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  1. 900 million pounds to train 200 people  !!  No way. On last paragraph one should note that "avoidance" is legal, "evasion" is not. Mrs H
  2. It went very well indeed!  As I said earlier this is a village of around 200 people - the deceased was born here in 1949 and was still living in the area.  More than 300 people attended the funeral, the little church was packed - we arrived 15 minutes early and had to sit on a bench brought in to seat the overflow.  The local MP was there. Only problem was that the church was freezing - the little wall mounted heaters were no help at all. We did find it odd that in the churchyard (the church is in the middle of this) a lorry with a mini-digger was waiting to fill in the grave.  Not as "gentle" as a couple of men with shovels. Thanks again for help Mrs H
  3. Thanks a lot for replies - this is a village of just over 200 so we will be noticed - that is why we wanted to get it right. With it being the son of our previous Maire there are sure to be a lot of people. Mrs h
  4. We are going to a funeral tomorrow (monday) morning. We did not know the deceased at all but his Dad is our "ancien maire" and a nice old boy so we want to support the family. Please:  What is the French equivalent of "we are sorry for your loss" ?  But not exactly that as I would never say it in English - too trite for words.  We have never been to a French funeral before and want to do the right thing. Chap only died last Thursday.and we got the note round yesterday so too late to go to the undertakers to sign the book - will it be at the church too? Many thanks to anyone who can help us "do the right thing". Mrs H
  5. Try speaking to the Foreign office - if it really is an emergency they may be able to send something in the diplomatic bag  - we have heard of this.
  6. We have decided that we will go and ask the Mr Le Maire on Friday.  We really hope it is not an annual fee as FIL lives in the next village along (same local canton) - his is a very new fosse and complies totally with current norms so he was furious to be charged at all for the inspection! Thanks anyway - seems that it is not the same everywhere H.
  7. Thanks Sid. No the bill we have had is just for the inspection - we pay a contractor for the emptying.  We feel that the invoice is incorrect as the inspection took about 15 minutes and we have paid once ! H.
  8. Our SPANC (fosse) inspection was done months ago. We had a bill and paid it.  We have now received an identical bill. Does anyone know if this charge 48 odd euros plus tva, is an annual charge or are they just getting the records in a muddle.  Thanks a lot. H.
  9. One problem with getting a farmer to do it would be that when SPANC paid their visit to check our fosse they wanted to see the receipt for emptying.
  10. Many thanks, have written this down.  The only time we had a problem we spoke to the ordinary line on our phone bill but this will be a useful back-up.
  11. Are we right in thinking that this English helpline number is for use only by those who live in the 05 telephone area?  Does anyone know of numbers for anywhere else, please, as this seems a useful service.
  12. Yesterday afternoon Carrefour Market in Mortain was completely out of fuel but another garage near the cascades had some. We did not need any so did not buy or notice the price. H.
  13. We are getting the odd one  down the chimney, although we cannot see them going in and out.  When ours come out into the room they are mostly "dozy".  We have found the easiest way to kill them is with an "electric" (i.e.battery) fly bat.  When they settle just put it near them and then move until it touches them, press the button and voila electrocuted - you get sparks ! H. PS Pompiers will not come out around us in Manche, but local firm charge 70 euros.
  14. Clafoutis is good with plums of any kind. mrs H
  15. We pay 15 euros an hour using CESU so additional contributions. That includes the fact that the man uses his own mower and fuel. H.
  16. Will is quite right.  We emailed the EHIC people in  the Uk asking what we did in the Uk and got a message back saying use the EHIC  !!!       I have printed it out and keep it with my passport Email address is on letter sendiung card and they reply very promptly. If more of us ask they may update the website and the letter. Mrs H
  17. A friend of ours who regularly visits France from Canada got his phone from: http://www.callineurope.com/ Phone and kit all supplied, (which you buy)  calls cost 35 US cents a minute (including back to Canada).  You get charged in US dollars on a credit card. In France it uses the SFR network, and can be used anywhere in Europe. He recommends this service. Mrs H
  18. Could you not have bought it on the internet from Germany? Just wondered !!
  19. Thanks for last posting.  We shall, over the next few months, look at lots of cars.  Semi-automatic sounds a bit iffy !  I have dodgy wrists (and one dodgy shoulder) so cannot drive a car with a manual gear shift, need power assisted steering too but that is normal now. Mrs H
  20. Our is a 2003 model, and the smaller engine size (see Quillan comment).  Mrs H is the only driver, does 18,000 km a year and does not drive with the handbrake on ! No hard feelings Sunday Driver. Mrs H.
  21. Thank you to everyone who has posted, it has helped a lot. We give in - we won't bother with a Prius  !!  When we have further ideas we will post again. We are not "car" savvy and our current car (Peugeot 307) Mrs H hates!! Heavy and no good at all up hills if more than two people - and then without luggage. H.
  22. We would love any comments on Toyota Prius cars.  We saw one at a small motor exhibition and liked the look of it, and certainly like the sound of low petrol consumption. Has anyone got one or driven one? One comment we have had (from son) is that they are "urban cars" using electric motor only at low speeds and then switching to petrol if one goes faster. Is that correct?  We live in deep countryside so do "slow" driving quite a lot but also go to the UK and Northern Germany at least once a year. We need an automatic car which is not easy to find in France (we had to wait months for our current car as we were told they build them in batches). All comments gratefully received. H.
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