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  1. I used to answer the same questions every day for well on nigh 35 years. If I had told them to go and find the answer for themselves I suspect I would not be in receipt of the pension I now have. It takes more effort to moan about people not doing research than to answer the question.
  2. I found the article rather amusing in a funny kind of way
  3. Can i suggest that you visit the GAL supermarche.
  4. That is logical why would anyone want more than 1 septic tank for their residence principal? You are wanting 2, one of which will become another dwelling house otherwise there is no point in having another septic tank, The French are not stupid ,and they do not generally put in a septic tank for a store room, only for a dwelling house,hence their reluctance to fund your project.
  5. I have to disagree with you. You have a house ,your residence principal and you can have various outbuildings which comprise your residence principal. However, as soon as you turn one of the other outbuildings into a dwelling that particular building is no longer part of your residence principal. You need a complying fosse for your house but you do not need a fosse for an outbuilding however you would need a fosse for another dwelling house, but that would not be part of your residence principal. Why would you receive what in effect is a grant to put in a fosse for a store room .I suspect the bank suspects you are trying to obtain a 0 % loan for something which you will then either sell on or use as a gite.
  6. If you read my first reply ,an eco pret is only for your maison principal, not for any other building which happen to be situated on land that you own and which is not even a house at the moment
  7. Just a thought. Eco prets are only available for ones maison principal. So assuming one house is your maison principal that would qualify. The other house? is not your maison principal so cannot qualify for the loan. Or is the other building not a house,if not again it does not qualify?
  8. Taking a couple of minutes to make a clear and simple reply is preferably to suggest doing a search. I prefer that approach, perhaps you prefer another.
  9. In view of the rather unhelpfull replies(do a search,this has been answered before etc) I will try and spell it out simply. You should NOT be taxed in the UK on your State(oald age) pension. You should be taxed in France on this. You are ,at the moment being taxed in the UK via a tax code adjustment. In order to sort out this problem you need to complete a France Individual form http://search2.hmrc.gov.uk/kb5/hmrc/forms/view.page?record=mqpUQnAtx50&formId=975 http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/cnr/france-individual.pdf You then take this form along with this years tax return to your local tax office Eventually ( can take several months)you will receive notification from the UK that your tax code has been altered back up so that you are not taxed on your OAP in the UK and you will receive a refund of excess tax paid. In regards to the French tax return You complete Sec VI on 2047 in respect of the teachers pension (Gross) You complete Sec 1 Pensions on 2047 in respect of the OAP pension. Complete Sec 1AS/1BS on 2042(total of all pensions Gross) Complete Sec 8TK in respect of your teachers pension. I must say that your accountant is pretty crap if he did not understand that you pay tax in France on an OAP(state) pension)
  10. Credit Agricole is covered by the EU Deposit Guarantee Scheme up to 100000€ http://europa.eu/rapid/pressReleasesAction.do?reference=MEMO/10/318&format=HTML&aged=0&language=EN&guiLanguage=en
  11. [quote user="betty"] If you read my post again, I said “the yanks refused to believe that Scotland was part of the UK” This was not about the Scottish legal system but purely a matter of general knowledge. So, contrary to your beliefs the yanks were not up to speed…. Incidentally, ACPO Criminal Records Office for the UK covers England, N.Ireland, Wales, UK Armed Forces and Scotland.[/quote] Better than being told that Scotland is part of England ,or that Scots are really just English with a funny accent.
  12. [quote user="betty"]and it's free, unlike the UK who charge about £80.00 BTW, when I applied, the yanks refused to believe that Scotland was part of the UK, so if you lived there for 6+ months you may have the same problem.[/quote] Simple reason, Scotland has a separate legal system and a separate Criminal Records office, so the Yanks are up too speed.
  13. Did the broker ever ask for documents from you proving your address(an EDF bill for instance) and proof of identity.? That is a requirement to register a car in France. You could always try to reregister it yourself by using a coy such as http://www.cartegrise-enligne.com/achat-carte-grise.php You will need documentation from the broker proving you have bought the vehicle,as well as the usual proof of ID proof of address etc.
  14. But he didn't say "" Thank you so terribly much old chap, you are a spiffing chap""
  15. Are steak pies not already cooked? one only reheats them
  16. If you do a search on http://www.booking.com/ you can search for hotels that take dogs. There are 8 listed for Taragonna.
  17. Snap, altho the tax office will accept the France individual form they will not process it until you submit a tax return showing the income you are trying to get paid gross in the UK. Some NHS pensions are classified as Government pensions and are taxed in the UK, some are not. The UK tax will tell you which you have
  18. http://chauffage.comprendrechoisir.com/comprendre/comparatif_chauffage_combustion_electrique_energie_renouvelable
  19. http://www.acs-ami.com/fr/lps/assistant-de-selection-v3?part=acs-adwords&a_bid=d65f1fb0&chan=code29&gclid=CKvo0tuRgLACFY8PfAodQ1_uFQ http://www.planetassur.com/comparateur/assurance-voyage?gclid=CPvl946SgLACFSghtAod3WAlcA
  20. The rules Liquids carried in the aircraft cabin such as drinks, toothpaste, cosmetic creams or gels must be carried in a transparent plastic bag - maximum capacity 1 litre - and no container may hold more than 100 ml. Liquid containers larger than 100 ml must be placed in checked baggage. The volume restriction does not apply to medicines and baby food..
  21. He is probably trying it on with the stupid foreigners. In my experience many French ,especially in rural communities, seem to think that if a piece of land is just lying there it is acceptable to take it over ,especially if it has absentee owners who are foreign . I would hot foot it to the offending farmer and explain in precise terms that it is not acceptable.
  22. I have the same problem This is what I do. I know what I receive every month net(tax paid) into my French Bank account (in euros) I know what my monthly pension is gross in sterling,and my net pension approx. I simply calculate the pound to euro rate I receive every month then take the gross pension every month(in sterling) and multiply by the aforesaid exchange rate . AS the old age pension is received gross there is no problem with that one just declares the full amount received I have worked out an average of 1.15€ to the pound.
  23. There is a card slot, cunningly disguised behind a flap. Perhaps when you obtained the said box the card was already in place http://www.planetecsat.com/notices/Strong_SRT6420.pdf
  24. Private pension goes in form 2047 sec 1 pensions etc gross then transferred to AS/BC on 2042 Govt pension goes in form 2047 gross sec 1 pensions etc and also sec VI to get the tax credit It then is transferred to 2042 Sec AS/BS and also Sec TK You can always right on the form that you are the holder of an S1 so not subject to social charges on those incomes.
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