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  1. [quote user="cassis"][quote user="Benjamin"][quote user="cooperlola"] I have a feeling that g/p is French, Benjamin. [/quote] Well aware, hence the    [6] [/quote] I thought GP was German but had lived a long time in France?  Come on, GP!  [:)] [/quote]   I thought he was half english half French but had lived and worked in Germany ,has never been to the UK and has only recently(in the past 5 or so years)  arrived in France
  2. [quote user="Âme"] One other thing, Grecian. Regarding the E121, there is an important difference to reimbursements, depending on whether it was issued for 'invalidity' or for 'old age'.  Perhaps somebody would quickly (but gently) correct me if I'm wrong about this, but as far as I know this applies to all E121's issued for invalidity.  If your partner has an E121 in her own name, issued for invalidity then all treatments are reimbursed 100%. (i.e. not just for a particular ALD but all treatments)  A piggy-backer, like me, or someone with an E121 issued for 'old age' (that's what the E121 says, not my words!) gets the normal 70%-ish reimbursed. [/quote]   An interesting point and perhaps could do with clarification. My understanding is that an E121 issued for invalidity covers not only the person to whom it was issued 100% for everything but it also covered 100% the piggy backer(if that is the right word).Perhaps I am wrong.  
  3. I am puzzled I put an advert on a  site where British look, advertising a car for sale. I gave the make, model, year,  kilometers colour , ie a full description. I was asked for a photograph. I was puzzled because people should know what a particular make and model look like. Then I advertised stone from a barn demolition to be given away free. Someone asked for a photo of my pile of stone[:-))] The limit was when I advertised an ironing board. Yes you have guessed Someone wanted a photo.[:@] Not only that but I put my location ie town , where I live and people say "" We live in XXXXX and do not know where YYY is .Can you tell us how far you are from us.   
  4. [quote user="Grecian"] Well, I will ignore the response from Boiling a frog, as obviously he/she is either very rude, or just a bit weird, and needs to get out more. At this point I would like to thank anybody who took the trouble to answer my query with constructive responses. If I am permitted to ask some more 'thick' questions, then I would like to continue with this thread. This morning we received our attestion, although it was delivered to next door, as CPAM put the wrong number in the address. We went along to our local CPAM office, but there were about 20 people waiting, so we will try again tomorrow. What happens now regarding obtaining our CV's? When we first went to our local CPAM office we offered our passport photos, but he said later. At this stage nobody has any photographs of us, to put on our CV's. Can we expect to receive another form to fill in for our CV's, and then enclose the photos with that form. Or has something gone badly wrong? Also, could somebody shed some light on how we fill out our medecin traitant form please, we have had it filled out and stamped by our doc (on the same day as we discussed my wife's ALD incidentally), it is just the bit we have to fill in I am not too sure about. We have only received one attestion with both our names on it, so on the medecin traitant form where it reads: L'assuré(e) do we enter my wife's name, and then where it says: Le bénéficiaire do I enter my name? Or do we both have to fill out a medecin traitant form, if that is the case then I am totally confused who's name goes where. [/quote]   You do appear not to be aware of how the system works, so why is it that I am rude or weird, kindly explain.
  5. [quote user="Clair"]I watched it on CNN too. The Beeb lacked something and Sky... well it's Sky, innit! Found this about the speech: Words of history ... crafted by 27-year-old in Starbucks[/quote] I watched on BBC Were they having different versions depending on what channel one was watching on [8-)]
  6. Same here in the Charente, major  oak supplier for the whole of Europe and the cut oak is watered.
  7. Looking at previous posts the OP only registered with CPAM via an E121 in the middle of November. Having said that he does seem to be rather confused about the health system if his other posts are anything to go by. If he is not yet in receipt of an attestation /social security number from CPAM confirming his entry into the French system then he will have to pay the full price for any medication. He cannot register his wifes ALD because he is not in the system, in fact it appears that he has not asked the doctor for the ALD notification Perhaps someone needs to talk him thro the system from begining to end.
