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  1. thank you both very much. The article in connect looks interesting, but who knows if or when they will ever get around to it!
  2. I have searched the forum and can only find 4 year old answers about this, am wondering what the current situation is. I am looking to move to the Lot (46) to an old mill and its in a dip and too far from an exchange to get ADSL broadband, so it looks like my only choice is satelite. I work from home and need to be able to upload as well as download stuff and need to be able to use SKYPE too and I need it to be reliable and a decent speed. Apart from either not moving there or giving up my job, what are my options?  I dont necesarily mind a higher installation cost if it will work, and preferably with wifi. Can anyone advise on the latest situation with this and what options I could look into? Thanks in advance. Maria
  3. MKT

    ambulance charges

    thanks Val, thats a huge relief.
  4. MKT

    ambulance charges

    thank you again, Chancer and PatF especially. Shall I perhaps photocopy the CV, the passport and the death certificate thing and send it to them with a copy of the letter they sent me and repeat the explanation about the accounts are blocked curretnly? Maria
  5. MKT

    ambulance charges

    Thank you very much, I shall do as you say and also will ask the Mairie secretary when it opens next Tuesday. If I have only got to pay some or part then of course I will, when the accounts are available, and I imagine the cost is high becuase it was 2am on a Sunday morning and we are 40 mins from Auch so if you count their travel time it was probably 3 hours in total. I did repeat the amount to her as I was somewhat in shock. You may be right about the treating us as foreigners - they took neiher his nor my carte vitale details. Anyway, theres hope so I will try not to worry about this too much for the minute. Thanks Maria
  6. As per my post elsewhere, my healthy 48 year old husband suddenly had a massive heart attack on 18th July in the early hours  and died. I called 18 of course, and the pompiers came and they (i assume) called the SAMU who arrived later and then some police came too. It was all in vain and my darling was already dead and never recovered. I am unclear what the SAMU people did as I had been removed from the room and they were still trying to resussitate, but he didnt go in any ambulance anywhere - I had to call the funeral directors to collect him. To my horror today a letter arrived addressed to him from Auch hospital (I live in the Gers - 32) and it said send them a photocopy of our mutuelle and that if they didnt hear from me in 7 days they would be billing me. Well we didnt have a mutuelle, we paid any difference ourselves. I rang them and told them this and also told them they could send any bill they liked but that they wouldnt be paid becuase his accounts have all been frozen. Fair enough she said, she would block the bill for the moment and I would need to get in touch with her when I could pay it. I asked how much we were talking about and to my horror she says €1100 . Well I havent got that sort of money even when the accounts are unblocked,. The funeral cost nearly 4k and that pretty much cleans me out - apprently they take it out even though its blocked. Leaving aside the insensitive treatment aspect of this upsetting letter, is this a normal amount does anybody know? and will I get any of it back via CPAM? (we are covered under criteria of residence and pay URSAAFF or whatever they are called) and will I get some time to pay?. I thought emergency treatment was covered free and if dying of a heart attack isnt an emergency I dont know what is . I know I am not a frequent poster on this site but I have already received help and support in both the motoring and legal sections of this forum on this matter and would be grateful for any information about how this works. Maria
  7. Once again, thank you for your help in my hour of need. or hours should I say. the van is a french one, and LHD. its 2000, so 10 yrs old and has 183thousand kilometres on the clock and its diesel. Reasoanble condition - nothing wrong with it that I know about but the tyres look a bit like they could do with changing, at least two of them. Its  Nissan Vanette Cargo 2.3, and its boarded out inside. Controle technique next due December. We have always been very pleased with it - if I could drive it myself Id keep it but I cant so no sense in sentimentality. Interesting comments about using it on the road - my brother has already driven it for me to move a load of gear (after I phoned the insurance and checked). It wont be driven again except for test driving. have made appt with notaire but he's away until 6th august so looks like I cant do anything before that anyway. I would utterly welcome anybodys rough estimate as to what it might be worth   - I know someone who says he would be able to sell it but I will have no idea if hes quoting me a good bad or indifferent price. on further question - The insurance comes up for renewal on 1st Sep, and they usually send the form out about now. Do I have to renew if it is off the road? Many thanks for all the recommendations for small automatics here. I dont know why they are so rare, but liking the sound of the citroen with dog headroom but its going to come down to what I can get secondhand in automatic I suppose Anyway, just wanted to say thanks Maria
  8. Thank you all so very much for all the help. My neighbours here have been fantastic and have rallied around and my mum is here and says she will stay on, I think I am ok for the changeovers now but thank you so much for taking the time to answer and ESPECIALLY for the excellent CGT guesstimate, that was all I was after, a rough working knowledge of how it worked. I am very grateful and have made an appt with the notaire who drew it all up - he is away so the appt isnt un til 6th August but thank you for the excellent advice, especially re the bank. Thank you too to Fay, and I have noted that address and when I feel able to better communicate I will certianly check that out and I am sorry for your devastating loss too, I shall hope to see you over there. I am so grateful to you all for coming to me in my hour of need, especially as I am not even a regular poster here. Maria
