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  1. Many thanks. HMRC can now have the pleasure of calculating my tax!!!


  2. Yes, it's ING fr - thanks for pointing that out; yes to French tax, but no to French resident.

    I got the forms in duplicate and the amount of interest received is shown under "Autre revenus (credit d'impot inclus)" No other figures (other than zero) are shown on the form. On opening the account, non-PLF was chosen. Can I assume I've been paid gross?




  3. Time to declare interest on savings with INF fr. I've had numerous forms from them showing how much interest they've paid me and one states "credit d'impot inclus", but nowhere is there any indication of how much tax has been deducted. Anyone know the rates, or know if it's tax free?



  4. Can anyone shed light on decisions made re TVA?



  5. I agree with everything TU has said. Something perhaps to do with the language barrier? We all read and understand the gloomy news in the UK and perhaps turn a blind eye to doom in France. Perhaps in the UK we've become accustomed to viewing a half empty cup because we understand and acknowledge the problems in the UK, whilst those in France have a half full cup because they don't acknowledge or understand the problems in France.

    Whatever the case, from recent experience I have become very disillusioned with all things French and am actively looking for alternative retirement prospects........in the UK!



  6. One of the advantages in France is that total income is used to calculate tax for the household and a married couple would constitute two "parts" (each qualifying for a tax free allowance).

    So as a rule of thumb:

    Gross income 30K = each part is taxed on 15K

    0% under 4262

    6.83% to 8382 = 281

    19.14% to 14753 = 1219

    28.26% on balanace = 70

    Total tax = 1570 per "part"

    Social charges = 10% income  (pensions and annuities are taxable after this deduction)

    There are different rates for purchased annuities where only a percentage is subject to tax (dependant on the age at which the annuity was purchased); and deductions for pensions paid by former employers (10% and a further 20% subject to minimums/maximums).

    PS - rates above are for 2003

  7. We completed on our maison secondaire in September 2004 and presumed any taxes for 2004 were dealt with in the completion statement.

    Our taxe fonciere (2005) arrived in September 05- posted to our UK address - and was duly paid.

    We've been expecting our tax de'habitation (other people in the village have received theirs) but nothing has arrived so far. On a recent visit we took advice from the Mairie and 'phoned the appropriate bureau d'impots who seem not to be aware of our existence! We had to give the name of the previous owner of the house before they could locate our property and they seemed to imply that nothing was due.

    I'm very happy not to pay any tax, but don't want to end up with unpaid tax bill + fine.

    To complicate matters, we're moving house soon within the UK and although we've sent a change of address letter to the impots, the references given were on the fonciere bill.

    Any ideas?


  8. It sounds as though the 600 euros a week was agreed to, but having seen the accommodation and facilities, it now appears to be expensive.

    If it was fairly advertised and has everything as described in the advert - perhaps some small discount could be given re the dishwasher - then the price is fair.


  9. As far as I'm aware the new regs for personal pensions (April 2006) will allow you to take up to 25% (in cash) of your fund, tax free, but only when you start taking your pension. That 25% if taken in France, is taxable.
  10. No........ I haven't read the whole thread although I WAS under the impression that adoption certificates could be freely obtained. If you want some expert (free) advice on this, subscribe to:

    [email protected]

    Send an email with "subscribe" in the heading and message body.

    Await your replies, then "unsubscribe" in the same way.



  11. Thank again Dave and Motorhead - we're trying to get quotes from two builders (in 24), I'll try and make sure their quotes conform to what you've described - or I'll get back to you and ask for more help. Hope that's okay.



  12. The muslim faith is surely one which encompasses a whole way of life. Because of this religious culture, can they ever fully integrate and/or do they want to?

    It's often been asked on these forums, to what extent is it necessary to integrate with the French way of life? After some debate on the meaning of "integrate", it's generally been agreed that provided you try to mix to some extent, live peaceable and within the law, it's very much up to the individual.

