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  1. Hello Gardener Having spent the past 31 years within the kitchen industry, at last I am qualified to respond as opposed to making comments of what we may think is best! As long as it is all install correctly you will have no problems at all, it will not effect any insurance claims or effect any warrenty of the products. It is quite common these days with the size of kitchens etc. Best practice will always tend to place a dishwasher close to a sink tho. Regards Marc
  2. Hi face42 Are the owners back from USA or is it still being run by the manager (ex employee of company who sells the mobiles? Presume the couple being talked about are the owners of a park home & camper van? Is life on site still as bad as I see there are many mobiles up for sale
  3. Can anyone recomend a gite that accepts pets in the Loire? We have a 3yo Labrador and would like to find a nice secluded gite idealy with a pool. Many thanks Marc
  4. lol Sid Live in UK, Holiday in Vendee Sid I have an issue with those who complain but regard the additional payments as a bonus as opposed to an additional quality of like during the Christmas period. I also have an issue with people who live in sheltered housing which includes heating then being given additional cold weather payments! We all have an issue or two which we should be able to air. does not mean that a raw nerve has been hit but it sounds like it has with yourself though Sid. Up the workers both present and past whose tax contributions and earnings enable a better quality of life. Let's think about those people who would really benifit from an additional £10 just to survive - the people who really need it. Thankfully that it is neither of us Sid.
  5. ah well, it is good that the debt ridden UK is helping to put our hard earned taxes into the French system via a bonus for those who really need it! VAT up to 20%, back to work tomorrow with no chance of a bonus just like millions of other hard workers. Oh to spend a pension bonus in France! Marc
  6. Hi Woolybanana It will be interesting to see how your friend gets on with them! You obviously know the site from your comments, we know the Maire fell out with the owners as have people from the village. They are now in USA but as far as we know the site has not changed hands, it is just being used as a way of getting as much cash out of the mobile home owners as possible. An example of this is grass cut charges. In twelve months the charge for grass cutting has gone up from 9 Euros to 15 Euros - a massive 66%. On top of that you have no control over when the grass is being cut as "The ground staff have been instructed to mow an emplacement if they feel that it needs mowing". They sent out this instruction in January after everyone had paid the ground rent and returned the contracts! As a resident of the village in question, are you able to advise the cost of holiday tax and when it is to be paid. People on site have to pay site 0.50 cents per person per night between 1st April - 30th September. Regards Marc
  7. Would anyone know of any rules or regulations regarding the sale of our mobile home which is sited on a site in Vendee close to a large lake. When we purchased our holiday home we were told that any sell on would incure a commision of 10% regardless if site sold our mobile or we sold ourselves. Our situation is that the park owner has moved to USA to start another business and have put a manager in charge of the site. When we wanted to sell our mobile we were told that we were not allowed to sell ourselves and had to sell via a uk company who are working in conjunction with the site. When they valued the mobile the said we would get 20K Euro, it is a 2005 IRM Emeraude with a decking, shed etc which we brought from new from the site for 52K ! when I complained I was told that I would get £20K sterling but would only get the money when the mobile is sold. This company then advertised our mobile at £30K reduced from £32K (never for sale at £32K!. To cut a long story short we finished up with £14,911 which includes approx £600 refund of pitch fees paid. The recieipt we recieved does not state how much they sold it for etc but they did suggest that they had an offer for £20K. Can they do this? They should not be allowed to do it and the UK based leading Mobile Home sales company are being unfair and unreasonable. The lack of paperwork would suggest that taxes etc are also possibley being avoided? Regards Marc
  8. Hi all   Can anyone advise on the best way to to exchange 20K+ Euro back into sterling, we do have a Britline bank account. I have checked through the posts but they all tend to talk about Sterling to Euro, knowing LF I am sure some smarty pants will find a post with the excat answer though [:D]   Many thanks   Marc
  9. Hi All We have a delema, We are about to move to the North of the UK which means that a, We will have a whole new area to explore b, We will not be able to get out to our Mobile Home in the Vendee We absoloutly love France & the Vendee region and our home is superb but we will only be able to visit maybe once a year. We do not want to rent or let as we have had it since new (2005) and it is like brand new. A thought we have had, does ayone know of there is such a web site where people can swap mobile homes, there must be someone who would want to have a place in France who may want to swap their mobile home in the UK? It would be far more cost effective but would we like it? It would be sensible. The only other option we have is to sell our mobile home Any thoughts would be appreciated   Many thanks   Marc
  10. Many thanks, interesting & imformative site, unfortunatly no dates   Marc
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