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  1. Where abouts in the Charente know a couple north of Angouleme
  2. [quote]We are having two 78 x 98 Velux put in in November for €400 each. Dept 71. I notice that Lapeyre have a promo on velux at the moment, checkout their website Cheers[/quote] Thats about the cost price for a velux withiut labour say about 700€ including fixing
  3. [quote]Stephen, I have sent you a private message with a link to a site which lists many French Building Terms. We found it really useful when we were renovating. Hope this is of use Pat[/quote] So why not let everybody into the secret
  4. Why would you expect a translation of a form if you are in France .French people speak french
  5. Hardly stranded : You can fly,take the tunnel,go on Britanny ferries,Norfolk line,Speedferries,Sea France. Now stranded is where you cannot leave by ferry like some of the folk on  some of the scottish islands or where there is only one ferry company operating who charge what they want  
  6. Was at our vets yesterday here in Charente for booster rabies jabs He is aware of new pet passports but cannot obtain them yet either. I actually obtained mine from a vet in the UK a month ago so our vet here in France was able to use the pet passports to update the rabies information.He was very impressed with the new passport because with one booklet he is able to record rabies jabs and other booster jabs plus tick and worm treatment no more need for lots of different bits of paper. From today to leave the UK ( or in fact to leave any EU country to go to another) with a dog or cat you need the new style pet passport,all dogs and cats need a rabies vacine and all must be microchipped or tattooed.(Tattoo does not apply to the UK as dogs /cats are microchipped only in the UK. To enter the UK with a dog or cat the previous rules still apply ie after the rabies vacine wait a month have blood test done and the antibody found to be more than 0.5IU/ml.You still need the tick and worm treatment done between 24/48 hrs before your departure from France. One problem we encountered Our vet in the UK retained the result of the blood test when we had our dogs done 3 years ago.The new pet passport has a portion which states I have seen an official record of the result of a serological test for the animal taken on (date) and a space for the vets who is issueing the pet passport to sign and date    So make sure that you obtain the official certificate from your vet otherwise if it was done in the UK and you go to another vet for the new pet passport either here in France or the UK he may not issue until he has seen the certificate
  7. I just wonder who your customers will be French people dont eat fish and chips
  8. [quote]Hi, B a F! Yes, I see your point, I suppose if it was anything big (and expensive like hospital) they would, once convinced we are waiting for affiliation, wait for the payment? Doctors visits &...[/quote] Sorry to disapoint but my wife had to pay up front for her op but at the end of the day was only 300euros out of pocket after CPAM had refunded on arrival of E106.,but you can never be certain that each region will act the same.
  9. [quote]In the old days you were entitled to stay three months here before you had to apply for residency, so in your case you could easily get away with using the E111 as though you were on holiday for a whi...[/quote] E111 is for emergency treatment only and by the letter of the law is not applicable if you reside in France,in fact you are meant to return your E111 to the UK authorities When you apply for your E106 newcastle will flag up that you have left the country and if you attempt to use an E111 they will in todays computer age be able ,from your NI number,to identify this and possibly refuse to reemburse. Safer and easier to do as I suggest pay and keep the receipt and claim once you are registered. You can get health cover from day one my wife did albeit that she had to wait 3 months for the E106 to arrive She was then reembursed all the payments she had made from the day of arrival  
  10. You pay for doctors etc keep the receipts(can;nt remember name) and when E106 arrives and you take it to CPAM take the receipts as well and you will be refunded any charges made at the appropriate rate .Make sure that E106 is dated from your arrival date in France I dont think you can take out a top up (mutuelle) until you register with CPAM and get a social security number but I might be wrong .  
  11. Some facts The disposal of human excreta and other waterborne waste products from houses, streets, and factories. Conveyed through sewers to sewage works, sewage has to undergo a series of treatments to be acceptable for discharge into rivers or the sea, according to various local laws. Raw sewage, or sewage that has not been treated adequately, is one serious source of water pollution and a cause of eutrophication. In the industrialized countries of the West, most industries are responsible for disposing of their own wastes. Government agencies establish industrial waste-disposal standards. In most countries, sewage works for residential areas are the responsibility of local authorities. The solid waste (sludge) may be spread over fields as a fertilizer or, in a few countries, dumped at sea. A significant proportion of bathing beaches in densely populated regions have unacceptably high bacterial content, largely as a result of untreated sewage being discharged into rivers and the sea. This can, for example, cause stomach upsets in swimmers. In Europe and North America 30–60% of sludge is spread on agricultural land. The use of raw sewage as a fertilizer (long practised in China) has the drawback that disease-causing micro-organisms can survive in the soil and be transferred to people or animals by consumption of subsequent crops. Sewage sludge is safer, but may contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and other industrial contaminants. So all you veggies out there better start thinking what you can eat if you dont want to be contaminated by human waste from a meat eater. The carnivors fight back
  12. Its better than having untreated sewage pumped into the sea.My nephew thought the words to Paul McCartneys song"Mull of Kintyre" was "mince rolling in from the sea" a reference to the untreated sewage ending up on the beaches if the currents and tides were wrong. Glasgow up until recently dumped its sewage at sea and I suspect many other places in the UK do the same. 
