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  1. I'm not quite sure what you are asking or why you would have to go to Paris (unless you live there). But if you have to have a legal document  notarised, you go to your nearest Notaire, and ask them to do it. It is very simple and I have done it and it is free.
  2. You can get halloumi cheese from Jim's British Mini Market, in St Genis Pouilly, 01630. Shame I don't live there any more!   Actually I brought some back from UK in November and it is still in the fridge - the use by date is Aug 2006 - so no need to freeze it.   I blame Delia myself. [:D]   P.S. Where do I click to be notified of replies to this thread? I don't see anything with this layout of forum.[8-)]
  3. Our local Super U has had them the last two winters (Combourg, 35). I grow my own so no need!
  4. How bizarre. I thought the French were the masters at making wellies - Aigle, Le Chameau. I've had my wonderfully comfy Aigle wellies for years, and their riding boots last forever too.
  5. [quote user="Loiseau"] What do you folk eat all that chutney *with*? Not being facetious - I'd really like to know.  I only ever think of it with cold meat, but I don't seem to eat that much of it - or at least don't remember to get out the ancient pots of chutney languishing at the back of the cupboard when I do... Angela [/quote]   Cheese and pickle sandwiches, of course!
  6. I only buy Label Rouge, because I read a 'Que Choisir' report on the different labelling of chickens in France. The Label Rouge ones are kept in 'slightly' better conditions than the others and are not fed antibiotics. According to the news sales are down by 30% but the prices in the last couple of weeks have been very high! I only buy when they are under €4 a kilo. I was hoping to stock up the freezer!
  7. My best discovery is that my favourite bird, the Crested Tit, can be seen in Brittany. I was used to these pesky little birds all over my garden in Eastern France. To my delight I have now seen several in my garden. [:)]
  8. I usually have them buzzing round my head when I'm sitting typing. They seem to like my office! I've never noticed a smell and they often crawl over my fingers. I think they are cute. However, one of my cats tried to eat one when he was young and went completely crazy, foaming at the mouth. They obviously don't taste very nice!
  9. I sent a parcel to the UK on Monday pm by Economy, not Prioritaire, and it has arrived there already! I shan't be paying the extra for Prioritaire any more.
  10. Give what you can afford to give, in my opinion 20€ is way too much, but then I suppose it depends on what your income is. We didn't have any income for years (unemployment) so they got a couple of euros. They weren't unhappy. Also in 9 years we've only ever been asked once for Xmas money by the postman! And for the person who asked what the dustbin men are called, they are 'les eboueurs'.
  11. I thought you were off the air as I couldn't get into the forum through my favourites. Just had to do a search for Living France in Google.
  12. From what artisans have told me, the rate applies at the date of the client's acceptance of the devis (signature) and payment of the deposit. Therefore if you book in advance you can still have the lower TVA rate even if the work is done much later after the TVA has changed. Anyway we have been there/done that with the TVA rate for years and it keeps on being extended, for another year, and another year!
  13. I've tried boiling with shells on and microwaving but neither worked. Then I read on another forum to take off the shells, cut a nick or two in the skin and then boil. That works much better - mostly the inner skins peel off fairly easily - possibly because water gets under them.
  14. It's a great shop and you can get coriander seed but she doesn't sell fresh herbs. I've been growing my own all summer - just keep on sowing every 3 weeks or so because it goes to seed very quickly when the weather is warm. What a delight to have as much coriander as I want as I can't afford to buy those pathetic little packets for nearly €2.
  15. Yes but a whole litre of cream! It will be the battle of the bulge!
  16. I bought some Fixe Chantilly recently on someone's recommendation but it reeks of vanilla so I threw it in the bin (can't stand vanilla). Is the Fixe Creme the same, or without vanilla? I just want to make whipped cream, not sweet and not flavoured. BTW If you whip creme epaisse it does thicken, but not enough and is very foamy.
  17. So Ty Corrigan is in the same photo as Kerdrain!!! ha ha ha, how did you two get on?
  18. Buy them in England. It is hard here to find much choice of specific varieties unless you order from a large garden centre, or know of a fruit nursery near you. We also had great problems trying to "translate" the root stock codes - they are not the same here and the supposedly dwarf rootstocks for the espaliered apples we ordered were far too vigorous.
  19. It's called Purslane. I have it in my veggie patch (not intentional). Could never see the point of eating it as it tastes of ..... nothing.
  20. I much prefer white asparagus, which I had for the first time in Holland. However I didn't know it needed to be peeled which is probably why I thought the stuff sold in France was naff!
  21. We haven't eaten with French people very often but it something that my husband and I have remarked upon, so I'm glad to see we are not the only ones! We were once served meat with tinned salsify. A strange meal but I'd never had salsify before so was pleased to discover it's really very nice! Another time, at a Franco-American Thanksgiving meal, we were served meat plus two kinds of mashed squash. Also wierd for us British!! Our local restaurant is one of the few that I'd bother eating in again. with the meat/fish we were served all sorts of REAL vegetables that they'd gone to the trouble of doing things with, a la nouvelle cuisine. I think it was the first time I've ever seen what I would call "real" vegetables in a French restaurant, other than salad.
  22. Yes you can buy parsnip seeds here but usually one one variety - Demi Longue de Guernesey. Size of veggie patch depends on what and how much you want to grow, but if you are growing spuds then probably about 100m2 or larger. I imagine the chooks would eat everything!
  23. They are around, more in the sense of having a clump of unknown name in the garden! The mail order catalogues usually have about 8 different varieties for sale.
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