  9. My 48 year old husband suddenly and completely unexpectedly dropped dead last week, well on 18th. I am in need of help and wondered if anyone here could give me any guidance. I have posted on the motoring forum about my queries there so I wont go into that here. We have been here 8 years, we have our own house and another we rent out as a gite. We did a community universell, we have no children. I need to sell the gite. I cannot possibly manage it on my own, and anyway need the money from it . I understand that wanting to sell and actually doing so are not the same but I did wonder if anybody could help me with any of the following or even tell me where to go next for advice on it. I speak french reasonably but am not so good with legal jargon and my head is, as you can imagine, a blur. 1. how long are his accounts likely to be frozen and what do I have to do to get them unfrozen? I havent told the bank yet but the funeral directors tell me it is frozen. Meantime I will have to borrow money, and the family will help me with that. if they lend me money do i have to declare it somewhere or what? 2. the gite house is likely (in the event of being able to sell it) to have a capital gains tax issue. It isnt our main home and I have declared all the income we have received from renting it out in the holidays for the last 5 years. It isnt registered anywhere as a business, excpet with the tax office as a micro bic. We bought it in 2002 for £125k and its now worth about £300k (obviously this is a guess). Mostly this is because of the work we did on it - my husband did most of it himself and we spent about £70k on it but that included furniture and fixings and NO labour costs, as he did the work himself. no, or very few artisans were involved (we did have the pool liner fitted by a proffessional) . I may have a few bill from bricolage shops but not many. My question is would I have to move into it to make it my own home to avoid this and if so for how long? I wouldnt really want to do this, I want to stay here in my own home in Gers (32), the gite is in Hautes Pyrenees (65) if that makes any difference. If there is CGT liability, any ideas on how much it is likley to be and at what rate it would be applied? who would know - a notaire? do i need to make an appointment to see one or should I get the house valued first? (I am fully booked with tourists until mid september so this is not that easy either) 3. am I likely to get any reduction in taxe fonciere and habitation on either house as I am just me now? I am trying to calculate what I will need to live on if I can stay here and these two bills for the two houses are considerable. 4. if I manage to find someone to help me to do the next four back to back changeovers (it is a 5 bedrooom place with a pool, no way can i manage the changeover in 6 hours myself), can i pay them ? how do I do so and am I breaking any laws? I dont have a CESU book and one wouldnt come through in time. The alternative is to cancel peoples holidays at a weeks notice and pay them back but the accounts are frozen so I cant really do that either. 5. will it be just assumed that I have this community universell and everything passes to me (thank goodness we did that, never ever imagined this would happen) or do I have to get something rubber stamped etc. Who should I see about this? grateful for any insight into any of the above at this difficult time, I have tried to keep emotion out of it and deal with the practicalities but there is so much to do, brain has gone to mush and I just dont know what to do next. Thank you in advance Maria
  10. I have recently and suddenly been bereaved, My 48 year old husband dropped dead 10 days ago. . I need to sell his van - I cant drive it, its manual and too big, I can only drive automatic and my family say i must get something more reliable than my RHD peugeot 106 that is 16 years old. Given its unreliability and my sudden aloneness, I can see this needs to be sorted asap. I live in a rural area and need to be able to get around safely, and need to sort this out quickly. I am not sure whether to post here or in the legal forum but I would be extremely grateful for any adivce, My questions, if anybody can answer them are: 1. Is the van mine to sell? it is in both our names in insurance but just his on the carte grise, Maybe I have to wait until the notaire or whoever has freed up the estate (whcih all passes to me, we have a community universel)? 2. Is there a scrappage scheme or equivalent in place here where I could trade my uk peugeot in? I realise it has no value. which is why we kept it, for me to drive for short hops. 3. I need an automatic which is not common here. Any recomendations or insights or even cars to look into would be good. I shall want to buy from a proffesional to get a warranty as I know nothing about cars. I know renault clio comes in automatic but does anybody know any others available here and preferrably french so I can easily get them seen to, though I dont suppose spare parts is an issue as I wouldnt be able to fit them anyway. I would prefer a diesel, for economy and I have a golden retriever so a hatchback is needed. I would be scared to drive anything too big. grateful for any advice or help at all at this time. I am in the Gers (32) if that makes any difference Thank you Maria
  11. Thanks people, have ordered one the right size from an industrial supplier - its not specifically for cement mixers but none of those lawnmowere belts are anything like the right sizes. It was forty euros with postage, so a bit of an expensive punt if it doesnt work but a good saving if it does.
  12. Hello, The belt has gone on my Guy Noel betonniere (cement mixer). I cannot find any working website for Guy Noel, nor anybody selling spare parts for them. Can anybody point me in the right direction to buy spare parts/consummables for these machines? Very grateful if anybody can. Maria
  13. Thank you Steve, and sorry to be so long coming back to say so, Ive had no internet!
  14. Our gites pool has a conforming security cover, the blue sort, like a heavy duty tarp that fixes with webbin straps into the pool terrace concrete. We've had it 5 years. The webbing strap that you use to pull the cover back over the pool (ie to close it) has broken - it has broken about a foot from the roller end. Probably where it takes the most strain. Does anybody know how on earth we go about fixing/solving this before the season?  I cant see that hand sewing it is going to be anywhere near strong enough, the sewing machine could I supose be taken poolside but I doubt that a double thickness will go under the machine and we cant take it anywhere because its all attached. We cant take the strap off either, it means drilling out the rivets and that would invalidate it anyway. No way can we afford a new cover, we are barely staying alive as it is. I hope this makes sense. Thousands of thes covers were sold , I cant be the only one with this problem surely? Does anybody have any ideas at all? Thank you
  15. thanks very much for the promt reply, think we will save the transpoder disscusion for another time
  16. Thanks, this worked really well - isnt it possible to do this for the other channels (ie fiver, five usa etc)
  17. MKT

