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  1. Lafarge also make a similar product called Parex Monodecor comes in a variety of colours .Mix in a bucket with water use a whisk (the ones you use for mixing plaster) As it is always the same colour you can do as much or as little as you want at a time I recomend no more than 3 square meters a day as you have to wait till it goes off a bit then use a wire brush or scrubbing brush to remove the excess
  2. There is a mediator to sort out problems between the DDE and clients,however are you sure that it is a problem and not a failure to understand the French culture and workings of the DDE
  3. I am rather puzzled by this post If you have paid your TVA why do you think you are liable for TVA I presume you paid TVA on the swimming pool,kitchen etc.when you had them installed and TVA on wallpaper paint etc I think you are getting confused between TVA and capital gains tax where you are liable to pay CGT if it is your maison secondaire but are allowed to offset the costs of improvements providing you have receipts from French registered artizans  
  4. If you go into the bar in Benest you will think you are back in the UK owned by British and most of the customers are British,they even have quiz nights. 
  5. This is what it says in my compris de vente De payer les impots,contibutions,taxes,primes d,assurances a compter du jour de l'entree en jouissance Il est precise que la taxe d,habitation si elle est due,incombe integralement a l,occupant du bien au 1er janvier de l,annee dont s;agit,et que la taxe fonciere sera repartie prorata temporis entre le vendeur et l,acquereur,ce dernier s,engageant a rembourser le vendeur de la quote part pour la periode courue du jour de l;entree en jouissance jusqu,au 31 Decembre suivant. Notaire told me what my portion of the tax was to pay but it was included in the amount I handed over for the purchase Why should it not be included in the compris and in the final act  It is after all a CONDITION OF SALE. Maybe the notaires are more efficient in this part of the world  
  6. I deliberatly said it is written into the compris as it is standard practice in the Charente at least,probably in many other departments also Its just that many people do not realise that it is in the contract and that the notaire includes your portion of the tax  when he is working out what fees etc are due by you.
  7. You really need to get a couple of estimates.It is impossible to work out from an hourly rate how much the cost will be.How do you work out how long it will take an electrician to do some wiring or for that matter how long for any other job?.
  8. As far as I am aware Tax habitation is paid by whoever occupies the house on 1st January,paid by 15th November for that year.ie for 2004.Usually the seller pays this tax.Tax fonciere is paid by 15th Oct for that year.In respect of this tax it is normal (at least in Dept 16) for the buyer to pay a proportion of the years tax relating to how many days they have owned it.It is written into the compris de vente.  
  9. Depends, are you resident in France if so then all your assets come under French inheritance law and you need to make a French will as the UK will is no longer valid Re if both parties die at the same time.If the authorities are unable to determine who died first (such as a plane crash) then the older person is presumed to have died first.
  10. I dont know whether anyone has ever said it is not possible to buy a property renovate it and sell it on .Since the recent change in CGT as Will said it is more attractive. As a private individual you pay 16% on the gain made if you sell a maison secondare within 5 years of purchase.If you are a French tax payer you pay an additional 9%.If it is your principal residence (which you have to declare at the time of purchase) you do not pay CGT.Just how you would do that if you already own a house in France which is your principal residence  I am not sure.  So if you are liable to pay CGT it is only 25% of the profit.You are allowed to deduct the notaires fees and the cost of the renovation provided you produce properly completed receipts from a French registered artisan which have been completed in detail in French .You are no longer allowed to offset any work or material you do yourself.  The problem is that if you spend too much on the renovation you may not even make a profit or very little as house prices in France do not increase in value as much as in the UK so you may end up with only a small profit. The notaire is the person who you have to convince when you come to sell as he will deduct the CGT due. If you go down route of Marchand de Biens be aware that any renovation work will be charged at 19.9% not the 5.5% available to private individuals and the CGT is 50% . Having said all that the best of luck   
  11. [quote]Funny you should say that Boiling a Frog, a couple we know swear that when they were in London and ordered rump steak that the restaurant boiled it. What can one say, I have never seen or heard of suc...[/quote] You are correct of course I had forgoten about the canibals boiling missionaries.
  12. You cannot boil roastbeef ,but you can boil a frog , Get another name
  13. Yes the car park at Poitiers is free but doubtfull if you will get any where near it as there are numerous long stay British cars there.They have extended into a field.
  14. Another urban myth French banks are quite capable of transferring the money to the UK or any other country.
  15. I had the belief that we live in a democratic society where we are allowed to express our opinion. or is it only if the opinion agrees with yours Dunrunnin? 
  16. Unfortunately any reductions are only for 1)French tax payer 2)Principal house The original poster obviously does not qualify as theirs is a holiday house and they are not French tax payers
  17. The rules have changed from 1st October 2004 All dogs and cats from any EU country going to another EU country must be microchiped or tattooed,have a rabies vacination and a pet passport showing this information.Export certificates for dogs and cats no longer exist.If you wish to travel to the UK with your dog/cat in addition to the above you need to have a blood sample taken a month after the rabies jab which is tested to ensure that the rabies jab has been effective wait 6 months before being allowed to travel to the UK and Tick and worm treatment done 24 to 48 hrs before the time of travel The result of the blood test and the tick and worm treatment are recorded on the pet passport.  
  18. The simple anwer is yes you pay tax fonciere and yes you pay tax d,habitation no deductions
  19. He is Maitre Danton-Ferrant, St Angeau  tel no 05 45 39 21 32 I have only used him for house purchase  and as we are married never divorced it was straightforward but he explained various options available to friends of ours who are not married one of whom is divorced but with children. You do have to put your cards on the table you cannot miss out information such as a child who you dont get on with and not wanting to have him inherit or that you are divorced etcetc  
  20. Sounds quite painfull having a barn convertion and small extension. Perhaps he would talk it over with his wife and doctor to see if it was really necessary.
  21. I am perfectly normal and have a certificate to  prove it .  
  22. Notaire in St Angeau (dept 16) speaks excellent english and will explain and sort out everything for you
  23. [quote]have read loads on the forum and in Peter Owens excellent site but cant get my head around how much will have to pay when E106 runs out, I will be 48 and my wife 57 when that occurs. our all uk loc...[/quote] Yes you are about right give or take a few euros but remember when wife reaches 60 or approx she will be entitled to E121 which you can go on as dependant so you will just have mutuelle to pay
  24. Well you are in the wrong area as we are all a good 4 to 5 hrs from any channel port Try north western france section
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