  8. There is the small[:@]matter of some 1300 French sailors being killed. No wonder the French do not see it that way.
  9. If the tank is not firing at you or anyone else [8-)]why not
  10. I see that the peaceloving Government of Gaza(Hamas) are not responding in kind to the unilateral declaration of a cease fire by the Isralies. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/7835794.stm
  11. [quote user="master of none"] Thank you for the resposes, ideally I am looking for personal recommendations as I have been quoted some very silly prices! [/quote]   My reply was based on your post which I have quoted above. Generally speaking if you obtain several quotes ,which you appear to have done, and they are all expensive(in your opinion) then the people are quoting the going rate. If you are looking for a cheaper price the only route that I can see you being able to take is the ex pat with a large caravan transporter who is willing to do it for cash ,no questions asked. As I pointed out there are not many if any of them about and even less change in the tight area where you are seeking someone. This is the general way that people proceed when faced with ,in their opinion, extortionate devis for building work ie. An ex pat working on the black. That is why I made my comments.  
  12. I suspect that what the OP is looking for is some Ex pat ,possibly working on the black willing to do it for a couple of hundred euros. Unfortunately I doubt if there are many, if any, ex pats,  with a specialised transporter for mobile homes , who  are just sitting twiddling their thumbs waiting for the OP to offer them a couple of hundred euros.
  13. [quote user="Bugbear"] I certainly have no bias, but I am struggling with the shooting, at close range,  yesterday of an old woman (in the head) and a young girl (in the thigh) by a israeli tank machine gun when they were leaving a building under a white flag having been asked to leave by the israelis. This is not propaganda and has been verified by independant sources. Gary. [/quote]   That was your first statement, pretty unequivical, this incident happened, it has been verified   Then you change your mind when I quote BBC news You now say Not first hand knowledge BoF, thats a silly thing to say, but given the two comments below together with the surgeons statement on the news last night, I know which version I'm leaning towards. So now you are not quite as certain [8-)]
  14. [quote user="Scooby"][quote user="Boiling a frog"] Bearing in mind that these claims have not been verified and to continue with the scenario Several people are lobbing rocks from your neighbours garden  into your garden damaging your house and narrowly missing your dog who could have been killed by a large rock.You cannot use your garden for fear of being injured......+And so it continues. Perhaps one day the English person and his neighbour will be able to talk to one another but in the meantime each insist they are only defending themselves.  [/quote] Seems to miss the point that you hadn't lived in the house for long...you squatted and threw the previous residents (your neighbour's entire family) out of the house onto the streets, despite the fact they had lived in that house for generations.  Then you tried to do the same with your neighbour - so you could have a bigger garden.  That's why your neighbour started throwing stones. [/quote] Our ancestors lived on the land where our house is now built until they were driven out by ancestors of our neighbour in approx 628 AD  and they then took over our land. In 1948 we negotiated with the maire and the maire came up with a plan .He decided that the land should be divided with our now neighbours being allowed to keep part of  the land  and with us regaining some of  our original land. We agreed to this proposal.The neighbours did not but with the agreement of the Maire we occupied our land. Since then there has been occasional skirmishes with our neighbors but we have always won.     So the picture you paint is not factually correct Scooby, we did not throw them out into the street we did not squat, we came to an agreement with the Maire to only occupy part of our land but our neighbours wanted to keep all the land that they stole many generations ago.
