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  1. Whenever my husband and I return to our maison secondaire, we find the house infested with dead woodlice, which results in two hours of vacuuming to get rid of the bodies! It doesn't seem to matter whether we put down insect powder or not, our house still looks like an insect mortuary! Anyone got any ideas, please Lynda
  2. Blimey, peeps - that was quick!  Many thanks for the info!
  3. Hi, all Please excuse me if this has been asked before:  we have a telephone line to the house, but it was disconnected when we bought it, as we didn't feel the need for a phone at that time.  However, we would now like to be reconnected.  How, please? Lynda  
  4. I went to evening classes for three years, and by trying to talk to the locals and helping my husband with his homework, seem to be making progress.  However, my husband didn't start classes until a year ago, and he struggles desperately.  He is slightly dyslexic, which doesn't help.  He continues to go, which I think is so brave of him, as he comes back some weeks very despondent and, sometimes, even depressed by the whole thing.  However, he is determined to carry on, and says that however little he manages to remember this week, is more than he knew last week!  Whenever I read smug threads on this website about they can't understand why us second-home owners aren't totally fluent, it makes by blood boil! 
  5. Hi, all Does anyone have a recommendation for a ramoneur in the Mortain/St Hilaire area of Normandy?  One that speaks some English would be the icing on the cake! Lynda
  6. I certainly will send them an email - and if we all join forces, who knows?  People power!
  7. Do BF take them?  And how about Nectar points? Lynda  
  8. Hi, Frederick Sorry I can't help you  [:(] - asI would like to know the answer myself for my area of Mortain/St Hilaire du Harcouet.  Anyone out there that can help us both? Ta, [:)] Lynda    
  9. Why be embarrassed - if you like it, why shouldn't you have it.  Good for you!  Not keen on fruit with meat myself (although my husband likes it) but the joint sounds good.  I'll look for it next time I'm in there.  Thanks for the tip. [:D] Lynda
  10. Glad to know you're alive and kickin', Will, and that the weather is better there than it is here!  Amazing what a difference a few miles makes. Lynda
  11. Well, at the moment I'm in the South of England - and we're having the coldest March for at least 20 years.  When I'm in La Belle France, we are in 50.  I bet you're much farther south. Lynda
  12. Hi, all Does anyone know what's happened to Will the Conq - I've missed his posts and helpful replies?  [8-)]   May be he's hibernating away from this bloody awful March weather - will spring ever come? Lynda  
  13. Hi, Knowing it's always best to go with a recommendation, can anyone tell me of a good plumber within the Mortain/St Hilaire'Notre Dame du Touchet area? Thanks in advance. La Paix  
  14. Thanks, Val - I did wonder about that, knowing how fussy they are at the local tip with stuff being sorted.  No problem with where to put it, though, we've lots of space. Lynda
  15. Wow, that was quick - thanks Liz!
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