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  1. The french look on no claims bonus in a different way from UK In UK it is the person who is insured to use the car in France it is the car that is insured. In the UK if you have a second car then you start with zero no claims bonus In France if you have a second car you still get your full no claims bonus  
  2. How about a tripod as sold to caravaners and mount your sattelite dish on this at ground level or if one of your windows is facing the right direction open the window and set up sattelite dish in room that way landlord will not be able to object Other alternative is a very long coax cable from a satelitte dish pointing at sky satelite (maybe you will find an english neighbour nearby )
  3. [quote]Yes it is payable, and you should get 2 per year. We have just received our second half for 2004 of €124.[/quote] What you should have said "In my village/commune we get 2 per year..... I get one per year in my commune
  4. Train from CDG to Paris then either ryanair bus to Beauvais or train to Beauvais and taxi to airport
  5. Try looking in yellow pages for mobile home transporters (sorry dont know the French for it)
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