 1 to 6 person treatment plant ? Looks good on paper but would appreciate any comments before we decide.   Thanks.
  2. Hello, and thanks for reading this post: Our old house in 56 adjourns another house by way of a concrete pathway which is owned by our neighbour (the other house). The path is actually attached to the wall of our house and is badly cracked with distinct holes in it. Our neighbours' gutter for the entire back half of their roof drains via a single downpipe which empties directly onto the cracked pathway and subsequently drains down into what will be our pantry, flooding it when the rainfall is high. At present the 'pantry' floor is just soil but we are going to concrete it shortly. I'm concerned that a DPM and concrete floor won't keep the flood water out. Our neighbough (English) is selling his house and has shown no inclination to repair the path which causes the flooding despite our pointing out the problem to him. I want to try and resolve the issue amicably and without rancour - does anyone know the relevant laws/regulations regarding flooding caused by someone elses property?
  3. Hi, First posting: We are staying overnight at Dinard in about a month's time and would be grateful for any thought or recommendations regarding restaurants. We prefer French cooking.   Thanks,
  4. Absolutely spot on, Dick. The man is (almost) a nuisance and does nothing to put the terrible situation in Iraq right. Alfa.
  5. Oh Miki, I can't believe you just said that about Barsac ! Jesus Christ man, you are a recognised expert in the field of proper beer (Fuller's) so you should know a thing or two about drink. Barsac (or Sauternes) must be one of life's great pleasures, surely ?  There will always be the Stilton vs Roquefort arguement with regard to decent cheese but there is no other wine in the world like botrytis attacked bordeaux white wines. Quite simply a 'one off'. Come down and see me sometime and I'll give you a glass of Ch. Filhot that will knock your socks off ! We don't drink it with foie gras, by the way, but with full fat, loads of eggs and double cream creme brulee. Cheers, Alfa.
  6. Debra, my reply was to Ron. I was just (jokingly) suggesting that he stick to his particular trade which according to his profile is 'safety' or security as I described it. One of the downsides to forums is the input of eager amateurs who venture into professional arenas. The result is (sometimes) inaccurate information. Alfa.
  7. Either or Ron. Both will do it. Searching *.* will of course find every single file on the machine with a dot in it, which is all of them ! Alfa. Alfa.
  8. Hi Bob, Try this; Start > Search > Files or folders > All files and folders > in the search box type *.jpg* and then search. This will find all the jpegs on your machine. Alfa.  
  9. Hello Jan, Your problems with Norton come as no surprise. It is intrusive and will slow your computer down. Truly horrible !! So is McAfee, by the way. I'm in the IT business and I have lost count of the number of machines I've come across which have been messed up by these two programs. My view is that the best, cheapest and least costly (in terms of resources) setup is AVG anti virus, with Adaware and Spybot to sort out the malware/spyware etc. If you are running XP the inbuilt firewall is adequate, if not use Zonealarm. All these utilities are free and please don't be put off by people who infer that because they are free they are somehow inferior - they are not. All my computers are protected by AVG/Adaware/Spybot, I'm online pretty much all day everday and I simply do not get problems. http://www.grisoft.com   (AVG). http://www.spybot.com http://www.lavasoft.com  (Zonealarm). http://www.adaware.com or you can find them all in one place at http://www.webattack.com  just click on the freeware tab top right hand side. I would dump Norton like a shot (it is notoriously difficult to uninstall completely without going into the registry, however). good luck, Alfa.
  10. So we are OK referring to St Amour as the old Coco then ? I'm really pleased Coco is still around, I very nearly drove her away quite some time ago and I have always felt really bad about that. I thought perhaps someone else had upset her. Good news 1 Alfa.[:D]
  11. Tresco, never heard of him, I'm afraid. Katie, glad to know you are you. It's a bonus having both you and Twinkle (and Tresco, Ab, Christine and the rest of the fun people who have contributed to this ridiculous posting ) Should we include Le Buffoon ?  Mais non ! Il est un Banquere de Barclays. Awful French, I know ! Jenny,  do you fly Lufthansa by any chance ?
  12. Sadly it looks as though Toga the baby penguin has perished; according to those that know he will not have survived 6 days without re-gurgitated food from his mum and dad. Phoenix and I are very sad (we are in Portsmouth, unfortunately). I'm thinking of putting out a local advert offering £1000 for the name of the bastard who stole Toga (I can't post what I would arrange for the scumbag), or I could perhaps offer £500 each for the imbecile's ears. I'd gladly do it, too ! Alfa. [:(]
  13. [quote user="Levington"] I hope you're feeling a bit better now. Never, ever trust a man with a beard. Dentist or not. All I can say is it's probably a good job he wasn't wearing a wig.  Make sure your solicitor doesn't have a beard. [/quote] Jesus Christ ! (He had a beard, so they say) I've never seen a beardist  posting before. I say ; Never trust anyone whose name is that of a garden compost or who wears knickers fashioned from animals. Of course the dirty beggar (dentist) should have worn a mask but think yourself lucky he didn't have a snotty nose !! And yes..I have had a beard (stubble really) for the past 34 years. And yes... I am thoroughly untrustworthy. Alfa.(only joking !)  
  14. My thoughts exactly Ray ! Integration is about give and take. I also agree that this rioting needs to be stopped - by whatever means ! It's just not 'on' - whatever their plight. (I'm looking forward to the flak Ray !) Mark.
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