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  1. Hi All Hope someone can help.  We are due to fly out to Spain on 14th December (my birthday so please feel sorry for me ) and have stupidly left it too late to book our usual Kennels (Acorn). Does anybody know of a house sitter or good kennels around the 53,35,50 areas for 14th to 18th December). Thanks in advance Annabell
  2. I have a 2 bed apartment available in 66 at St Cyprien overlooking the lagoon if your'e interested, pm me Annabell
  3. Please someone help Ellie and Emma, she's doing a brilliant job at the kennels / cattery and has already taken on another two cats, plus Monty (bless him). If I didn't have 3 of my own I would help, but you know what mine are like!! Coco, Sonny and Ruby, will see you in a couple of weeks. Annabell  
  4. Does anybody know of any boot sales coming up around 53, 35 or 50. Cheers
  5. Annabell

    Lonely Sheep

    I  have a lonely Jacobs Sheep which has lost his mate and is now looking for a new home. He's got a great personality but we don't want to get another mate for him as we got so upset when he died. If anybody wants him, please let me know.
  6. So sorry to hear of your loss. We bought our two cats over for a trial period one xmas before we moved over in the following March. Unfortunately, one was killed by the dogs behind.  She just didn't know what trees were for, coming from London.  We spent weeks feeling guilty, but at the end of the day, all we wanted for them was a better life. She's now buried in our garden, with a lovely headstone, so she's always here with us.  But we decided to leave the other cat behind with our Son as i couldn't have gone through it again.
  7. Just to let you know (as i'm getting quite a few PM's) that the puppies have now all been rehomed.
  8. We've never had a problem with car hire at Dinard, nor have any of our friends, even if we have been delayed.  Best thing to tell your friends is that when they land, one waits for the luggage (which takes forever) and one go and get the car.  Always works for us.
  9. If anybody is interested please PM me.  We're on the borders of 53, 35 and 50
  10. I've just had an email informing me that my crossing on wednesday night has been cancelled due to industrial action!!!
  11. If anybody would like a black labrador puppy, please send me a pm.
  12. The guy from Visit France keeps on phoning me to see if i want to now subscribe.  I explained to him that although I get lots of enquiries, nobody has actually booked.  I became a little suspicious because after each phone call I get about 10 enquries. I dont think I'll bother subscribing to them.
  13. I helped my Mother in Law find a house in Dinan, just a 5 minute walk from the centre in November 2003.  A few weeks ago we went and had lunch with her and she'd also invited the immobilier around too.  Over lunch we were chatting about house prices and he said that it was already worth about 80,000 euros more than it was in 2003, so I think yes, its probably a good investment.  Good luck with it, Dinan is lovely.
  14. Funny enough, the Labrador we bought here last year was called Voyou but we renamed him Sonny.  Our other lab is also called C o c o. Our neighbour explained that Voyou meant gangster, is that correct? Thanks for the ideas though!!
  15. We bought through A Place in France (wasn't a leaseback but they do have them.  They were really helpful every step of the way www.aplaceinfrance.co.uk They are agents for the French builders but if you look at their site you can read it in English. http://www.georgev.net/index.asp
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