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  1. That might be very useful link, but I can't open, not the main page but the English pages which follow. Can you?
  2. In danger of being drummed out of the Brownies, have a look at the "Library" section on the Total France web site. Lots of recommendations most with reader reviews
  3. Since I was just about to post that, with reluctance, I was about to bail out becuase I couldn't stand the site structure any more, I am pleased and relieved. Thank you
  4. Last year we bought a large house in the Midi Pyrenees. It's being used a lot by the owners- a group of friends- but we intended to let it when It was not in use by us. We have created a pretty OK web site (I think) www.frenchescape.net- I'm not advertising; I'm looking for advice- and we have advertised on French Connections and Chez Nous, and in half a dozen free web sites. we have had 31 enquiries, of which 12 have for been for pre-booke times. NONE of the rent have turned into lets. Would you, of your kindness, please tell me what you think we might be doing wrong?
  5. Rob, it's always dangerous to cross legislative boundaries, but I am certain that the Working Time Directive does not allow this in the UK. Leave accrues as the year goes on.
  6. I've been lurking around here for a few months now, and think the site is a great resource. Thank you Living France. This is the first time I've come into this bit and it was because I'm finding it so hard to follow the threads. A quick glance has shown me this is not a new issue for you I have, however, a suggestion. I participate in a conference where ther "View" command gives an option to read the threads by reference (as they are shown here) or by date (as I and some others would obviously prefer). So what do you say, LF? Could it be done on the next upgrade?
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