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  1. Oh dear we are having an earthquake, oh my god it is getting closer, we are all doomed, doomed I say.
  2. [quote user="Swissie"]Neuchatel region is hosting the World orienteering championships this week - Wednesday will be at Les Cernets just above us, and we will be hosting the Information desk. Anybody attending? [/quote] Where's that [:)]
  3. Not well thought out ,their approach, should have offered BBQ andoullettes that would have moved them quick enough.
  4. I cannot read what you have written because it is too small a typeface.
  5. [quote user="Gluestick"] And with increasing and ongoing empathy between the Anglican Commune and the Holy See, I would suggest that a majority of the Christians in UK, whether Anglican, Catholic or non-conformist, would find the comments made by the FCO employee objectionable. Thus the comment "Perhaps it is a young man who dared to say what he thinks, and what most of the country does too." is untenable.   [/quote]   I have conducted a straw poll amongst my family, relatives and friends. My wife and her sisters, brothers etc are Roman Catholics. Only one ,her mother, an Irish Catholic, has taken this as an insult to the pope. All the other, some 14 people, think it was rather amusing, and certainly do not wish to defend, in any way the actions of the RC church over the years. The others are protestants, and again think it was slightly amusing. So, out of 25 people ,only one finds the comments by the FCO objectionable, and she would defend to the death the catholic church., and has buried her head in the sand over the abuse scandal . And Not one is a rampant athiest or agnostic[:)]  
  6. [quote user="tegwini"] Well I am confident that abuses will happen a lot less, and the Pope is apologetic and has condemned the abusers,  and we assume will make changes. I believe he's sincere in this.   Clearly the UK government wants this visit, and so do millions of catholics from the UK - and beyond,  who will also come to see him. Plenty changes needed elsewhere in countries that we welcome evil leaders on state visits, but do nothing about because our government is full of lying, hypocritical, creeps! Tegwini  [/quote]   I doubt it will make the slightest bit of difference, it has taken the RC church 2000 years to come up with a grudging apology ,how many millions of children have been abused during this time, and it continues.
  7. [quote user="Clarkkent"] Yes, Vissac, it was a caricature. But I think that it was the looting of English cultural icons - Churchill, Elgar - that sickened me. They were placed there to give verisimilitude and a sense of security. It's difficult to explain exactly how I felt when watching this. Emotionally violated? [/quote]   Thank god is is not an English election then[:)]
  8. Cityline swiss are starting a new service, June form Gatwick to Angouleme 3 times per week booking now available.
  9. Having a gread deal of experience in dealing with domestic violence, indeed was instrumental in the setting up of the first domestic violence unit within the Scottish Police forces can I just clear up some myths. Domestic violence exists behind closed doors, and is common place . It is believed that one in five people in a relationship, or former relationship will be subjected to domestic violence . So it is pretty common. All sections of society are represented, all classes, all professions, both men and women , altho it appears that about 75% of victims are women, 25% men. The myth that the men would go round and sort out the perpetrator is just that, a myth. Women do not talk about it, because they are frightened, because they hope it will stop, because they have nowhere else to go , because they think nothing will be done among many reasons. It is more likely that the working class will report domestic violence than the middle classes, perhaps because they do not have a social status to lose. The same applies with men who suffer domestic abuse, with the added problem of being ridiculed if it comes out. Domestic violence is all around us , in fact I would not find it surprising if some members on this forum suffer from domestic violence. There is a whole raft of legislation to deal with it but the victim needs to take the first step. But to accuse /suggest that someone is suffering domestic violence based on rumour and innuendo is equally as bad.  
