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  1. The code 70 under code gestion does not identify you as a UK citizen, it is only a code to say you are under a social security regime from an EU country ,not France.
  2. Code 70 means it is a licence exchanged for a licence originating in another country, in this case Great Britain hence 70GB. The social security no starts with a code 1 for males code 2 for females followed by year and month of birth then the department number where you were born or 99 in the case where you were born outside of France followed by a country identifier ,Code 132 in the case of the UK. I can see no mention of a code 70 to identify UK citizns .
  3. I see the armchair experts are making pronouncements again ,giving us their incisive views.
  4. Several thousand, otherwise the British public would say they they were never there when needed.
  5. I think you are doing your usual muddying of the waters by overcomplicating a fairly simple situation. To the OP Try the FFCCC they offer caravan assurance.
  6. You have misunderstood, great one. I buy a caravan, I tell the assurance coy ,they add the caravan onto the assurance certificate ,quoting the Reg No. It is then added, I do not need to tell them every time I want to go somewhere towing it. That would be plain silly. They told me I am covered third party and the Caravan make model and reg no appears on my car insurance documents and is stated on the policy. So I have a tendancy to believe them rather than some alleged expert on a forum. As it is I have separate assurance for the caravan that covers the caravans,the contents, recovery,flood,theft vandalism tempest .etc and I have a certificate of assurance butI do not pose the vignette on the caravan.
  7. I insure my caravan with Mutuelle de Poitiers ,fully comp, cost 198€ I spoke as a caravaner ,having asked the same questions as you have and was looked at in puzzlement when I asked if the vignette had to be shown on the caravan,and exactly what is required/not required.I was informed that my car insurance covered third party risks caused by the caravan while towing as long as I had informed them. Perhaps other companies are different. Perhaps try the FEDERATION FRANCAISE DE CAMPING ET DE CARAVANING . I know they offer caravan assurance
  8. There is no requirement for a caravan in France to have separate insurance but there is a requirement to have third party risks. You inform your insurance coy that you intend towing a caravan . This is added onto your car insurance certificate. However "THIS ONLY COVERS THE CARAVAN FOR DAMAGE CAUSED BY TO TO A THIRD PARTY. It does not cover any damage caused to your caravan. If you have separate insurance there is no need to display the vignette. Caravan insurance in France is relatively cheap. Fully comp insurance is around the 200€ mark. I doubt if the Caravan and Camping Club will insure a risk situated in another country.
  9. I do not think there are any restaurants actually inside the town park(where the major concerts are held) but Cognac has plenty of places to eat near to the park.There is a Mcdonalds nearby. I will report back as I am off to see T |Jones tonight.
  10. [quote user="AnOther"]This is about a week old news and we'll be claiming ours in due course ! [/quote] So wehy wise one did you not publish this before.
  11. Apparently a new ruling from the EU will mean that ex pats will be eligible even if they left the UK before being entitled. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/politics/4398847/All-OAP-expats-can-claim-200-winter-fuel-payout-after-Strasbourg-ruling.html
  12. So, just how do the "others" prevent the attack? . I am fully aware that people are threatened all the time and that the current process cannot /does not protect them, but apart from locking up the perp without any due legal process there is only a certain amount that can be done. What do you suggest, apart from some sort of draconian law where the alleged victim only has to say that the person is threatening them and the perp is immediately locked up on suspicion and is never released.
  13. Reading not entirely between the lines what you really want is for this person, without so much as due process to be locked up and the key thrown away. This will not happen because , fortunately, there's due legal process in the UK,so she needs to think how to solve the situation, not by making everyone responsible,because that does not solve the situation. She needs to take positive action, as I have already said, if she is in so much fear of her life then these unavoidable commitments pale into insignificance compared to being killed. This is where I am talking about a negative attitude, every suggestion that has been made has been rejected for a reason which is not substantial in relation to the alleged threat to kill. I gave a link to a personal defence spray which is totally legal. I suspect that will also be rejected for some reason.
  14. It is all very well stating that all and sundry will be held responsible, but the person who is responsible is the person who is issuing the threats. The Police cannot sit with the person 24/24 unless there is positive proof that an attack is imminent and I do not quite see what an MP or anyone else can do. There have been several rather good suggestions on this thread, but the OP seems to have adopted a rather negative dismissive attitude to these suggestions rather than being positive and proactive. The person needs to have witnesses to these threats, that is a simple matter of fact before the police can arrest and prosecute. Tape recording conversations is one method, always having someone with you, the police have specialists who can advise, but ultimately the target of the harassment needs to take positive action. Perhaps something like this http://www.c-p-p.co.uk/farbgel-criminal-identifier-defence-spray Protection from Harassment Act 1997 deals with the situation
  15. Many years ago a Tontine was only any good if the value of the property was below approx 77000€. This was because inheritance tax was payable ,even between husband and wife and that was the tax free limit. Now there is no inheritance tax between husband and wife so there is no property price limits.
  16. The rules appear to have changed and working in one country but living in another now allows you to have 2 health cards, one for each country. Your dependants will onle have one card ,ie where they live. http://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/work/cross-border-worker/social-security/index_en.htm To answer the question a friend of mine went to Limoges to have a spinal operation as the Doctor did not rate either Angouleme or Bordeaux
  17. Perhaps I am misunderstanding but if you are working in the UK you are covered by the NHS. Only your family are covered under the French health care system by means of an S form. If that is correct then you need to obtain permission from the NHS to have the operation carried out in France. http://www.nhs.uk/NHSEngland/Healthcareabroad/plannedtreatment/Pages/Introduction.aspx gives you the info on how to apply, what the refund proceedure is etcetc.
  18. I assume from your outrage that it is based on the fact that the person who refused treatment did so for religious reasons or do you think that no one should have the right to refuse treatment of any kind?
  19. I have heard that some tax offices are asking for a copy of the S1 to prove one is not a la charge of the French SS system This seems to have come about this year because of a change in the way social charges are now collected and how income liable to these charges are now declared on the tax form
  20. Not really bizarre. Just a common French practice called" "making it up as you go along"
  21. http://resistancefrancaise.blogspot.fr/2011/10/laffaire-de-javerlac-24-juillet-1944.html http://www.brillgallery.com/articles_afees_s05.html
  22. Superb programme this evening on ITV "All the queens horses"
  23. . If I "tune in" to a website, I usually look at the FAQs before asking a question. Isn't this normal? I doubt it, I have never looked at the FAQs. 2. Newbies looking for tax advice surely look for it on the Finance board, don't they? Where else would they look? Possibly but perhaps they just look for active topics first 3. I'd expect Tax FAQs to include filling in a tax form, but clearly those are not the kind of questions which newbies think are asked frequently about tax! Not necessarily,I certainly did not think it gave advice on filling in a tax form . 4. The last update date (as it were) is right at the top! You have to actually open the FAQ page to see the fact it has been recently updated otherwise it shows date as 2008
  24. [quote user="cooperlola"]Patronising and offhand responses apart (now, would I?), given that Sunday Driver put so much work and effort into the TAX FAQ'S at the top of this board, I do try to point new posters in that direction. It has even been updated to reflect most of the changes (except the new one about the collection of social charges) and I think would have dealt with all the points raised by our latest questioner. Is it that people don't see the FAQs or that they don't trust them, or what? [/quote] I suspect 1) People do not know that this advice exists so do not look for it. 2) Unless one goes into the actual section headed French Finance it does not show up. 3) It is not clear from the heading that it is advice on completing the tax return,perhaps "How to complete your French Tax return" would be a better indicator. 4) It is actually dated 2008 so people may think it is out of date.
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