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  1. The "leche frites" that came with my Bosch oven has holes in it so as to keep (oven) chips crispy - at least that is what I assume. You would not want to grill on it! My Bosch is wonderful, fan, normal, grill, or "normal with kept-in steam" which stops cakes drying out. Also has "programs' so that if I want to cook a chicken I can (I only sometimes do this) use the chicken program which uses the weight to decide cooking time and seems to grill and oven cook at the same time, thereby giving a wonderful brown, moist, chicken but no splashes as it is cooked in a covered, glass, dish. Oven is also "pyrolese" (spelling?) so uses a program to clean itself, which it does perfectly. I use the program overnight as it is cheaper electricity. I would never  buy an oven in future without this facility.
  2. Thanks: I can see from the noticeboard in the village (parents not mine) that we have an organisation called CLIC which explains to the elderly or their families where/how to get help that is needed. I feel almost overcome with information now!!
  3. Thank you. I have to go to the mairie where my parents live tomorrow to get a form signed to tell the UK Pension service that they are still alive!!  I will ask them to point me at the right office to start this off. Mrs H
  4. Thanks to everybody, Norman especially after all his own problems.  I feel I know a lot more about this whole subject now. Mrs H
  5. Thanks for replies, Yes in French is fine although I will take a French friend with me when I see the assistante sociale to make sure I don't just understand each word individually but get the meaning correctly!  I will read the links given first. I think my Dad would be willing to have more help if (a) my Mum did not get weepy when he is not around and (b) he did not feel that nurses/carers will make her get up (for example) when they want not when she wants and will be sitting around most of the time with nothing to do. They have a small, modern, bungalow which was designed by him to cover their needs ten years ago - so he does not have a spare room that could be used by him or a night carer for example - the nights are often when he needs help as sometimes she will refuse to go to bed (she can hardly tell day from night).  This last sentence makes him sound rich - he is not, land is so much cheaper here he was able to build within the price he got for his "oldies" home in SE UK. He would love to have savings anywhere near 21k pounds! I may speak to our lovely village infirmiere about "hygiene" help as she will know what is needed. It is awful getting old... Mrs H
  6. I am going to visit and get advice from the 'Social Worker" person regarding help for my elderly father (aged 89) in looking after my mother (a year younger) who has severe dementia (and is ALD agreed). Before I go it would be helpful to have any information or even better experience of getting help in these circumstances. My father has refused all offers of help (specialist and GP suggestions) as he "does not want somebody in the house doing nothing most of the time" and in any case "does not want odd people messing her about"... He is very fit but the strain is getting to him. She can go all "stiff" for no obvious reason and it is almost impossible for him to move her against her will.  He says that what he needs is someone who will come when he telephones for 15 minutes when he has a problem. He will not allow me to do it (in any case I am 5'+not a lot and she is quite a bit bigger!!). The main problems he has are what one might call "hygiene". The only person Mum recognises is him and she is anxious if he is not visible - I sit so that he can go shopping and she can get really tearful no matter how much I say he will be back soon.  I cannot look after her in my house as we have no downstairs toilet and to get her up the stairs is almost an impossibility. There is no family now in the UK as my children are also abroad (not France). The sort of things I would like to know in advance are:      Is the help means tested?      Day centres? Many thanks in advance for any thoughts Mrs H
  7. Thanks Pickles - will certainly follow this up, our rural branch not at all with it and even told me some time ago that French to French bank account virements would not be "understood" by the recipient... I gave up trying to do other than transfers to/from our own accounts. However will try to sort this before any more birthdays.
  8. Hi again I think gardengirl you are talking about a payment from a French bank acc to another French one, whereas I need to transfer to an account in Germany. Anyway, my daughter says you can't seem to do family/friends paypal version from Germany but it certainly works from France. Cost to me was 1.30 euros. Thanks for all the help and advice.  She now has her birthday money! Mrs H.
  9. Interesting - my daughter has just emailed to say that she understands that it is only in the US that the personal version applies. Will copy replies to her. Thanks Mrs H Edit: we use online banking with Credit Ag so will look at that too.
