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  1. When we recently lost our chocolate labrador to cancer, Christine put us in touch with a 2 year old chocolate labrador needing rescued from Paris. He was not being mis-treated but was living in innappropriate conditions for a lively, large & intelligent dog. Almost three months later he is enjoying life to the full in rural Charente and keeping our Old English Sheepdog company all day long. I thought a photo of him enjoying his new life may encourage more people to take on "rescue dogs" !


    (PS - The Old English has a frisbee in her mouth!!)

  2. Thanks very much Gary...... if you could let us know where it is or the telephone number we can call in as we are quite often in 86! Thanks again.
  3. Thanks Gary......but are you sure they'll sell us them without the husks?

  4. Does anyone know of a French supplier of huskless sunflower seeds (tournesol ecale) in 20-25kg sacks? Our garden birds are surviving on sacks imported from the UK at the moment but we can't carry on like this forever.....I can't believe, that in the land of sunflowers, we are having so much trouble finding them for a reasonable price! 

  5. Thanks everyone.......the catalogues are flooding in!

    I also did some internet searching a got hold of the Organic Gardening Catalogue. When reading the source of the plants I spotted the Sainte Marthe connection, found their website and ordered their catalogue. What would I do without the internet?!

  6. Oops sorry! Didn't notice the "create link" icon

  7. If you tap in "supports pour boules de graisse" in a search engine it will come up with suppliers of fat ball hangers in France. The following link is just one of the ones I came up with:


    Happy shopping

  8. We use plastic drip trays from under plant pots to provide water for the birds in our garden. It is shallow enough for them to bathe in or drink from. In the winter it's usually part of my early morning routine to break out the ice and re-fill with fresh water. A cork floating on the surface sometimes helps to slow down the freezing process (but not always).

    When providing water please always make sure there is a means of escaping from the water dish (such as a twig, stick, tile or stone) for the birds, animals, insects that will accidentally fall in the water.

    Re: Fat balls in nets! - Yes it is true, birds get their feet caught in the netting. Please, please, please remove the plastic netting before putting fat balls out in the garden.

  9. Just clicked onto the links..........and now most of the evening has gone!
  10. Many thanks - life is complete now!
  11. As autumn approaches thoughts turn to evenings spent in front of the fire looking through seed catalogues and dreaming of spring.........can anyone recommend a good French mail order seed supplier/catalogue?


  12. We've got one (a Breville) and it's absolutely fantastic. It cooks rice to perfection and keeps it warm & perfectly cooked for up to at least an hour after it's "ready time". It comes into its own when you've got friends round for a meal.....no stress just perfect rice. Also when the main dish takes a little longer to cook than originally planned your rice is still perfect. Couldn't live without it now! 
  13. You can buy them mail order in France via "Vivara" who sell all sorts of bird foods, feeders, nest boxes etc.

    Web: www.vivara.fr

    E-mail: [email protected]

    Tel: 08 10 10 98 08

  14. Hello All

    Does anyone know where I can find a good quality garden shed in the Charente?? I've been to all the usual brico places but they either seem to be flimsy (stapled together) or they look like little swiss chalets!!

    Hoping someone can help.

    Les Ponts

  15. Does anyone know where I can buy a good quality garden shed in the Charente?? I've been to all the usual brico places but they seem to be either quite flimsy (stapled together) or they look like little swiss chalets!!

    Hoping you can help out there.

    Les Ponts

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