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  1. whats happened to http://www.gites-brittany.com, do they no longer exist, the same goes for their sister company??????
  2. try these, i got my sky+ box from brymar a few yrs agao   http://www.brittany-satellites.com/catalog/index.php?language=en   http://www.brymar.co.uk/acatalog/Sky_Digibox_Satellite_Receivers.html     if you've haven't got sky+ get it, its amazing
  3. does seem a bit steep. i built a liner pool with roman stairs from www.waterair.fr   cost of kit was about 11000 euro. cost of man with digger for the day was 400 euro. very easy to fit.   have a chat with poolguy he knows his stuff
  4. also with zeolite  you don't need to backwash as often, say every 2 to 3 weeks.
  5. I live in Brittany too, and poolguy delivered the stuff himself, had lunch and a  chat then went on his merry way.
  6. I recently got a new filtration system from poolguy using Zelbrite instead of sand.   fantastic stuff, pool stays crystal clear. far better than sand
  7. here's my 2p worth, pun, you're a knobbbb. russethouse, is that a pic of you, wow you're hot :P
  8. i bought a dell from Dell UK, just called their UK call center in India and they had it delivered to my house in France, all within 5 days. UK keyboard, English version of windows. good luck
  9. I wouldn't let them anywhere near my fosse. if cando baby wipes that you can flush down a normal mains drainage loo will block a fosse I'm sure those liners will too. Better to be safer than sorry, don't.
  10. go to cotorep, if he is entitled to it you would have to give up the UK benifit to get AAH. if he's entitled you will not have to pay tax d'habitation or foncier, tv licence will be free, you and dependants will be entitled to healthcare and any meds for hubby related to his illness will be at 100%, you may also be entitled to allocation tierce personne if he needs looking after.  also you will also get up to 32% reduction on income tax
  11. we have meters on ours, all bookings outside peak pay for their own electricity. I give them meter reading on arrival and tell them the obvious, the more they use the more they pay, and 9 times out of 10 they use next to nothing as they know they'll have to pay and i never bother charging them. in summer i take fuses out for the heaters so can't be used, but last summer one family in mid August had all doors and windows open and were wearing next to nothing as it was about 25c+ asked how to put heating on as they were cold, me being tight told them to put some clothes on and shut doors and windows if they are cold.  
  12. Mikey

    Wisdom teeth?

    my daughter had all 4 taken out 4 weeks ago. orthadentist recommended this, took daughter to clinic for panaramic xray then made appointment at hospital, saw dentist there. had to then see the anethesistist to check out my daughter. got booked in for a few weeks later, dentist gave prescription for anti biotics and anti inflamitory pills to be taken on day of op. all 4 taken out under general, very little swelling and no infection. i wish mine was the same 18yrs ago, after mine were taken out i was black and blue all over my face and neck and chest, i reckon they gave me a good kick in while i was out. the only cost was for the initial appointment with dentist and anethesistist, refunded through CV and mutuelle, the op and room was covered automatically the CPAM
  13. contact Hendo, I got one from him. its fantastic, its a Hayward plugs into your skimmer and is well worth the £400 I think price tag. i used to spend an hour every night hoovering our pool, now i spend 3 hrs watching the Hayward do it for me. As you can tell i'm very pleased with mine, I also got some skimmer nets that work a treat.
  14. Try contacting hendo from this site. he knows his stuff and as Ive found from experience is very very helpfull.
  15. Hi lori, my Hayward arrived today, i'm impressed. Very easy to use and does a good job. best of all it 400euro cos you get a 50 euro refund voucher. get in touch with Andrew if you want one A.S.A.P as the 50euro refund ends on the 17th.   Mike 
  16. If anyone is interested in FREE advertising they could try www.bonjourlafrance.co.ukThe website is currently being extended to cover all regions of France. At present they only have Brittany, Normandy and currently working on Aquitaine. Owners of accommodation in other areas can register and add their details which will be on the website when the relevant region in released. If anyone has interesting information on a particular region/department/town/village then please let them know and they will included it http://www.bonjourlarfrance.co.uk
  17. Andrew, can you email me please. i have an M8 thats wants a pool and i thought of you. Also did you get the email i sent u. Mike
  18. I think the benifit of being with GDF depends on the area you are in too. there is a 3 gite complex in Tinteniac with GDF and they are full just about all year. They get all the French holidays filled and the rest of the time its either people relocating to the area or seasonal workers or foreign workers on contract to Thompson or other factories in Rennes.
  19. sounds like rubbish to me too. go to http://www.ecologie.gouv.fr/rubrique.php3?id_rubrique=741   it will tell you where the hosepipe bans etc are
  20. Earlier i ordered a Hayward after Andrews advice, I found the guy on the phone at piscines-plus very helpfull. I'll let you know how well it works. There is a special offer with the Hayward at the moment where they will refund 50euro, so it works out cheaper than the sites I mentioned earlier.   mike this is not an ad, its a recommendation.
  21. at the moment i'm hoovering my pool every day which is a real pain, even if noone uses the pool it seems to get dirty. do auto cleaners like the hayward get tangled in the hose.   cheers
  22. Thanks Hendo. Lori, check out these http://www.homatica.fr/robot_piscine/gammerobot_piscine.asp http://www.hayward.fr/Produits.aspx?Famille=0&NumProduit=0
  23. ps, with the haywood does the bottom of the pool have to be totally flat, the bottom of my pool is flat except where the drain is, it goes down in a cone shape by about 5cm.   Cheer
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