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  1. I've gone with a combination of Free and Sausage.  Best of many worlds.



  2. I vaguely recall fragments of an almost certainly apocryphal tale I was once told of a policeman, a speed gun, and a jet fighter flying just above one of the roads crossing Salisbury Plain.  The speed supposedly recorded was preposterous - really hope it was true.
  3. I use crepi for everything.  I like being outdoors so the fact that I have to apply seven coats of exterior crepi before the wall changes colour is a plus.  It also weighs a lot on the brush thanks to its hefty lead content, so in applying it I'm developing muscles like Fatima Whitbread's. 

    Basically, crepi allows one to combine the benefits of the great outdoors with those of the stuffy gymnasium. AND, it only costs about 37 centimes per 100 litres.

    Crepi every time.  Big fan.


  4. The Howard Marks book is good on this sort of thing, as well as being very funny...



  5. [quote user="Blanche Neige"]

    Something else to celebrate![:)]



    Nine months on the wagon?  That's Brain's bankrupted then.  Or does she prefer alcopops?

    Happy St David's Day.  Wish I was camping in Llanthony tonight to celebrate.  Well, maybe....

  6. [quote user="RumziGal"]

    Moi?   I would never even TRY to shoot you down, Mr Smith!   I think you're far superior to Sartre in every way.

    For one thing, he was half Alsatian.  It says so on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean-Paul_Sartre

    This means that he possibly had constant hip pain, and perhaps even anal furunculosis.  I think this will help you to understand his work better.


    If only he'd taken a leaf out of that Simenon geezer's book and kept a tightly clenched pipe he could have avoided the anal furunculosis, I expect.

  7. If she stood for election, I would vote for Vanessa Paradis without a moment's hesitation, especially if she installed Johnny as Interior Minister.
  8. Life Of Pi - very good.  The title of the French translation of the book is amusingly long-winded and literal.  Can't remember what it is now, which spoils things a bit, but someone on here will know....
  9. Just posted.  Unprecedented productivity.  Off for a lie down now. [8-)]

    EDIT - forgot to post link.  Durrrr.....


  10. [quote user="Cassis"]Fortunately, the rugby's on TF2 tomorrow, Debs.  So it won't be Wales v. Wales three times over.


    Wales v Wales would still result in a Welsh defeat [:(]

    Or are they good now?

  11. [quote user="Cassis"]I have a large sledge which would be useful for transporting my sheep to Spain if and when snow arrives.  I plan to use this in conjunction with a team of huskies or, if cheaper, wolves.  Assuming my sleigh team is fitted with regulation studded tyres, can I use this rig to transport sheep acrosss the Pyrenées into Spain, or would I need advance permission from the Spanish authorities?

    I thought you only drank in moderation?

    I've built a turnpike outside my house, and it's on the only trans-Pyrénéen sledge route.  I charge 8,000 euros to pass.  Whether or not your Nordic caravan subsequently gets through Iberian controls is your own lookout. 

    erm, aren't we going to get into trouble for doing off-topic nonsense?  If so, it's your fault, you started it, again.

  12. [quote user="pcwhizz"][quote user="Nicos"]Anyone thought of contacting bosch and asking their advice????

      If you want a shock, have a look at all the names Electrolux owns...........

    Or plug your Electrolux in and pop it in the bath with you.

  13. Less than a grand (euros) for a more-or-less complete overhaul of 2/3rds of our house, BUT, we also got the guy to do some plumbing afterwards and it's turned out to be pretty leaky, so he was, apparently, judging by some other postings here, quite cheap, but that's no good if what he did is going to set the place ablaze in the next week or so.  Get references!! [:)]
  14. [quote user="Cassis"]So pleased it's all going so well.  I trust Squidge's manicure is intact?

    She was on plastering duty today whilst I tried to hide some idiosyncratic electrical cabling with strategically placed planks of wood.  She just doesn't whinge as much as me.

  15. I shall be knocking my house down tomorrow, regardless of planning regs, as my thumbs and fingers have now congealed into a gooey bloody pulp as a result of trying to make the place pretty, and I simply can't go on.  **** it.
  16. For those loyal souls retaining an interest in my 'Moving (Moved) To France' blog (and I apologise unreservedly for its recent fitfulness), a new entry has just been posted, with lots more to follow much more frequently:



  17. [quote user="Cassis"]Way-hey!  Mark's unpacked his computer at last!

    It's Catch 22.  I need my IT consultant to help me get online again, but I can't get in touch with the brainy old sausage cos I'm not online.  Had to muddle through alone, hence the delay.

  18. All welcome at mine for a Cheltenham Festival bender.......[:D]
  19. Anything - One Hundred Years Of Solitude

    French - La Peste (again)


  20. [quote user="Just Katie "]

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry I cannot answer you question[:D].  However, I would like to say that I like your website which I am sure will market your property and services well.  It really does look lovely.

    Good Luck.


    Thanks Katie, really encouraging feedback.  Will hopefully put some pictures of the actual place up soon, just as soon as we've finished building it!!

  21. Gites as in places people rent out in their entirity.  Don't know why GdeF would have that policy, just thought I'd read it somewhere.  Will go through their smallprint again.
  22. [quote user="Tay"]Mark, I had clicked on reply, then got distracted so didn't see Bugbear's response.

    Tay, only kidding, abstract is good. [:D]

    I thought gigabytes were invented in about 2003.

  23. Went on the world's slowest train journey through the Portuguese cork farms several years ago.  Hot, dusty, could have been on one of those trans-Indian routes the BBC keep filming if there'd been one or two locals on the roof.
  24. [quote user="Tay"]A giant drinks trolley?

    That's an unfathomably abstract way of thinking of computer storage.

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