  10. Thanks Alex, yes the amounts (approx) are what my daughter paid but Jo suggested something rather cheaper was available for family. Pickles:  I shall ask Credit Agricole if I can make an online virement to her.   For Christmas 2010 I went into CA and they did it for me but, of course, charged. If I can do it myself then brilliant - but CA are notoriously behind the times!! Thanks for help Mrs H
  11. Re paypal payments to/from family and friends - please Jo can you point me to where you found this on the paypal website as neither I nor my daughter can find it! I find it useful to send her money (to Germany from France so all in euros) for birthday or Christmas etc via paypal but we have been doing it by her "billing" me for "goods" and her paying a % and a small fee to paypal to receive it., If we can do it more cheaply that would be great. Many thanks Mrs H
  12. I use just water/steam (machine) - avoids nasty chemicals! Mrs H
  13. There is another Civray in Cher (near Bourges) - and they have ruins!  Are you sure the ruins you seek are in "your" Civray? Perhaps the Mairie would know or the nearest Tourist Information Office?
  14. I will send you a PM tomorrow when I have checked the contact details.  There is a C of E deacon around our way (southern tip of Manche) who has done Wedding Blessings (we went to one of the weddings).  He may be too far away from you but will most likely know of other people. Till tomorrow Mrs H
  15. Agree about stews/casseroles. Not good. The only thing I use one for is to cook Christmas puddings - the initial cooking. On Christmas day I microwave hot.  The pressure cooker was a Wedding present 40 years ago and apart from a new gasket is fine. Mind you I don't like "Slow cookers" either - the problem with flavour seems to be the same as with a pressure cooker. Mrs H
  16. European Community   and  European Economic Area  we think - spelled in English words if you see what I mean! Mrs H Edit: written at the same time as answer above
  17. Thanks for thoughts AnOther. My virus checker did not get a chance to detect it as I use webmail and don't download. At least I think that is the explanation... I have done a full scan from my (business version via son-in-law who works for a software company) antivirus program and no sign of any problems. He will be visiting us next month so will do a real trawl.  Barclays (and the other bank we use in the UK) use card readers which give a one time code to use to log in so are pretty fireproof - not so sure about French accounts though where security seems non existent.  In any case we check all our accounts daily (sad really but now I feel vindicated) so will immediately spot anything untoward. I am confident that we have got away this time but just shows we should all be alert!  NACHA seem to be in the US and our private email address is "hosted", if that is the right word, in the US and is from a domain name owned by a member of the family- we do not use an ISP address.  Mrs H
  18. In case anyone else gets an email apparently from NACHA (processing of electronic payments): We just made an online payment and immediately got an email saying it had been cancelled and "to find out why click on the link to open a file"... As we had just made a payment I was not at first suspicious but the file would not open (internet speed not fast!) so I stopped and looked at our bank account and it was clear that the payment had not been cancelled. If you "google" NACHA there is a report on spam emails.  Just delete the email as always. I have asked my bank (Barclays) how these scammers knew I had made an online payment.  I tried to forward the email but it was undelivered as a virus was found! Mrs H
  19. I wanted to make a 5,00 pound transfer to HiFX by Debit Card but could not as our address is not in the UK. Hence the BACS (at least free) transfer. Mrs H
  20. Having done two transfer in the last few days the answer seems to be:  1,000 limit for "faster payments:, 1001 up to 5,000 goes by BACS (but is free and takes 2 to 4 days) over that it needs a transfer done by them and costs 25 pounds. Hope this helps Mrs H
  21. Hereford


    Sorry to post this rather late in the thread but locked out by an update! It will be interesting to see the reaction of doctors/hospitals in the UK to the UK EHIC held by us pensioners living in Europe - I have taken a copy of the reply I received from Newcastle asking about this and keep it with our cards. Mrs H
  22. Thanks for extra info.  We do not need anything for heating - our electric radiators are wonderful but some "cooling" would be brilliant upstairs in the summer (at least when it is hot) as our upstairs "ceilings" are the roof (boarded of course and lots of insulation) so it gets very hot as no "loft" as such.  We love our "pointy" ceilings except when weather very hot. Will do some research. H.
  23. Silly question probably but never seen one of these machines. Do they just plug in like a heater or have to be vented through a wall? H.
  24. My English recipe says 2 teaspoons baking powder to 8 oz SR flour (Yes agree Francine Gateau is fine). I then use egg and milk and roll out as I would have done in Uk and they are fine and do not taste of baking powder. Made some this morning. A tip I read on the BBC food site recently site says put them close together on a tin - so that they rise vertically and  flour the cutter between each one cut for the same reason. Mrs H
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