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  1. Water, water, wasser, wetir, weter, Acqua, água, aqua Dwr, dourSo why l’eau?
  2. Useful.  For a softer egg do you run slightly quicker? Got this one from Viz: Old telephone directories make ideal personal address books. Simply cross out the names and address of people you don't know
  3. Install the modem first, remembering to change the default password - netgear instructions are particularly good and show you how to check the connection and change settings. See if your browser can find the internet without using orange. Marc
  4. What make/model of modem is it and have you installed any software that came with it? If you have, check the Network connections in the control panel - it should have its own icon - on the general tab go to properties, tcp/ip, click properties. The "obtain ip address automatically" and the "obtain DNS server address automatically" should be selected. Next on your browser in the tools>options>network connections (depending on which browser you use),  make sure the "direct connection to the internet" is selected. Clicking on the internet icon should therefore connect you - assuming the line is OK You could of course install the Orange software and uninstall it later - you won't really notice any difference. Marc
  5. I'd stick with the "legal English car" route for cost and convenience - I don't think the lack of tax would out-weigh the inflated cost of buying in France or the effort in importing one. Just a thought-would a rhd car be cheaper to insure in the uk even though you were using it in France?
  6. It was a TVR. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph-qv4gYAE8 By the number of cars I see in the ditches next French roads, 90Km/h in a straight line is too much for many.
  7. Thanks for the warning - I've never even thought about signing. I was stopped last year and handed over my carte grise and (GB) driving licence and that was enough for him.  Refused to look at my insurance (or dodgy tyres - snow tyres in the Vendee in July!) I smiled nicely  -  he didn't. Maybe I was lucky and he wasn't out to get anybody!
  8. I agree, French. I had no problem insuring a French car I bought in England.  I just phoned them up and explained everything and paid with a card - easy! I registered the car a couple of weeks later. (I think there may be a time limit in which you should register)
  9. Have a look at this thread-seems to cover most things http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/motoring_answers/index.htm?id=139
  10. It's worth trying to pull up square to junctions if possible - my builder friend regularly does this although it can look a bit odd. (if your van is white you probably don't need to be nearly as thoughtful!)
  11. I was taught the 12 verbs by a French lady who made up a little story about a mouse using just these verbs-I found this easier to picture, rather than remembering a list.
  12. Interesting.....I'll have a look soon. Looks like I might have to put up with spending an hour in a taxi unless somebody has any other bright ideas. (I've looked at boats from La Tranche to La Rochelle already!). -Sorry to hijack this thread but it got me thinking (a bit) Marc
  13. I don't think they charge but will it still be there after 6 weeks? I would prefer somewhere a little less public even if the car is not worth much.
  14. Thanks for that - I had already booked some flight from B'ham that cost loads more.  Oh well, some you win... Do you, or anybody else for that matter, know where I could park a car off the road for a few weeks at a time near La Rochelle airport?  I know the Spanish airports offer year round parking with cars delivered to the terminal but somewhere legal and safe would do. Marc
  15. I had a similar problem with a Renault5 years ago - I did the same thing as said earlier and spent ages with a hosepipe having covered the inside with tissue paper.  I managed to trace it to a break in the plastic membrane inside the door directing water in!  (With a French car you don't really need another hobby - my ZX has done 304000km and did another 1200km this week while my "new" 607 goes wrong even when is left home)
  16. I visited the Notaire and asked if my "buyers" had payed a deposit.  They seemed a little surprised and asked why I wanted to know! Anyway, it lookes like I can expect a cheque in the post. (Believe it when I see it) I talked to an agent the same day and they don't ask French buyers to pay a deposit - only English as they can disappear across the channel.
  17. Have you seen the scrap place heading West out of Lucon?  From memory it is next to the Littoral Peche place.  I don't know if they break cars or just crush them - I'll be there next week though. Marc
  18. I'm fed up with our so-called buyers.  Having had the names changed and waiting ages, they have now pulled out stating a problem with finance. (Slightly odd as the house is cheaper than my car!) Am I right in remembering that finance problems gets them out of the 10% charge?
  19. A lot of the houses around us have them and they seem ok.  I'll be getting some in a few days to fit over Christmas (if I can be bothered!) so I'll let you know.
  20. Have you seen the brackets that clamp onto the tiles? You can use english type fittings with these.
  21. Marc


    Does the VMC have connections to other rooms as well? Mine does and they don't draw the same - closing the kitchen vent makes the others work well.
  22. My house is the same age but in the Vendee. They sell a small bracket that clamps onto the tile-the standard gutter brackets then bolts to this.  They've probably got a name but I just look until I find them!
  23. There's one in Les Sables d'Olonne with 85 plates - I think its owned by the local Toyota garage as it is usually parked opposite.  Can't quite see the connection myself.[*-)]
  24. Saw this on ebay! bus anglaise deux etages http://cgi.ebay.fr/bus-anglaise-deux-etages_W0QQitemZ4594820678QQcategoryZ97152QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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