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  1. If you sell the van through a garage they would probably fetch it which would get over the problem of you driving it.  I have a Peugeot automatic (petrol)  307, which I don't like but the smaller 306 was really nice. I had to order an automatic (new) and the wait was several weeks. Mrs H
  2. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. On a practical level: if you cannot get a direct offer of help for the changeovers you could try Les Bons Voisins  (www.lbvfrance.com).  They seem to have members near Tarbes (at Montastruc) and Lourdes if you are near either place and in any case their members are willing to travel. I have no connection with lbv but we have heard some good reports of them. Best wishes Mrs H.
  3. We pay 15 euros an hour using CESU so additional contributions. That includes the fact that the man uses his own mower and fuel. H.
  4. Will is quite right.  We emailed the EHIC people in  the Uk asking what we did in the Uk and got a message back saying use the EHIC  !!!       I have printed it out and keep it with my passport Email address is on letter sendiung card and they reply very promptly. If more of us ask they may update the website and the letter. Mrs H
  5. A friend of ours who regularly visits France from Canada got his phone from: http://www.callineurope.com/ Phone and kit all supplied, (which you buy)  calls cost 35 US cents a minute (including back to Canada).  You get charged in US dollars on a credit card. In France it uses the SFR network, and can be used anywhere in Europe. He recommends this service. Mrs H
  6. For day to day money needed I think most of us just draw 300 or so euros via a cash machine from our Nationwide accounts. The just keep it in cash or pay in to a French account (in our case via a "cash pay in" machine in our CA)   Done it loads of times and never a query. Mrs H
  7. Thanks Catalpa.  We can at least reassure friends that the lower rate, as such, has not been abolished.
  8. Thanks a lot - we suspected that if it was to end it would be on 31 December.  Will make sure this is passed around.  It will probably be extended as the govt. would find it hard to end this concession. H.
  9. There is a rumour going round locally (mostly via a British fully registered builder) that the lower 5.5% tva rate on repairs etc on older houses has been scrapped. Anyone any knowledge of this - it seems to crop up every year or so. H
  10. Yes, you get a new number when you register your own E121 (or whatever it is now).  Don't forget to make sure they transfer your "choice" of generalist as well as other info.  They failed to do this with mine and so repayments were reduced and had to be sorted out. Mrs H
  11. Could you not have bought it on the internet from Germany? Just wondered !!
  12. Thanks for last posting.  We shall, over the next few months, look at lots of cars.  Semi-automatic sounds a bit iffy !  I have dodgy wrists (and one dodgy shoulder) so cannot drive a car with a manual gear shift, need power assisted steering too but that is normal now. Mrs H
  13. Our is a 2003 model, and the smaller engine size (see Quillan comment).  Mrs H is the only driver, does 18,000 km a year and does not drive with the handbrake on ! No hard feelings Sunday Driver. Mrs H.
  14. Thank you to everyone who has posted, it has helped a lot. We give in - we won't bother with a Prius  !!  When we have further ideas we will post again. We are not "car" savvy and our current car (Peugeot 307) Mrs H hates!! Heavy and no good at all up hills if more than two people - and then without luggage. H.
  15. We would love any comments on Toyota Prius cars.  We saw one at a small motor exhibition and liked the look of it, and certainly like the sound of low petrol consumption. Has anyone got one or driven one? One comment we have had (from son) is that they are "urban cars" using electric motor only at low speeds and then switching to petrol if one goes faster. Is that correct?  We live in deep countryside so do "slow" driving quite a lot but also go to the UK and Northern Germany at least once a year. We need an automatic car which is not easy to find in France (we had to wait months for our current car as we were told they build them in batches). All comments gratefully received. H.
  16. As this post is a question about Prius cars not specifically about French driving we will put the actual question in the "other topics" section. Flagged up here as the car experts are here!
  17. You put the Gross figure !  Net seems to mean "net of charges etc" not net of tax.  You should be able to re-claim the tax deducted via the UK although it would surely be better to speak to Jersey /I of M and get the interest paid Gross - normally this just involves giving them you French tax reference so that they are sure you are declaring it and paying tax somewhere. We get ours Gross so put " 0 " in the tax box.  If you can re-claim the tax from the Uk then the easiest way for the French return is to put "0" tax. You will know that you have to pay social charges on it in France as well as tax.
  18. If you enter, on your French forms,  income "net" (i.e. of UK tax) then you risk paying tax on it again in France !!  Net does not mean the same in France (as I think someone has already said). Put figures for Interest in Gross and claim back tax from the UK. Not at all difficult, even if sometimes slow the first year. Thereafter it should be quite easy. Mrs H
  19. Is the 3,000 really "net" - i.e. after tax ? No PAYE in France. Mrs H.
  20. Notice in the Hotel des Impots in Mortain (50) says exchange rate to use is 1.087.  They posted a notice last year too as there are loads of Brits round here.  Lower than the rate quoted in an earlier post. H.
  21. You cannot do the actual return without what looks like a valid UK postcode. However it does not seem to matter what postcode you put - we do ours every year and just leave the French address as it shows on screen, then add the postcode for a building (not a house) we still own but say ":no" to "Have you changed your address"  - then off we go.  You may have a problem registering if you do not have a UK address - not sure as we have done ours online for years.  Did them this year on  7th April, money back in  four days !! Good luck Mrs H
  22. Quillan - I agree except that we are sent forms every year to sign to say we still live at our French address and confirm we want a proxy.  I do wonder whether some local councils have different procedures.  You can indeed vote by post, in theory, but we have been told that it is impossible as the postal votes are sent out too late to get them back. !!  You are right that it is 15 years (earlier post).
  23. No Quillan, you do not need  a UK address - we don't have one and all forms are sent here to France.  We have used the proxy way of voting since we arrived in 2002, renewed annually.   They use the last postcode you have in the UK to decide where you will be registered as stated by an earlier poster. Mrs H
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