  10. [quote user="Tony F Dordogne"][quote user="AnOther"] I'm must admit though that I'm rather surprised at the relatively low blood alcohol reading, 1.01 is not so dramatically over the UK limit of 0.8 and would seem broadly consistent with the claimed consumption, Was there any evidence to support the claim that a vehicle fault contributed to the loss of control I wonder. [/quote] One of the problems with the reporting of this case is that - of necessity - it has ommitted a great deal of detail and there are a good number of factors that were never introduced in evidence in France tho some did feature in the UK Inquest.  The French case was a 'done deal' from the first moments of the investigation and searching or appropriate questions were never asked because of the driver's evident culpability. Ernie, the blood tests were taken several hours after the accident by which time the French Court and UK Inquest accepted the blood alcohol level would have reduced, at the Inquest it was accepted that the count back method would have shown a higher reading.  In addition, there was a good deal of evidence which the UK Coroner was aware of, of the steps that the driver took in his home to reduce the reading prior to the Gendarmes arriving.  Interestingly, it was only during his final summation that the defending Maitre try to query the validity of the blood test which the Judges cave pretty short shrift. There were 3 experts examinations and reports carried out on the vehicle in France, the second and third at the request of the driver.  They could fine no evidence of the fault in the vehicle and it was given at the Trial and Inquest that the fault the driver had alleged (a) did not ever effect this model of Jeep (b) that the previously reported fault had been designed out some 5 years before this vehicle was manufactured (c) that there had never been a report of this type of fault previously and (d) that the previously reported, designed out fault had only effected vehicles when they were being started and put into drive.  His claims were dismissed by the Court and the Coroner in the UK after Police evidence (one of the driver's previous colleagues in the UK) totally rubbished his claims and told the Inquest there was no reason for his conduct other than the fact that the driver was over the drink/drive limit. Hope this clarifies things for you Ernie. [/quote]   As you appear to ""be in the know": how did he take steps to reduce the reading. Normally in these types of cases the offender consumes alcohol after the event"" to calm the nerves""
  11. Scam http://www.joewein.de/sw/419-phone-ci.htm#phone-ci International code for cote d,ívorie
  12. I have always pronounced it Leedell , so much better that the ever so common Lidul [:D]
  13. Maybe someone can answer this question. French gendarmes and Police retire at the age of  55 I believe, French train drivers retire at the age of 52 ,both compulsory. Does the French system give them an E121 if they chose to move to Spain or any other EU country, ?  
  14. [quote user="LEO"]Hi Carole, try http://www.campingfrance.com/index.jsp?lg=uk not just municipal ,but if you put in your criteria you will eliminate the campings with "bells and whistles" Kind regards, Leo [/quote]   I could have sworn I gave that link yesterday [Www][;-)][:D]  I must learn to type larger [kiss]
  15. Sorry your majesty [:-))] Your humble servant will now spend several hours on the internet searching for your aforementioned criteria . or You could do it yourself Try http://www.campingfrance.com/index.jsp?lg=uk  
  16. Try googling Caravan sites France   At the last count there were approx 15000 touring sites in France
  17. [quote user="ali-cat"] Not usually my favourite journalist - but an interesting theory : http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/opinion/columnists/robert-fisk/robert-fisk-for-the-truth-about-lockerbie-look-to-tehran-and-damascus-ndash-not-tripoli-14463453.html Mr Cat   [/quote]   Not one shred of evidence produced ,but if one throws enough muck some of it is bound to stick.
  18. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.(apart from the theory that the Masons are behind the release)   It is impossible to BOIL anything in oil.[:-))] One fries things in OIL. One boils things in water or milk.
  19. What Gadaffi's son actually said was that Tony Blair, back in 2007 , brought up the subject of Megrahi when they were discussing trade deals. It was around this time that Tony also signed an agreement about prisoner exchanges between the UK and Libya . However Tony forgot that it was not up to him to release Megrahi under this exchange scheme, but the Scottish Justice Minister, who by this time was SNP. The SNP justice secretary at that time was understandably upset at this deal and  Alex Salmond told Tony what he thought of the deal in no uncertain terms. It should be noted that there is no love lost between Tony Blair ,some of the Labour party , and the SNP. That was why Kenny Macaskill made a point the other day about Megrahi not being released under the prisoner exchange scheme. Megrahi is terminally ill (unless one subscribes to a conspiracy theory that he is not) and was released on compassionate grounds, just like another 23 prisoners in Scottish jails who have been released on compassionate grounds in recent years. He applied a year ago and was turned down because his life expectency was greater than the recommended 3 months for compassionate release. The Scottish Justice Secretary was in a no win situation , no matter what he decided., but he decided ,in my view, to show humanity and release Megrahi.    
  20. After Lockerbie bomber's return, silence in Libya Post edited by the moderators as content is under copyright.
  21. A recently departed member of this forum thinks that it is all a masonic conspiracy and that there is nothing wrong with Mr Al Megrahi.[:@]   These views are expressed on a forum whch is "" a very nice place"" and not ""  like Complete France where mods are so biased that they pull any thread that gives views they do not like, and allow personal threats and even whole threads designed to personally mock/bully people. Sad and pathetic.""   Unfortunatly that particular forum where she expresses these views  has pulled the subject of Mr megrahi,s release because it might upset some people [:(]  
  22. Simple solution to all these problems.   Learn French , or at least enough to complain.
  23. Tony, Judith is quite right If you are receiving health care via a E106 then it is the UK who issues the EHIC not France. That has been the case for several years (at least since 2002 when I applied).
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