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  1. If you go to the YCTS web site at the BBC you can see the tips and ideas provided for the last Paris show (last year I think) and if you're quick perhaps even leave suggestions for next week! http://www.bbc.co.uk/holiday/programmes/ycts/ Cheers Mark (& Joan) our first thoughts... http://www.frenchmove.co.uk
  2. This is a sort of spin-off question - is anyone aware of any funding to develop bed and breakfast properties? i.e. does anyone other than Gites de France do something like this - local communes, mairies, tourist boards etc? Adding value to the area, bringing visitors, saving run-down property - I can make a case to myself why they should, but I need some help to make the sums add up... Cheers Mark.
  3. Just a suggestion for those who mentioned refreshing/reloading a few times - if you hold down the Ctrl Key as you click on refresh that should force a new page from the server at first click. Saves all that finger exercise... Cheers Mark (Internet trainer while I'm waiting to move to France!) http://www.sable.co.uk
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