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  1. Who can control your identity? The control of identity can be made by a policeman, a policeman and in some cases a customs-officer.   Control of identity: in what case? The control of administrative police identity aims all person being in France. He/it is made as prevention of an attack to the public order. He/it takes place in public places:  street, station.... Controls of identity can be practiced with regard to people of which an indication let think than them: committed tempted either to commit an infringement, get ready to commit a crime or an offense, are susceptible to provide information on a crime or an offense, are the subject of research ordered by a judicial authority.   Control of identity and convention of Schengen Since the entry in force of the convention of Schengen, some controls can be done by the agents of the customs:  in the zones situated to less of 20 kilometers of the borders of the States signatory of the convention, this ray capable to be spread to 60 kilometers; in the ports, airports, open road and railway stations to the international traffic.   Judicial police identity control The judicial police identity control is practiced on instruction of the district attorney of Republic for the research of precise infringements, in places and for determined one period.   How to justify his/her/its identity Justifying At the time of a control, you have the obligation to justify your identity. The identification card is not obligatory, you can justify your identity other means throughout: passport or driver's license, family record book, military record, extracted of birth certificate with complete filiation, card of voter or social security.., call to testimony. The strangers must besides to establish the regularity of their stay in France (passport, visa, card of stay). If you are in the impossibility to justify your identity, or if the produced documents don't appear sufficient to establish your identity (document without photo), you can be the subject of an identity verification.   Verification of identity Procèdure The police or the state police can keep you there or in their local to establish your identity. You can be presented to a judicial police officer. You can present new papers, to call on testimonies. Verification must last to the maximum four hours between the beginning of the identity control and the end of the identity verification. You can have the district attorney of Republic, your family or all person of your choice warned. For a miner: the legal representative (father, mother or guardian) must be warned before all verification, and must, except impossibility, to help it, the district attorney of Republic must be warned.   Verification of identity You can have the district attorney of Republic, your family or all person of your choice warned. For a miner: the legal representative (father, mother or guardian) must be warned before all verification, and must, except impossibility, to help it, the district attorney of Republic must be warned.   Taken of fingerprints The hold of fingerprints or photos cannot be made that on authorization of the district attorney of Republic or the judge of instruction if they constitute the unique means to establish your identity. The verification of identity must lead to a minutes. You can refuse to sign it. You can ask for copy of it.   A reasonable translation and perhaps a warning to everyone to carry your passport or driving licence with you also important to know that the police can only hold you for 4 hours
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    [quote]Frog boiler,it might of escaped your notice but the post is on health related subjects.Look forward to seeing your campaign on the "vehicles in france" forum.[/quote] I am perfectly aware of this however as vehicle accidents and deaths and injuries on roads have a direct impact on the health service then this is the perfect forum for my previous post Or it is by your logic
  3. Boiling a frog


    [quote]That is as you say,but what I am saying is that right and fair?re the french getting free health care in the UK and the jest of this post being that UK citizens in france must at least contribute to t...[/quote] If you do not feel it is right or fair then go back to the UK and start a campaign re this. I think I will start a campaign to have every one in France drive on the left After all I spent good money to learn to drive on the left and do not think that it is right or fair to expect me to drive on the right.Or may be I will just exercise my right do do as I like and not comply with what is obviously a totaly unjust and ridiculous law aimed at us British After all no one else in the EU suffers the same injustice (appart from the cypriots and Maltese)  
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    [quote]The last few postings touch on a fundamental point in regards to the health cover for UK citizens,why is it possible for french citizen to get free health care in the UK after a short while being in t...[/quote] Quite simple really .It is the law whether in the UK or France. just as different countries within the UK have different laws,such as Scotland having different laws from England in relation to care for the elderly or tuition fees for university students so different countries within the EU have different laws in respect of health care ,criminal justice,social security etcetc.We are not a united states of europe YET     
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    [quote]I wonder if someone would answer a simple question : Is the CMU the correct and only path for someone taking early retirement without the benefit of an E106 ?[/quote] Yes
  6. [quote]we have been using our car for nearly 6 months in france, it still has an mot, im not going to register it in france due to the fact that we are thinking of moving back to the UK and I dont want to lo...[/quote] I know people who have driven for years and havnt passed a driving test I know people who have used a car for years with no road tax I know people who have gone to the pub every night for 6 years drunk 8 pints and then driven home I know people who drive at 80mph everywhere   None of it is legal
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    [quote]Miki, I hate to say this but I think Outcast is right in a way. Any French person can go to the UK (or anyone from any EEC country) - has a right to go to the UK and after 3 months will get into the h...[/quote] Have a look at this http://www.dh.gov.uk/PolicyAndGuidance/International/OverseasVisitors/fs/en Explains who is entitles to benifit from health care treatment in the UK.It really has nothing to do with reciprical arrangements If you reside in the UK legally you are entitled to free medical treatment whether you have paid into the system or not If you are in France then unless you are below a certain income level you are not entitled to treatment and it is not totally free and you have to contribute Maybe the UK is a better place to live after all
  8. You need proof of address to buy and register a car usually EDF or Telephone bill,So i answer to your query it is not possible without proof of address
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    When I applied to CPAM I had not completed a french tax return so they told me to give them my Net income I do not have a clue if that was the correct advice or not.In the second year I did complete a french tax return thereby getting a revenu fiscal de reference(its how much you are meant to pay tax on) and the calculation of the 8% was based on this figure less an allowance (around 6000 euros) 
  10. You do not need UK road tax if it french registered Take out french car insurance and that covers you in the UK no need for green cards or anything like that.
