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  1. [quote user="LEO"]Hi Carole, try http://www.campingfrance.com/index.jsp?lg=uk not just municipal ,but if you put in your criteria you will eliminate the campings with "bells and whistles" Kind regards, Leo [/quote]   I could have sworn I gave that link yesterday [Www][;-)][:D]  I must learn to type larger [kiss]
  2. Sorry your majesty [:-))] Your humble servant will now spend several hours on the internet searching for your aforementioned criteria . or You could do it yourself Try http://www.campingfrance.com/index.jsp?lg=uk  
  3. Try googling Caravan sites France   At the last count there were approx 15000 touring sites in France
  4. [quote user="ali-cat"] Not usually my favourite journalist - but an interesting theory : http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/columnists/robert-fisk/robert-fisk-for-the-truth-about-lockerbie-look-to-tehran-and-damascus-ndash-not-tripoli-14463453.html Mr Cat   [/quote]   Not one shred of evidence produced ,but if one throws enough muck some of it is bound to stick.
  5. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.(apart from the theory that the Masons are behind the release)   It is impossible to BOIL anything in oil.[:-))] One fries things in OIL. One boils things in water or milk.
  6. What Gadaffi's son actually said was that Tony Blair, back in 2007 , brought up the subject of Megrahi when they were discussing trade deals. It was around this time that Tony also signed an agreement about prisoner exchanges between the UK and Libya . However Tony forgot that it was not up to him to release Megrahi under this exchange scheme, but the Scottish Justice Minister, who by this time was SNP. The SNP justice secretary at that time was understandably upset at this deal and  Alex Salmond told Tony what he thought of the deal in no uncertain terms. It should be noted that there is no love lost between Tony Blair ,some of the Labour party , and the SNP. That was why Kenny Macaskill made a point the other day about Megrahi not being released under the prisoner exchange scheme. Megrahi is terminally ill (unless one subscribes to a conspiracy theory that he is not) and was released on compassionate grounds, just like another 23 prisoners in Scottish jails who have been released on compassionate grounds in recent years. He applied a year ago and was turned down because his life expectency was greater than the recommended 3 months for compassionate release. The Scottish Justice Secretary was in a no win situation , no matter what he decided., but he decided ,in my view, to show humanity and release Megrahi.    
  7. After Lockerbie bomber's return, silence in Libya Post edited by the moderators as content is under copyright.
  8. A recently departed member of this forum thinks that it is all a masonic conspiracy and that there is nothing wrong with Mr Al Megrahi.[:@]   These views are expressed on a forum whch is "" a very nice place"" and not ""  like Complete France where mods are so biased that they pull any thread that gives views they do not like, and allow personal threats and even whole threads designed to personally mock/bully people. Sad and pathetic.""   Unfortunatly that particular forum where she expresses these views  has pulled the subject of Mr megrahi,s release because it might upset some people [:(]  
  9. Simple solution to all these problems.   Learn French , or at least enough to complain.
  10. Tony, Judith is quite right If you are receiving health care via a E106 then it is the UK who issues the EHIC not France. That has been the case for several years (at least since 2002 when I applied).
  11. I know I am stating the obvious but ,ask your assurance, they are the ones to tell you, every assurance coy have different terms
  12. Suggest you ask http://hcilondon.in/outsourcevisa.php or apply here http://www.vfs-in-fr.com/
  13. Yes because I will never flounce off ,I will only stop posting when I die. [:P][:D]
  14. [quote user="TWINKLE"][quote user="Boiling a frog"] Odile seems to have got under many peoples skin ,a troublemaker perhaps, a lovely person perhaps, can we not just give it a rest     [/quote] Apparently not. Maybe one day someone will make a thread in YOUR honour[:)] [/quote]   Perhaps but it will be an in memorandum
  15. Odile seems to have got under many peoples skin ,a troublemaker perhaps, a lovely person perhaps, can we not just give it a rest    
  16. I am saying and doing nothing [:P]
  17. [IMG]http://i437.photobucket.com/albums/qq100/cocoduchessbirds7/FROGLASTWORD.jpg[/IMG]
  18. [quote user="Christine Animal"] Boiling a Frog, can't you get the message?   Please don't answer!   Frenchie non plus.  Please, laisse tomber, c'est pas la peine.     [/quote]   Have I answered [8-)] Why bring it up again Christine ,it is you who is raising this subject this time [:'(]
  19. [quote user="Cat"] I suspect that all (well most) of what has been posted on this thread (and others in the same vein) is well intentioned. Please let's not forget though that even though Odlie is no longer posting here, she may well be following these threads.  Being unable to respond makes it all rather unfair, both on Odile and on the moderators.  We do step in when people are submitted to unrelenting bullying.  I myself have helped some of the people contributing to this thread (and the others) in the past with such matters, and I know that the other mods have done the same. Whatever people's perceptions of this particular situation, I think it is only fair that we take the advice offered by JayJay, and let this one rest now.  Odile's friends wouldn't want to see her offended any more than she already is, and those not counting themselves in that number should perhaps think twice before contributing to prolonging the drama. [/quote]   And perhaps Odiles friends should consider what they are posting so as not to prolonge the drama.