    But within how many faiths would "family honour" dictate ordering your sons to murder their sister's boyfriend?





  13. Thank Dave - that's very useful information. Any idea where I can get some basic ideas of how this 2 tank fosse system should be laid out? E.g. distance from house, size etc etc. Our builder is quoting for a new fosse and I'd like to reassure myself it's going to meet new regs.


  14. I've been told the external pipe has to be 40 cm above the ridge height of the roof.



  15. Will this two tank system, with sand filter, comform to the new regulations I've heard rumours about, for those who will not be connected to mains drainage in 2006?


  16. We've recently had a quote which includes architects fees of 6500 euros + TVA and a "special condition" specifying that if construction costs decrease, the fees remain the same, if construction costs increase, the fees go up!!!



  17. We are being asked by our architect to sign a contract which includes "Preliminary estimate of project cost at date of signing contract". The figures included are exactly as given on the architects original quote - which we negotiated downward in discussions with him but the revised figures have not been included in this contract. "Specific Conditions" state that the architect's fee cannot be revised unless construction costs increase.

    It seems strange to accept  "preliminary" costs but it's obvious that we will not get a final quote unless we sign this contract, by which time we'll be contractually obliged to accept!

    Any advice?


  18. Thanks for the input. I think Leslauriers is correct regarding the information from Gas. Benjamin's point re taxation advice is good and I'll be following up on this.

    Thanks again



  19. We've been advised to invest in a non income producing EU bond held in trust, which would be free from tax. Access to funds is by loans.

    I'd be interested to hear from anyone who has taken this course, specifically adequate management of funds, administration, costs both set-up and ongoing, and dissolution of trust should circumstances change.

    Many thanks



  20. I'm not looking for a social whirl but neither do I look forward to total isolation. Having spent three months in France over the summer contemplating our plans, we're still on target to retire there next year. But the advice of many Brits in France still rings in my ears "don't spend the winter here, it's far too cold. Much colder than UK".  This, more than anything else is making me reconsider.

    Are their comments justified for 24?






  21. From everything I've read about the terrorists, they have been recruited from within the Muslim community by extreme fundamentalists. As a democracy, we leave people to preach and practice as they wish, but surely the time has come when this can no longer be tolerated? Because of it's extremist elements, isn't it time to monitor what is practiced and what is preached? It may help save otherwise normal muslims from being brainwashed into becoming suicide bombers - and of course, their potential victims.

    This monitoring system is in use in other countries (e.g. Turkey) and is seen as essential and welcomed by an overwhelming majority. I've no idea how it could be done within our "democratic" system, but one way or the other, some drastic action is long overdue.


  22. Lots of good advice for you so far. One thing I'd add -  moving back to the UK may not solve your problems, unless the problems are location related, you'll take them with you.

    Good luck


  23. Nice website but I'd agree that your marketing needs a fix!

    You're focusing on the negative "not suitable for" and not the positive "ideal for...."

    If you're pushing the fishing line (pardon the pun), get an expert in to sort the lingo; photos of fish - on reel, landed and on BBQ. You could also promote the idea of "romantic getaway"; "ideal for couples" - anything other than no this or no that. "No smoking" can be somewhere in the small print.

    No more photos on the site or it'll take too long to load, but a gallery with links - inspired topics : sunset; sunrise; one man's fish is another mans poisson BBQ's cooking fish; tables set for meals with wine (& flower). Some imagination is called for.

    Good luck



  24. 1992 Honda Prelude - 3rd party for 369 euros.

    Perhaps it's time LF had their own insurance advisor, to advise us of the best rates.




  25. Thanks Les -

    "Don't worry about it, as soon as you get your carte grise send a copy of it and a copy of your original UK registration document to Swansea to tell them your vehicle has been permanently exported."

    That's a great relief - have enough to worry about here as we've mislaid the e-ticket for our ferry crossing on Thursday   MOH is frantically searching


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