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  1. Is anyone else like me, after travelling several hours to get to the boat late at night, find myself tortured by BFs constant announcement at very high volume in cabins. Not to mention that utterly annoying music to wake you up at full volume three times at crack of dawn. Then their "Mr and Mrs Blogs cabin 221 come to reception for everyone to hear two or three times. Can't they just go knock on their door. Honestly I really have to seek alternative travel BF are sadists. I imagine it's like being in a prison cell (: Rant over
  2. Thank you, very helpful (: Now get them to read it is the difficult bit
  3. I signed up stupidly for a two year contract.http://www.completefrance.com/cs/images/emotions/blink.gif Never been happy with the phone but sfr told me they would send it away to repair.

    Anyhow my home phone is Free and I want to cancel but sfr say I will have to pay my current contract for seven more months and complete the two years. Seems ridiculous that you have to pay to full term bearing in mind that circumstances change and I have never been happy with the phone. Does anyone know if there is a way out of this short of going back to England?
  4. Funny

    But honestly not driving faster, or going anywhere different just getting caught more.
  5. I think I might change back my licence. Since I changed my licence to a french one, I have had three speeding fines. Now the speed radars are set up on the motorways between 90km and 110 difficult to see the changes in traffic. But I wonder if there is a connection. will have to get a navx
  6. So parking is free until April but is it next to Brittany Ferries do you know?
  7. Anyone know what parking is like for this ferry, is it free, is it nearby the ferry
  8. I got 350E today at the cash point, have not been able to get that much for quite a while, mind I am paying 2 per cent on that and a £1 fee which feels like robbery now after having it free for two years
  9. Me too Minnie, never had a fine before in 20 years either. E90 for ten kilometres over and at the 50 limit in a non built up area seems it changes every half mile, Think yourself lucky it was only E45. French police filling their coffers for New Year.
  10. Not after sympathy!

    I too am glad for RA but my point was everyone has pulled out of France significantly. Up for discussion.
  11. When we bought our house here we knew that if required, we could get back to England relatively cheaply courtesy of Ryan Air or BF. Now RA have cut flights completely and so have Flybe and BF lo and behold there are no more ferries the rest of this month!!!! AGH. If this had been the case when we bought, we certainly would have reconsidered. Just a rant for discussion.
  12. Well I sure would like to see what was submitted before and then I will feel better. I know the rest about unexpected bills, had many.

    I think it is times like these we are caught between what we know we could do about it in England and what we can do here. I know je suis en france and I have to lump it, doesn't stop me having a rant to me fellow expats!!!! (:
  13. I filled in an H1 but the property basically had the same measurements as before, unless the previous owner did not tell the truth?. However I am going to do it again to make sure.
  14. No it is 132 per cent. that is an incredible amount for a property that has not had an extension
  15. Really whether or not I was paying the correct amount, nobody said anything was wrong when the old french boy lived here, that he was not paying enough!! So even though the property has not had any extension, I am hit with 132pc increase. Sorry, what i was paying or whether they had made a mistake, it was hardly getting away with anything. It smacks of shear incompetence and being completely innocent something which I have to pay 490 euros at Christmas and not 90!!! Yeah that is really fair, Merry Christmas bah humbug
  16. [quote user="Chancer"]

    [quote user="Georgina"]No I can t see that as a positive side, IT is like buying something in a shop only to be told that you have to pay more once you take it home and have used it for year. Are you french?[/quote]

    I think from your first posting where you said "it has never been updated" that this is not an across the board raising of taxes for everyone (the toxic debt etc) rather a revaluation of some or all valeur locatives, were you asked to fill in a form H1?

    If I am correct and it was a revaluation then you have indeed been getting away with it for years, probably more so than your neighbours if there bills have not risen as much.

    I was in a similar situation, i was told that my taxes would go down if I filled out the H1 (which I was trying to avoid) after a declaration de travaux as my property was still listed as commercial, they (said that they) could not do the simulation until I had filled out the form, but it was a trick as once the figures were entered I could not witdraw the form, mt taxe d'habitation tripled so like you I was not a happy bunny but when i learnt that it was not backdated I consoled myself with the fact that I had already albeit unknowingly saved lots of money, I suppose its a glass full or empty type of thing.