  13. Hi WJT, Don't get too upset about my previous post. I made the story up some years ago when I got "fed up" with born again vegetarians who felt compelled to take the moral high ground and comment on what all the nasty carnivores were eating. Every time I went to a diner or some function or other someone who had in the past seemed quite mannerly would turn up with a partner who knew the name, mother and orphans of whatever I and everyone else at the table was about to eat. I began by thinking thats a very oppressed looking tomato you have there and graduated to tall tales. On the other hand some unscrupulous people do dump fosse waste on farm land but I am told that for our commune anyway (we are in Dept 16) the Maire will expect homeowners to have a certificate from an authorised disposer of such material. Don't know about how often and who patrols this at the moment. BaF's wife  
  14. I suspect that your husbands qualifications as a gas fitter will not be recognised in France and that you will need to employ a properly registered french gas fitter
  15. Chestnuts are beautifull as a stuffing for roast turkey or partridge but I dont know about stuffing pigs with chestnuts  
  16. Well Dog, Thank you for sharing these fascinating "morsels" with us. Now have you heard the one about the farmer who was emptying fosses and spreading the results over his and other commercial organic farms. He produced wonderful vegetables but concern was shown after it was found that the local unmentionable diseases hospital was on his round.
  17. There is no need to have any of your documents translated In the Charente the prefecture/cpam etc  accepts english documents. Re notaire and sales agreement It is very much up to you to decide whether you feel confident enough dealing with the notaire and understand  exactly what you are buying,whether there are rights of way over the property etc If not then there are many solicitors advertising their services at a price.  
  18. [quote]Sorry but I feel physically sick at this discussion. Pigs are beautiful creatures and deserve better than to be eaten. Pork tastes like human flesh - please stop and think...[/quote] How do you know that pork tastes like human flesh unless you have tasted human flesh Now I am feeling sick at the thought  of a canibal out there somewhere
  19. [quote]BAF, If you move to France and make your home here you are tax resident from day one. "The "home" test takes precedence over the "principle residence" test, and if it is possible to determine the pl...[/quote] With respect what you have posted is goboltigoog
  20. [quote]It will be a close run thing as we are going out as soon as I finish, but I suppose that until we declare ourselves, we won't be classed as resident? Obviously I realise one cannot or should not be li...[/quote] You should get your commutation cheque a couple of days after your official retiral date so you are still tax resident in the UK because of the rules re tax residency in the UK and even in France where you are only tax resident after 183 days in the Tax year which runs from Jan to Dec If you are moving out shortly you will not be tax resident in France this year because there are less than 183 days to run.The French tax authorities are really not interested if you are obliged to pay tax in the UK You complete a tax return in France with the minimum of information ie your name and address and the very last section of the tax return when you show your income from the UK I also gave them a letter saying I was in receipt of a UK govt pension and a copy of P60.The French authorities did not ask for any other proof and I eventually received my tax notification showing I had nothing to pay.The first year I was here they in fact told me not to bother with a tax return because I was here for less than 183 days.   
  21. Dont worry Redcap you dont pay tax on your communation as long as you are UK resident you don,t even declare it to the inland revenue. But if you were tax resident in France then that would be different you would have to pay tax on it as it is treated as income  
  22. [quote][ The setting: an office in Stockholm. It is bright, nicely decorated, with a shimmering hardwood floor and high quality furniture. Very high quality. This stuff was never flat-packed. Behind a large...[/quote] ANOTHER WHINGING POM
  23. [quote]Ryanair have announced that La Rochelle Airport is closed from 31.10.04 to 17.04.05 for runway repairs with all flights within this period being sent to Rochefort. Didn't think Rochefort's aerodrome ...[/quote] Well their going to have a problem then perhaps lifejackets. Or mayby they know what they ARE DOING 
  24. I believe you are an ex police officer so you will continue to be taxed in the UK I was advised just to give the inland revenue my new address no need for form 85 as it is irrellevant in your situation
  25. [quote]Will, Hi! I've been trying to get some info on the 'adoption route for some time. We never had time to talk to our Notaire at time of signing last month but he said to write to him with our situatio...[/quote] I had a disscussion about this with our notaire it is possible to adopt your partners children however our notaite said that first you had to become French citizens before you could adopt and that it is a lengthy process
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