    dog insurance

    We are getting our new puppy (hurrah!) in January and Im keen to sort out some insurance, vet bills being the main worry. I havent managed to find anything suitable and am wondering if what i am looking for even exist here - my french isnt good enough to read all the small print properly. I am looking for 'whole of life cover' so that if the dog is afflicted with the same thing again it will still be covered, for example if it develops a skin allergy when its 3 that lasts for the rest of its life etc and also one that doenst stop covering the dog when it gets older - say past 8 (its a retreiver, usual life expectancy 10-12 yrs) Has anyone managed to find such cover here? Many thanks in advance for any guidance
  18. Just a quick question. My husband cleared my (frrench)neighbours father's garden for him - it was very overgrown and it started as a favour, then turned out to take alot longer than thought. At the end of it he gave him a cheque - its for a couple of hundred. Can I just pay the cheque in, declare it on my next declaration de revenues and pay whatever tax they say is due or am I breaking some law here ? appreciate any advice Maria
  19. Ive been following this but am obviously missing something.... (not unusual!) I pay orange fr €29.90 a month for 1mb broadband which comes through a livebox. there is no limit (i dont think) to how much I can be on.  If i go anywhere else, like to our gite etc, there is no phone line on so I cant use the laptop online there. Am I understanding that for the same price I could get one of these dongles and then use it anywhere? I mean like i could keep it plugged in at home but it would also work away??? sounds too good to be true and if thats right, why would anybody pay the sorts of charges quoted in this thread. sorry to be dense but can anybody point out why I cant just change to the dongle thing, and use it all the time anywhere for the same price? Thanks in advance Maria
  20. Sorry Will, yes that is what I mean, the CMU de base applied for throguh CPAM. Sorry if I caused confusion. Thank you too for your words of comfort about the TP. Do i take it then that if they judge you liable they would contact you, rather than waiting for you to fill something in and take it to them/enroll somewhere? If so then it must be ok because I havent been contacted and have owned the house since 2002. Like Clair, the gite is the largest portion of my income (although unlikly to be so this year) and yes Clair, I was wondering the same thing about what it falls under. If I am supposed to register the gite where would I do so anyway? Finally, regarding 'cotisations' I am not sure what that means exactly, I do not pay anything three monthly (except the CMU) and the social charges (things like CRG, CRDS,loads of initials, a big list which came to about EUR 1000 last year) were billed about November to be paid by year end. Are they the cotisations that we are talking about or is this something else to be paid? I dont think the thing I pay is estimated - they seem to work it out after having had my declaration de revenus and it seems to be based on our earnings from that. I thought everybody got this. Oh dear, I hope I am not muddled about that too.
  21. Oh thank you so much - it is such a releif if I dont have to register/change. Thank you for taking the time - I will try to answer the questions you have asked. - CPAM de base - well, when we were first here we had the E form, then when that ran out we applied under criteria of residence as we were not yet open for business. They took us in that route but we didnt have to pay anything that first year as our total income was below the limit (we didnt have any income). When we started renting the house out we filled in the annual CPAM de base form telling them of our earnings and the first year of that they said still nothing to pay. Last year we earned a little more and they said there would be an amount to be paid to ursaaf trimestriallay. Ursaaf duly wrote and asked for it and we paid. I hope thats clear , and I hope we havent done anything wrong - I always told them what the money came from and how much. Most years I sent them a copy of my tax forms. - re whether the business is registered, no it isnt, which has never sat all that easy with me. Before we opened I went to the Mairie (we dont live in the same department) and asked them who we needed to