  11. As a follow on to the previous posting go to channel 102 BBC2 then unscrew the ariel connection on the back of your digibox take out the connection put it back in wiggle it about a bit and if you suddenly get BBC2 then you have the problem described above Satcure sell a small piece to fix this problem for about £10 We had this problem last year with our panasonic and fixed it using the piece supplied from Satcure
  12. Just wait till you get a transport plane at 100 ft right overhead Blots the sun out Happens every week here.
  13. Know of van for sale PM if you want further details Dept 16 Charente
  14. Offer at least 20% less than the asking price to start with You can always increase an offer.
  15. [quote]Frog boiler,all the info anyone needs about a sale entered into in france and reached past the CDV signing stage will be found on the CDV, so no one needs to be in the army or any other service to kno...[/quote] A yes but if you had agreed at the time of the contract that the car was being sold with all the various bits listed and a price for all the bits then if the wheel and tyre were listed at 20 quid then why expect to be given any more if the wheel and tyre were stolen You have agreed that is the price for the wheel and tyre. In all contracts there is always a get out clause if the supplier is unable to supply the goods due to factors outwith his control ie the goods are stolen.  
  16. [quote]The point is that and billy conk and dave are missing is that when one has signed the CDV that is the contract and the house, property or what ever must be what is stated on it and if the house was so...[/quote] Can you give us the legal text that sets these rights out or as I suspect you are a barrack room lawyer with little or indeed no legal knowledge. To interpret your post,if I agreed to sell you a car at 1000 euros but have not yet received any money from you and someone comes along and steals the car then I am legally obliged to find exactly the same car and sell it to you despite the fact that you have not suffered any loss you still have your money and can go and find another car to buy.
  17. [quote]I am sorry but I am a bit confused here, Iain agreed to buy some furniture at a mutually agreed price, the items have been stolen in the meanwhile, the vendors have offered to reduce the fee by the ag...[/quote] I am also confused Cannot think how the undervalue of the furniture is a tax fiddle .You dont pay CGT on the contents of a house.Perhaps the owners do not need the furniture and are willing to sell it to Iain for a knock down price.Secondly Iain you are very suspicious and with absolutely no logic or evidence you assume that the owners  did not have a burglary and are at it.As for going to the gendarmes and asking for the crime report if you tried that in the UK you would be told that it was none of your business.But what amazes me more than anything is that most of the other poster agree with your logic. 
  18. [quote]I want to bury a 20mm ICTA grey gaine in the concrete surface being applied to an internal wall. Is this allowed as it will be just below the surface and my concern would be that some poor soul might ...[/quote] http://www.castorama.fr/conseils/fiches_conseils/conseil_x.jhtml?themeId=electricite&projetId=ELEC03   Explains it all
  19. Gaine is the conduit used to run cable thro Comes in various colours and diameters costs about 100 euros£50 a roll (IM getting an exellent exchange rate today)
  20. But is Ruffec not as near as damm it 30km from Angouleme and you can always get the train
  21. Now it has been clarified somewhat If you have made a private arrangement regarding house furnishings and suchlike then that is normal practice However if they fail to pay for the furnishings before the sale I would think that the notaire would not be sympathetic to your plight after all you still have the furnishings If as I suspect the buyers want to give you  part cash for the purchase of the house  theirby reducing the notaire fees for them then again I say beware.How do you explain to the notaire that you will not sign the act because the other party has not given you cash without it being obvious to the notaire that you have acted illegally.
  22. All a bit mysterious this,if you sign a compris de vente then that is the price you are agreeing to sell at .If you are receiving money from the buyer which is not declared to the notaire beware As far as the notaire is concerned the price on the compris is the price you are paying and it is the notaire who will ensure that that money is in his account before the final act is signed.If you have come to some private agreement with the buyer there is nothing to stop them failing to pay that other amount paying the amount on the compris and then insisting that you sign or demanding the 10% for failing to sign It is also illegal and if you are caught hefty penalties However I may have got the wrong end of the stick
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