  15. [quote user="Bugbear"]http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7828536.stm Of course there are some who would probably need to stick their fingers in the wounds before believing that this happened. . [/quote]   Did you read the full report and see this bit Israel is denying access to Gaza for international journalists and human rights monitors, so it is not possible to verify the accounts. B'tselem said it had been unable to corroborate the testimony it had received, but felt it should be made public. Journalists and B'tselem are unable to verify that it happened but Bugbear obviously has first hand knowledge of these events  
  16. Bearing in mind that these claims have not been verified and to continue with the scenario Several people are lobbing rocks from your neighbours garden  into your garden damaging your house and narrowly missing your dog who could have been killed by a large rock.You cannot use your garden for fear of being injured.  You try speaking to them but are told to f##k  off. You go on a forum and ask what to do. Go to the Mairie ,they are duty bound to solve the problem say most of the forum members Some of the forum members say go and talk ,invite them round for a drink or a cup of tea. You try that but are told by them that you are foreigners and you should go back to where you came from .putting up house prices and their children cannot afford houses .They continue lobbing rocks. Some of the forum members tell you to lob rocks back at them ,go round to their house with several of your mates and sort them out. You ,having failed with the cup of tea go to the Mairie who promises to go and talk to the neighbours but does point out that you are English so can expect some resentment. Some time later the rocks are still being hurled ,but you notice that the lorries delivering the rocks are gaining access via your  private lane over which your neighbours do have a right of way . You decide, being a reasonable person and not wishing to go round with your mates and sort them out, decide to block off your private lane so that your neighbours cannot get rocks delivered. In the meantime the Maire reports back and says that all your neighbours want is for you to leave your house and then they will stop lobbing stones.He also mentions that the blocking of your road is illegal because your neighbours have a right of way and he insists that you remove the blockage. By this time you are confused, it appears that the authorities are casting you as being totally in the wrong. You discover that your neighbours have managed to get round your blockade by persuading their French neighbours to allow them to cross their land to gain access to their property. They tell them it is to bring home their shopping but you keep watch and realise that they are smuggling in large boulders disguised as Bayonne ham This continues for several months  with the situation not getting any better. The commune elections come along and your neighbour and several of his family are elected onto the council and then your neighbour(Front National)  is elected Mayor. The situation then gets worse, with a constant barrage night and day of rocks,  with huge posters erected saying English out  and a campaign of harassment mounted against you by the Mayor and his family. Eventually you decide that enough is enough and along with a large number of friends go next door and beat the sh##e out of your neighbours and tell them that there is more to come if they do not stop. Your neighbours complain to the gendarmes because you have mistakenly beaten up several people who were allegedly  at your neighbours house purely by chance and who when interviewed said that they did not really like the Maire but he had invited them round for a party and they didn't like to refuse. So you go back onto the forum and update the members and ask for advice. What you get is a slagging off for attacking your neighbours and lots of the pink fluffies saying Oh dear my heart goes out to those poor people and other such banalities. +And so it continues. Perhaps one day the English person and his neighbour will be able to talk to one another but in the meantime each insist they are only defending themselves.     
  17. Formula 1 only allow one dog per room at 3€
  18. Do not worry The flights will have no wish to make a fleeting landing in England so your daughters are safe
  19. http://www.ryanair.com/site/EN/news.php?yr=09&month=jan&story=rte-en-140109   Starting End of March Edinburgh to Limoges and Poitiers  [:D]
  20. [quote user="Iceni"]   Most of us have to buy food in the country in which we live. John  [/quote]   You are quite correct but some lucky people have houses in more than one country so buy food in the country they happen to be in at that point in time. So making a comparison is relevant to them . Unless we now have self appointed  relevance police who decide what is relevant
  21. What you need is a TV buy in France or the UK makes little difference unless you suddenly develop an overpowering desire to watch French TV in which case better buying one in France Buy a Sky plus box from Ebay or the like. Change your LNB on your sattelite dish for a 2 or 4 exit LNB (this with your Sky plus box will allow you to watch one programme while recording another. http://www.radioandtelly.co.uk/satellite.html Gives an explanation. Any DVD player connected properly will allow you to watch a DVD while recording a TV programme.
  22. Instead of going thro your list of question . In simple terms If you wish to watch UK television in France none of the items mentioned in your orginal post are suitable for the purpose.  
  23. [quote user="Will"] I didn't get one either, but it's so long since I posted at that other forum (if that's the one you mean) that I am probably automatically banned. I did, a little while ago though, make sure my details there were still current just in case anybody wanted to get in touch. However, I went there and found a copy of the message that they say is being sent out. I found it so over-long, pompous and junior-schoolmasterish that even if I did use that forum I would give up forthwith. Surely everbody using a forum like that is an adult and does not need to be told, in such a manner, how to behave. It makes the code of conduct etc here (which I consider to be a bit over-stringent) look positively liberal. It was too long to want to read in any detail, but I didn't see any Daily Mail references [:)]   [/quote] I have to agree .I have not posted on that forum for some time ever since Admin spoke down to me as if I was a naughty child and refused to accept that they were even in the slightest bit  wrong.
  24. A certain other forum seems ,once again, to be running into difficulty. The pink fluffy people who frequent  that forum are actually rather nasty bullies and an E mail has been sent to everyone on that forum warning them about their conduct.
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