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  1. Hi I'm looking for a handyman in the Valmorel area. I need a dishwasher collecting and installing. The letting agents want to charge an enormous fee for this simple task. Look forward to your replies. Thanks Mark
  2. Hi I'm looking for a handyman in the Valmorel area which is near Moutiers. I need a dishwasher collecting and installing. The letting agents want to charge an enormous fee for this simple task. Look forward to your replies. Thanks Mark
  3. Just returned from Brittany. Used my doofer for the first time. Brilliant, no queueing (not sure of spelling) straight through. Initially held it to the windscreen to find best location, but turned out I could leave it in the glove box on my dashboard and worked just as well.Wish I had got one three years ago. Mark
  4. Hi, excuse my ignorance, but can someone tell me how these doofers work. Is it the case that you pay a set annual fee and then pay whatever the toll fee is anyway, and for that you can use the telepage automated tolls. What are the annual and monthly fees for the privilege? Thanks Mark[B]
  5. Hi Don, I was looking at the hardwood escalier from Lapeyre. It looks like quite good quality.This retails for about 600 euros. The only problem is that the lowest height is 2.75m and the height of my first floor is about 2.70m. Does that mean I have to take the excess off the first step. If this is the case would it be strange to have a half step at the bottom? I can sort out the beams and trimmer but any advice would be welcome. Cheers Mark
  6. Thank you both for your replies. They will give me some food for thought. Cheers Mark.
  7. I am trying to price up a new hardwood staircase for access to our new first floor. Having looked at the different sizes and styles at the normal brico outlets, it is apparent that they will need to be cut about a bit to fit where I need it. Firstly, does anyone have any idea how much a carpenter would charge for a basic, quarter turn, made to measure hardwood staircase.Secondly, can anyone recommend a carpenter for this,  in the Locmine - Josselin area of Brittany. The prices of the standard size ones range from 600 - 800 euros. Cheers Mark
  8. Thanks for the reply Dick. Yes, we are not there as often as we would like but the plan is to retire there one day. There being Brittany. We have a wood burner that is great when we are there as well as convector heaters. The only problem with the convectors is that I would not feel safe leaving them on for weeks at a time, because of the fire risk.Our  supply is 9kw and I was looking at upping it to 12kw for that very reason. I also have looked at creuse heures, but don't know if the increase in standing order will outway the cheaper electricity for the amount we will use. Thanks again. Mark
  9. Hi, After 3 years I have finally had to bite the bullet and get some form of heating. Having been away from the house for the winter, on our return the house was very mouldy and damp. Not unexpected really. So we have decided to spend some money on some heating. All I intend to do is have some background heat for the cold winter months and just keep the dampness away when we are not there. I have looked at the oil filled radiators and these seem good value. Has anyone used them and what sort of timers or thermostats come with them? Eventually I would look at some form of central heating but the initial outlay is to great at the moment. Our French neighbours have just had a new house built and they have had electric radiators installed as the heating system. I asked them if it was expensive to run but they said it is cheaper than oil and gas. Any tips or ideas would be gratefully received. Cheers Mark
  10. Hi, Could someone give me some advice on the automatic chlorinators I keep hearing about. We have an above ground 5m pool with a sand filter. Over the winter we close it down whilst we are in the UK.   Up until now I have only been using bleach and the odd chlorine tablet to keep it running. As we only use it for about 5 or 6 weeks I have not bothered doing anymore. Each time we go home I turn it all off. When we return it is the same game of uncovering the pool to find a nice green soup. The filter manages to clear it after a couple of days. We are now looking at having family and friends over to use the house and thought it would be could to keep the pool running for the summer. Unfortunately we don't have anyone local enough to keep an eye on it. I have plumbed the filter all in and the pump is on a timer. If I could connect it up to one of these chlorinators could it be left for a number of weeks? How much are they? It would be nice to be able to turn up and find that I had one less job to do before the hundreds of other ones that are waiting. Cheers Mark
  11. We have a lovely oak door on our gite, but the problem is the multiple layers of paint over the top. Does anyone know of a place near Vanne/Locmine, that acid strips doors. It would save a lot of work. It seems a shame to get a new door when the original is so much nicer than the modern replacements. Thanks in anticipation. Mark
  12. Can anyone tell me if it is cheaper to buy a secondhand ride on mower in the UK or France. I am looking at them in the UK, on sites like Ebay and it appears there are some bargains to be had. With all the hassle of taking it over I wondered if it was going to be worthwhile or if I would be better off getting one in Brittany. We are in Morbihan near Josselin. Any advice would be welcome, or any outlets near our location. Cheers Mark
  13. We have recently purchased a house in the Locmine/Josselin area of Brittany. We are seriously considering leaving the rat race here. One of our main concerns is the schooling for our 11 year old daughter and 8 year old son. Does anyone have any knowledge of the schools in this area, public or private. Would be grateful for any response. Thanks. Markw.
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