  20. Aye sure [;-)] You would say that   And you know for certain that she panicked etcetc ,did she phone you, or were you one of the guests at her house that night[:D]   I have a different theory
  21. [quote user="Frenchie"][quote user="Weedon"] [quote user="buelligan"]For what it's worth, I feel quite strongly that the posting should have been deleted immediately.  I read it all and was sickened by the pleasure that some posters appeared to gain from upsetting and bullying other members.  It was absolutely clear that the person in question believed that her details had been revealed and that, to me, is the salient fact. [:D][/quote] Which is why I posted a story about bullying in the hope that it would bring a halt to what I thought was becoming a sort of feeding frenzy against a person whose main fault was not knowing when to stop. In my naivety I did think her details had been revealed. [/quote] Sorry to bring it back to the top of the page , but yes, she really thought her details were being shown + the " We know where you are "  made her lose control and panic. What seems wrong to me is that some  people  take a sadistic pleasure in upsetting others, and push them beyond their limits. To me, there was bullying.   [/quote]   How do you know that she really thought her details were being shown etc. ? No one really  knows what is going thro another persons mind, especially when the person concerend could be sitting several hundred miles away in front of an inanimate object, typing something onto a machine, not even speaking to anyone and very possibly not even known personally to the other participants
  22. [quote user="Weedon"] I am not surprised, sometimes when I read them back I wonder what I was on about. You have said many times that it is not possible for anybody to obtain our details and you clearly believe this, it may be that I am just a silly old duffer but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that it is possible to do so. Here I am afraid I must lapse into my normal mode.  If what you say is true why do up to 20 people a day write to tell me that my wossname is too small and would benefit from some kind of supplement, I thought that only I knew that?  [/quote]   I think what Clair said was that in this instance Odiles personal details were not revealed to anyone except herself, which is a bit different from what you are saying. I have no doubt that you can be traced, after all you have signed up to an internet provider who had your details. That is how people can track you down
  23. On another French Forum there are a couple of posters who reveal the most intimate and amazing details, not only about themselves but also about family members, ranging from daughters medical problems to their sisters racist views. One could practically write a book about their life from the details revealed. However what was bizarre was that someone had the temerity to bring up a couple of facts about the person, posted by them the day before, and all hell broke loose, with people accusing the other person  of prying into their life, and revealing personal details. I could  not understand where they were coming from ,after all if you do not want people to know personal information do not write it on the internet for all to see. [8-)]
  24. I think the whole point is this. Yes Odile saw a post which puported to show her ISP number and location and with the words ""We know where you are"" She allegedly saw this as a threat and complained . Shortly thereafter ,and perhaps a MOD who has access to the thread can confirm exact timings,she was told that this was a joke, that only she could see her details. I personally up to that point was rather confused because when I saw the post it showed my ISP address etc so I wondered why Odile was getting upset at a post  showing my ISP address. However after the explaination giver by Jayjay, I believe, I realised that it was a joke. However Odile continued to complain, even the following day when it had been explained to her and everyone else what the true situation was. We could continue with this debate about the rights and wrongs of the situation ad infinitum but with the thread being removed I think it should be dropped because we are not going to get anywhere.
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