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  1. Like I said before (i think i did), the staff said they would go back apparently but the management decided to pull the boats anyhow.  Perhaps they are saving money, who knows but certainly the customer is last in this power game.

  2. And so it continues all ferries cancelled again today...... and all Cherbourg full practically.... and that service ends on Sunday.

    Poor holidaymakers.  Glad I didn't go to Calais then. Wouldn't have wanted another 11 hours drive...Phew.

    Updated on Tuesday 25th September

    The following sailings are confirmed as cancelled:

    Tuesday 25th September

    Departing from: PORTSMOUTH

    • 08:15 to Caen
    • 09:00 to Cherbourg
    • 14:45 to Caen
    • 17:00 to Santander
    • 20:15 to St Malo
    • 22:45 to Caen

    Departing from: PLYMOUTH

    • 08:00 to Roscoff
    • 23:00 to Roscoff

    Departing from: CAEN

    • 08:30 to Portsmouth
    • 16:30 to Portsmouth
    • 23:00 to Portsmouth

    Departing from: CHERBOURG

    • 17:00 to Portsmouth

    Departing from: ST MALO

    • 10:30 to Portsmouth

    Departing from: ROSCOFF

    • 16:30 to Plymouth

    Departing from: BILBAO

    • 10:30 to Portsmouth

  3. Glad I wasn't on that Sunday boat too, thunder and lightening  at 8am Sunday yikes..... 

    Anyhow upshot is the staff had agreed to go back to work on Friday but the boats got pulled anyhow.   Management showing muscle then plain old fashioned chaos.?

  4. [quote user="Rabbie"][quote user="Georgina"] I don't agree with strikes under any circumstances. 

    [/quote]So are you saying that people should be forced to work even if their employer changes their conditions of employment to the detriment of the workers without their consent. How would you differentiate between people not working because of a dispute and people not working because they are ill. It seems to me that in a democratic free society you can only deprive people of their right not to work by subjecting them to military style discipline. Research has shown that people who are happy in their work tend to do a better and more productive job.[/quote]

    Personally I have seen people working in France in much much worse conditions which I have found quite amazing - nothing like they would put up with in England and they are so glad to have a job they do not go on strike.

  5. ''In my experience workers do not go on strike unless they feel they have

    no alternative so I am sure they were taking this action because they

    were just not getting anywhere'' 

    In France they do (:

    In other words if they don't get what they want, take their bat home and everyone's balls lol. I don't agree with strikes under any circumstances.  Guess i shouldn't be in France for that reason alone. haha

    So do we get an automatic refund does anyone know that??? Or do you have to apply for it in triplicate (sigh)

  6. Yeah I get that, but now the strike is off can't they go back to work tomorrow??? Honestly the strike action is seriously affecting people's lives, I don't have any sympathy when people do that for their own selfish benefit. There are people who I know need to get to sick relatives. And someone who will probably miss a baby being born now. Sigh !!!

  7. I just spoke to someone who worked there and they said it was called off so why have they still cancelled all teh boats

  8. Well I just got cancelled on tomorrows 24 hour notice!!! It makes me so mad this.

    I have now 11 hour drive if I still want to go not to mention my hotel fees being lost.

    Anyone going to calais tomorrow, I just have never been.

    And how do we know they will take us back on return?????

  9. Hi there, well I posted on here, and will await the reply.

    In the meantime I went back to the shop, such unhelpfulness was astounding.  Despite my having told them I had been given all the codes twice and my french friend the same and spending hours, they refused to call some technician.  In the meantinme i get a call from sfr automated service asking for my opinion on their customer service LOL LOL LOL boy did they get it.

    In the shop even though it was their phone for which i am still paying for the privelege they said they could not do anything!!! Incroyable.

    I have a friend who was with Virgin and they just took the phone at the shop and deblocked it for him hmmmmm

    Anyway I got the last laugh  I cancelled my payment to them, sue me I say.

  10. Yeah i had the privilege of waiting an hour at sfr shop and the staff were adamant that they would not help as i had to ring their customer line, well yeah, cos they make more money that way despite that i had paid already for the whole of this month.
  11. Ok Qwilly need your input here, so i get the codes to deblock and they don't work. both myself and a french friend went through the same process separately with SFR and it says Phone Freeze deactivate fail!!! Now so far SFR through their long message system detailing how much my call will cost, has now cost me an arm and a leg. HELP anyone??? Tell me they are not having a laug.
  12. Thanks guys, i really think this is warning others that when they change operators expect to be cut off immediately. The unblocking is really giving me the runaround and i am still paying sfr for the privelege
  13. I recently signed up with Free and they sent me a sim card, my contract ends at the end of this month with sfr but they cut me off immediately. Subsequently i had no phone at all with no warning. Apparently they are supposed to umblock the phone if I ask them. Spent two hours in customer service who gave me duff information and one hour on the phone to their never ending automated questions and options.

    So now the tech dept eventually gives me the numbers to unblock with which we went through and when i put in my Free sim card, it say it is frozen and asks for a pin number. I put in the pin Free said but it still says it is frozen.. So no unblocking and more expense phoning SFR for them to give me the runaround. Anyone done this? Cheers in advance (agh)!!!
  14. Well it is for a mobile, so anything that sounds reasonable??? Anyone got a good contract.  For instance my current provider offers three mobile numbers for free calls which is good.   I just need to know anyone who got a good deal with calls preferably.  Ta muchly

  15. Whoopee the shackles are off and I am indeed free from my two year phone contract.

    I know you folk are very knowledgeable and can anyone tell me if they got a good deal recently save me reading it all in French please????.

  16. I am still wondering if we will be fined for not having a breathaliser kit.

    Do you know anyone that has actually bought one as I don't, or did

    that fall down the pan too after Sarkozy left.

    Very confusing all this legislation.

    Daily Mail, now they like to try make us hate the French don't they?

  17. If one were to start a small business of website design for example, could anyone tell me on a relatively small earning say initially less than £12000 a year what regime?  Appreciate any business ideas please before I contact an accountant.  And, before the work commences, do I understand that I have to get a siret number or can that be sorted out during. Cheers knowledgeable people.

  18. Heehee, yeah you could be barking up the wrong tree with some neighbours, as some neighours, obviously fell out of theirs haha.

    Seriously sympathy for the OP, some people just are totally obnoxious and don't even try reason.

  19. Thanks, I am appealing or I try to be haha (:

  20. Ok Quillan thanks

    No Val it was at the Caf. Normally there are loads of spaces but because they have upped the charges in Morlaix the workers are parking higher out of town. I was just dropping off some papers but it was full and it took 15 minutes. I was not blocking anyone in and there was adequate space to leave the car with the windows down and the dog inside. I didn't want to park long as I had to leave the windows open .  Pity I missed him coming. I would never have thought that I could get a fine in that circumstance. They certainly are getting a bit keen. People outside the caf always block other cars dropping stuff off but I hadn't. I was up against the pavement.

  21. Thanks I will do that, but who do i ask for exactly?

  22. Sheesh, Morlaix is becoming like a police state. I had a ticket for parking in a none bay in a free car park, well out of the way of other cars but just for 15 minutes to drop off some papers.

    This is so pathetic I never even knew you could get a ticket in a none paying car park.

     The parking is horrendous now and it is really difficult to find anywhere.  To be gone for 15 minutes though with the dog in the car and the windows open, not blocking anyone in or not on the pavement is just unbelievable.

    Has anyone appealed against a ticket for parking? I would definitely if i was in the UK but feel that this may be a little overzealous. Is it worth it?

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