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  1.   Why, what was wrong with the pastry?!
  2. Oops! Sorry folks spelling mistake there... as you have probably noticed it shouldn't be Their it should be They're.
  3. Thank goodness for that! The Epicerie Barenton are re-open after the birth of their new baby daughter. Have just been there and they have some wonderful things as usual, the scotch eggs are fantastic albeit perhaps not that fantastic for my figure haha! Took a friend that has never been before and she couldn't believe how much choice there was and the quality, apparently she will definately be a returning customer. Also we were informed that they will be doing Curries again starting next week however these will need to be ordered. As you can imagine thats my order already in then! Happy eating folks![:D]
  4. Hiiya, Not at the moment however I will ask around and if I come up with anyone I will let you know. Thanks
  5. Hello Rob Roy, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It does seem to sound like bloat and as you have said he did used to wolf his food down! I had a dog that was like that at one time, however I bought a food bowl stand so it was higher and it seemed to help him and I have used it ever since. Lewis is pretty food obsessed and eats fairly quickly and if I put his food on the floor he really does bolt it down so I stick to the stand and he calms down and takes more time. The stand allows a larger breed dog to be stood fairly straight so they are not hunched over a bit like the difference us humans have between eating at a table and eating from a tray on our laps, helps with the digestion the more upright we are so I suppose it follows for dogs too. Anyway I really hope Billy enjoys running around Rainbow Bridge and you take comfort from that. Right I'm off to give Lewis an extra cuddle now.
  6. Framboise, What a lovely place for him to rest. When the time is right I am sure another doggie will find you. A friend told me this after I lost Morse last year and I told her I was never going to have another dog! And just look what happened Lewis did just find me.[:D] Take care, hugs and best wishes to you[kiss]
  7. I have to agree with Chas,  if it's instant it has to be Carte Noire[:)]
  8. Framboise, Thinking of you at this sad time.[:(] At least he enjoyed a wonderful life with you and I know you will miss him. Take care of yourself, sending you big hugs and Lewis wants to send you big sloppy kisses. [kiss]
  9. Magnolia, Lewis and I love you[kiss]  Well done you, hope you all enjoy many happy years together.
  10. Lewis and I are crossing all our fingers toes and claws in hope.[kiss]
  11. I'm with pauline another soggy keyboard ! Christine once again you say it all,please please help these unwanted dgs especially some of theolder ones as they are harder to find homes for. I have to say since finding Lewis he has put a smile back on my face to see him happy and running around...well running as far as he can cos of his back end! However with the excercise he is getting and the joint supplements there is the start of some muscle there so he's walking and running now.
  12. Great pics Christine, PLEASE Please please will someone give this lovely girl a forever home, she looks so lovely.[kiss]
  13. Awwww poor girl, I hope I don't see her as she would be an awfully long way from home up here!! However I really hope someone spots her soon and lets her family know where she is, they must be sooo worried. I will keep my fngers crossed she is found and re-united with her family soon.[:(]
  14. Awwww he is gorgeous!![kiss]  Unfortunately Lewis doesn't like other dogs so no more for me I'm afraid. [:(] Please will someone give this lovely looking boy a forever home?!
  15. No problem Magnolia, I meant every word.[kiss] If Joy does end up staying with you I can't think of a better home for him especially after all he has suffered. To see the video of him playing and that wonderful waggy tail brings tears to my eyes and a huge lump to my throat, I really don't understand why no-one has taken him yet! However as I've already said if he ends up staying with you then he is one very lucky boy.[:D]
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