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  1. Well You Tube is your friend. Though I have to say I don't think I would go to the trouble for such a small bird.
  2. Thanks Teapot. My neighbor briefed me fully about the what to and what NOT to do when using the powerful stuff. Yes, it was a dip where the pipe turned where water could sit. Every 15 months or so, natural soap scum, hair, etc. would collect, slowing the drain. It took only a tiny bit of the stuff to shift it onward. There were some years when we didn't need it, but it was not a one time and never again type of fix. UNBELIEVABLE, well maybe not. I would have been livid !
  3. Yep, Sulphuric Acid. Amazing stuff and yes, quite dangerous. When we had a major blockage of our bathtub drain in Bédoin, it was our dear French neighbors who told us about the stuff. And since their parents were the ones who built the house, she knew exactly where/how to tell me to use the 'stuff.' Worked like a charm. I'd have to use it about once every year or so to maintain clean flowing drains. It was a life saver. And, not one plumber we called out recommended it to us.
  4. Also happy to see you here Idun. I hope 2022 will bring improvement to your situation. Happy New Year to you all. Wishing us all good health and happiness throughout 2022.
  5. Lori


    Congrats !! Looks excellent.
  6. Sorry WB that you are feeling less 'festive' this Christmas. It has been such a strange year for everyone. I think it is totally within reason for any of us to feel out of sorts. We enjoyed a quiet Christmas. Daughter is here visiting, so that makes it nice. ALBF - I will be happy for you when you arrive in whatever 'happy' place you truly wish to be in. For us, we are extremely happy NOT to be in the USA. I'll be content not to ever set foot there again. So, ALBF, I can - somewhat - relate to your emotions.
  7. So pretty Lehaut. But, I'm shivering just looking at that photo.
  8. Yes, Happy Holidays to you all. May the coming year PLEASE bring us happier, safer and healthier times. Our bellies are full and we are not sick, so blessed we are...
  9. Lori


    More or less the same thing round here. So, we went to the Vaccine center in Camaret. No appointments accepted; just walk ins. Got there about 15 minutes before they opened. There were about 75 people ahead of us in line - outside in the bitter cold wind (at least no rain). We waited for about 50 minutes before we entered the building. By then, there were about 75 people in line behind us. All very organized. Got our boosters. No real problems. Sore arm and tired for the next 36 hours. My arm was sore and red for about 10 days. Much better now.
  10. Such a sad story. I see the photos of him with his sweet smile. Appears he had a very loving heart. It is so hard to imagine anyone being so cruel. As for the social services; it appears they are a waste of time. Shameful all the way around.
  11. Interesting article. I guess it will never really end. Will life EVER become 'normal' again? We'll be hunting down our 3rd dose this coming week.
  12. Lori


    Congrats ! It looks great. That is some hard work you've done. Hope the weather cooperates for you to do the joints.
  13. Yes, you can send messages to other members here. Top of screen, right side; click on the envelope and you will see a pop up that includes "Compose New." From there you can type in a member's forum name and type out a message to them. I have not done it yet, but can test it with you Idun. Will do so now.
  14. Have to agree with this one. I like to chew my foods not drink them. However, we did try a 3 day cleanse a year or so ago. I was surprised how good fresh spinach mixed with fresh fruits in a blender tasted. Perhaps it is a generational thing. Our daughter loves juicing.
  15. I would certainly support a clearer set of rules. When I read the rules / laws for hunting in this region (I presume it is similar in other regions), it was just a laugh. Other than the need to have a license, that was pretty much about it. Days of the week - right. If I understood the rules correctly, any property owner can hunt on his own property at any given time (any day of the week). The same property owner can allow other licensed hunters to hunt on his land on any given day, if he so chooses. I asked my neighbors here and they just said to avoid the vines (which is primarily what we are surrounded by) and to keep away from terrain with signs stating it is zoned for hunting. Those are just about everywhere round here. So, it seriously limits where we can walk outside of Summer. And we try to walk about 8kms every day. It does feel a bit weird to have to worry that your daily walk might get you killed.
  16. http://www.vaucluse.gouv.fr/IMG/pdf/20211004_arrete_prefectoral_equipements_vehicule_hiver_montagne-2.pdf
  17. Yep, saw that in the news yesterday. Have to remind self to get snow chains on next outing.
  18. And this is why I posted asking about hunting rules. We seriously modified our walking routes since the season began last month. https://www.bfmtv.com/societe/ille-et-vilaine-un-chasseur-interpelle-apres-la-blessure-par-balle-d-un-automobiliste_AD-202110310034.html
  19. Lori


    Looks very nice ! Lots of work there. You've done such a nice job.
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