tell and what we needed to do and they said that if it was just rented out for a few weeks in summer we didnt have to do anything. The most weeks we have ever sold in a year is 10 and so I did nothing and thought myself lucky. At tax time I rang the tax office and asked them where to put it and they guided me through it via the micro bic (and told me what line to put it on etc). My insurance company knows its rented out too but apart from that nothing else official. - re why I think I need to apply, well I must have misunderstood then. I have received a letter from (seems a bit complicated) three official bodies (ministry of economy, ministry of budget and another 3 line body to do with commerce, artisans and tourism) saying that (at least as I understand it) "you are today an entrepreneur and you work under the fiscal regime of a micro enterprise and the economy is being modernised and there are important measures for individual entrepreneur that we want to bring to your attention" . That sent me off in a tizzy reading the website and this thread where it seemed it was some sort of official registration that all businesses had to do. I have always been slightly worried that we werent registered anywhere and so I thought I had to. I hasten to add, I am not looking to save any money on taxes, social charges, cpam or anything else - it all seems fair enough to me and we are earning so little now that with the current economic outlook I cant see it beign too onerous or even taxable if this goes on! I merely want to stay within the law and pay my dues and register where I have to be. I am not hiding anything, although I am slightly worried by references to paying Taxe Proffesionel - in the case of the admin work, well I am just sat at my PC doing it online but in respect of the rented house, the whole house is used. I am scared to go and ask them in case they hit me with a big bill - we are pretty hand to mouth at the moment.   thank you again for taking the time to read this and help. I mean if the upshot of this is nobody thinks I need bother about this, well, happy days!    
  22. I have been reading all this autoentrepreneur stuff on here all morning and am still completley confused. Yesterday I read all the autoentrepreneur website. I still cant see whether I need to register for this or not and what the ramifications are. Im terrified that we arent going to be abel to continue to make enough to survive as it is, I dare not make anything worse. Our income comes from three sources 1. renting out a gite 2. admin work I do from home for a Uk firm. 3. work my husband does under the CESU scheme (garden work/pool cleaning) We pay tax on the first two under the regime micro bic, I declare the money received, take off the allowances and pay tax on the rest. The social charges - well i dont know how they work them out but they send us a bill which we pay. Regarding CPAM we pay CPAM de base 3 times a year. The third one come pre-filled in on the tax form. If I do need to register, which of these 'businesses' do I register for? and for myself or my husband or both separately? And what on earth do I say the business is for, because they are three separate things. I mean we cant be the only ones who do a bit of whatever we can to try to make ends meet (the second two are because we arent making much from the first). Do i have to register at all? We dont pay tax proffesionelle.... should we be? how much is that likely to be for heavens sake and on which business would it be due (the gite is in one department and the admin work is done from home in another dept) . None of them are registered anywhere except on the tax form and we have been doing the gite for the last 3 years, the admin work for one. The income from all three come to about euros 20k max. Sorry about all the questions - I HAVE spent ages trying to find the answers myself before bothering you guys on here but am going round in circles. I would be grateful for any advice anyone can shed, even if its just who to ask or where to go next. Thank you.
  23. erm have read all this but my mobile is a nokia 2600 which doesnt appear to exist on the trycktill site.   is it too old, too new or what and is there any hope? suggestions? maria  
  24. and how can i tell if it is locked or not and is there a solution if it is locked?   thankyou so much Maria  
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