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  1. Hello everyone, sorry voor my not so good english. I will try to explaine myself. I have two questions. first: does anyone know a cheaper place to buy wood/ If  you buy wood at the bricolage it is very expensive. Maybey there are cheaper places. (we have a little home in de 08/02 area)   second: we have a bruyeur ( I don't kwow how to write this) voor de toilet. After a lot off trouble it works fine now. the strangiest thing is happening. When we are not using it, it works anyway. Sometimes a few times any our. Does anyone know why that thing has a mind of it one.?? It puzzles us for a long time, now. Thanks for your help marjolein  
  2. Hello Everyone, Hope one of you can help us. We are a dutch couple who bought a little house in the Champagne Ardennes. We feel very luky. We also have a lot to do. One of the things thats worries us is how to water the plants while we are away. Does anyone of you have any suggestions? We dont want to leave the electricion on, so we are looking for same selfsufficient system. As citypeople we are amateur gardeners. We like to be great gardeners, hopefully we will learn quik. The other question, we need some big garden tool to make a big part of the garden a garden. Its all clay now and a lot of weed. We are looking for a 'freeze' , as we call it on dutch. Is a tool that is a kind of plough. Does anyone know were we could rent this? Thanks for all your help. Marjolein
  3. Hello Everyone, First off all, I would like to thank you all for all your help. This is a great forum. Next, I would like to ask a question. Does anyone know about a fleamarket, brocante our so, voor de next 4 days. White Easter. In de regio Champagne Ardennes. The nearby sites are; Rehtel, Hirson, rocguiny, liart, signt a abbye. Thanks a lot many regards marjolein
  4. Hello everyone, I hope you will understand me, my english is not very well. Does anyone know second hand stores in the regio between Rethel en Hirson. Nord of france, Champagne-ardennen. I heard about something thats called Emaus, en TROC. Thank you for your help. Marjolein
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