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  1. Hi all,

    We were married last year in France. I am pretty sure I want to keep my maiden name and add my hubbies, hyphenating them.

    I understand in France you "legally" keep your maiden name always and just use your husbands name if wished but I would like to officially change to this if possible as this is what our young son's name will change to also.

    What do I need to do to make this change formal?

    Many thanks

  2. Thanks, yes I am an obsessive worrier and stickler to rules - I worry that all our hard work could be lost if we ever did something wrong without realising etc!

    Many thanks

  3. Quillan thats helpful.

    Can you really not offer a choice even between meat or fish main course?

    And how you do eat with the guests if you are serving them - ie what if they come in at different times?

    How stringent is that rule?

  4. Hi, if you have a chambre d'hotes and you want to serve meals using your own produce (including meat, eggs, veg etc) can you do this? I am just pondering if we would be better to become a "ferme auberge" or whether its poss to do B&B on a smallish scale but still be able to serve your own food produced by you.

    Does anyone do this and what do you have to comply to?

    Many thanks in advance.

  5. Thats interesting that they are not allowed to fire across a public chemin - the shot falling on our land was from the man who was standing in an adjacent field, with a chemin between the two fields, and was about 100m into our land from where he was standing - so therefore he clearly fired from where he was, across the lane and over into our land.


  6. Oh dear, my other half has just had a similar incident to Chris - he was out feeding the animals and he got a load of shot raining down on him - luckily it has lost its oomf but, as he said, if he had been just a few yards further on and happened to look up it could have gone in his eye and caused damage ...... anyway, this is the 3rd time we have had shot rain on us on our land and also every year we have ewes with damaged legs which we are sure is from running away from hunters dogs - one year a ewe died after having her throat ripped out, again more than likely hunters dogs.  All our hedges have great big chunks bashed down in them which we have to repair - we have even put a gate on one its so big - our sheep escaped into the road recently.  Our land is sort of longish in shape - our house is at the far end, then  our farm complex spreads west from the house, the last of the outbuildings being 100m from the house.  We have measured the distance that the hunters tend to frequent on our land and it is over 150m from the house, but only 50m from the last outbuilding and also only 50m from where we keep our poultry and rabbits and therefore we are always around there ......

    Anyway I am rambling, but we have kept quiet and never said a word since we bought the place 6 years ago, not wanting to appear as English coming in and upsetting things and not understanding the local ways, but to be honest we feel now that they are showing us disrespect and we have never even had as much as one rabbit left on our doorstep as a thanks ....

    So, back to the shot incident, my other half flipped and stormed over to the man with the gun and went balistic - he totally lost his temper and, believe me, when he goes, he goes ..... so now we know they now we dont like it!   We are going to go up to the Chasse head and explain that they must stay further away from our buildings.  We have a 4yr old son and my mentally handicapped brother lives with us - we are not prepared to put their lives at risk.

    Just didnt want it to get to this.

  7. Hi there - yes please would be interested depending on what type stone it is - I have sent you a pm - are you able to send me a photo?

    Thanks very much


  8. Hi there, we need some old stone, preferably granite, slabs/flagstones for our house.  We have 1 small building and 1 largish building so even if you have just a small quantity it could do the small one.

    If anyone has any lurking about please let us know and we could come and have a look.  Prepared to pay a decent price for them, just not what the materiaux anciens people want!



    Hi folks,

    We are now starting to plan our renovation. We cannot decide how best to format our accommodation to provide rental income. We have a bit of a blank canvas and therefore several possibilities. We either renovate our main house plus an attached annex which could provide an additional 3 beds plus kitchen/living area - thought we may be able to do this so that the two could be let to a large group.

    Or we leave our house for a few years and renovate the longere which could be split into 3 x 2 bed cottages or 2 x larger cottages.

    Can anyone impart pearls of wisdom as to what is the most popular size of gite (2 bed/3 bed/larger group??) - and whether a mixture of gites and chambres d'hotes is wise?

    Thanks so much
  10. Any answers that were given (which were not actually answers, just repetition of what we already know in that France is strongly regulated re business activities) were also accompanied by the suggestion that I wanted to come over here and set up something without going through the relevant authorities and how cross it made people bladdy bladdy blah and how people are sick of it la lalala ....and I have taken great exception to that   ... perfectly normal response I would say if you feel your reputation is being questioned.

  11. Frankly I am furious that my original question has brought about threats of reporting people to the authorities and other such ridiculously out of context comments ..... it is verging on defamation and actually rather worrying.

    No more from me .......

  12. Oh dear, what has happened to these forums ..... there used to be a sense of community and people bouncing questions off each other whilst they mutually learned how to settle into their new lives .....

    I fear that somewhere along the way that has been lost.  I shan't waste my time any more ... I will just continue to do as I normally do and work hard to make an honest living in a country  that I am still learning about ... I shall just have to look elsewhere for the answers  ....

    Perhaps this forum should be divided into two sections .... those who are new and have lots of untired questions to ask and those that have been around for a while and who know everything ......

  13. This is exactly the angle I am coming from Smiley (not, as it seems from Charlotte3's comments - she seems to think I am intending to come over here as an immigrant and work on the black "flouting the law".  I am actually a fully registered consultant here in France doing very well for myself thank you).

    Its a hypothetical question.

    For example, if you were as you say an architect, or engineer or any other person with a level of speciality in your trade.  I believe professional indemnity insurance will cover such a person to work in their home country and in any EU country up to a period of, say, 12 months.   

    If anyone has any definitive answer to this question please let us know but if not I will drop the subject - its not that important anyway - was just curious and certainly was no need for anyone to get on their soapboxes about.

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