    If you think the revaluation is unfair especially with regard to similar properties you can challenge it, they dont like it, they may make it difficult, tell you it is impossible etc but if you persist you will be able to have the fichier revisited, in my case my taxes returned almost to their original level and I also got a minor reduction in taxes fonçieres. I believe that Pachapapa has also had some success doing the same.

    [/quote] Thanks this is really helpful. I will persist as 132 per cent rise is not acceptable or reasonable. If I knew I was ''getting away with it,'' total b ks I might be more amenable but really I think not. I was paying e40 a month before!!! Not nothing. I will look at bigger properties and ask why my TF is not comparable. I doubt that it will be somehow. This feels more like "mmmm think of a number''
  17. No I can t see that as a positive side, IT is like buying something in a shop only to be told that you have to pay more once you take it home and have used it for year. Are you french?
  18. I have been here several years now. recently my tax fonc went up 132%. Despite complaining I have been hit with a "well it has not been updated" and then despite paying monthly they hit me with 2 x 240e Nov and dec direct from my bank.

    Now I am a fair minded person and when someone pays by monthly direct debit it would stand to reason that they do so because they cannot afford BIG BILLS. But despite my pleas I have been hit with the most ugliest nastiest weasel faced response to my protests. To my mind this is actually completely unreasonable bearing in mind my house is not a mansion and has had no major work to extend it save changing windows but this is what gets me, the french reaction is well move house, your house is bigger than mine sort of stuff and that it is not unreasonable for us to ask for whatever we want without ever having to justify it????

    So the weasel faced woman said " perhaps you should reflect on how you are going to pay next year. Bearing in mind I had no idea and have no control as to whether the tax is updated, I have made no errors, this is totally the town's decision and according to them it is the town updating everyone's tax fonc, but so far my neighbours tell me they have not had that much increase. Anway I know I am wasting my breath

    I hate it when people say this, I really do, but if this happened in England the bloody council would be shot. But there, I said it!!

    Sorry for the rant.
  19. Not seen you for a while, but i am in total shock and sadness and for someone so young and in his prime.

    So sorry Val.


  20. Ha ha, yes I think someone gave whoever it was a job to produce something that wasted lots of time and lots of money for everyone but the company in that nobody ever was having to answer the telephone, could do with one of those at home.  Now that would be an idea:

    Hello, you are calling for Madam ....... please  choose from the following criteria so that she can decide whether or not she actually wants to talk to you.  Here is a list of 40 options, please listen to all of them carefully before choosing one by which time you will have just lost the will to live and gone away and we can get all the revenue from your call..  lol

  21. Thanks for that, just rang and was dealt with n five min, must have been a day off when I rang before haha

    By the way I just rang the sous prefecture in France and was on the phone going round in circles on their switch for 25 minutes and then was told by an automatic voice that i had the wrong number eh???  Only in France.  Can someone shoot the guy who invented those answerphone selection processes as I would really like to get hold of him now.

  22. Can you give me the number you rang please IDUN??? How long did you wait though? cheers everyone. 

  23. Thanks SD but have anyone called them, it is impossible to speak to a human being, it  really is a joke.  The list is endless of the various options to go through.   You must listen to all these options several times with several variations repeated and by which time, you will completely give up and go put your head in the gas oven lol

  24. Hi wonder if some kind soul could help me.  Just rang DVLA and lost the will to live

    I have had my purse stolen containing my driving licence.  I want to apply for a french licence as this actually seems less bureaucratic than England.

    I have the paper bit, does anyone know if I can apply for a french licence with just this paper bit.  I have a process verbal from the police.  I tried to ring the prefecture but it was SHUT.

    Maybe someone could put me out of my misery soon.


    PS I know i can ask for another licence on line from England but that would involve getting it in the post over there.

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