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  1. have a look at http://www.greenbuildingforum.co.uk/newforum/comments.php?DiscussionID=660&Focus=9041   there is a discussion on gasification boilers.
  2. Gyn, not yet but i'm working on it. I've done a fair bit of research and these are ideal for heating large houses. A friend has one without buffer tank and just needs to fill it once in morning and in the evening and it gets their very big house toasting.   Atmos seem to be very popular, you can get a pretty good deal from www.ph-renewables.co.uk  
  3. I'd go for a wood gasification boiler with buffer tank. in milder weather you will only need to light the fire every couple of days because once all your rads and house are at the desired temp all the heat from boiler will heat the water in the buffer/storage tank and give you enough heat for free heating the following day. look at this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ga9TbNIiCJE
  4. nomoss, if you had a smaller fire burning harder you would then become a slave to the stove as it would need filling more often. as with all stoves there are many differant circumstances to concider, insulation of the house, draw up the chimney, draught into the room. if you have a bigger stove a fill up will last longer, also its better to have a higher output stove and not need the extra power than to have a smaller stove and need the extra power.  
  5. You need for a room that size 9.5kw min. Rule of thumb when calculating woodburners size for room is 1kw per 14m3 with outside temp of zero. Remember its better to have a bigger stove running on tickover to give the required heat than a smaller stove running flatout to achieve desired temp.  
  6. all stoves must be run on max for around 20 mins twice a day to help avoid any build up of tar. so 1st thing in the morning on getting it going again and then again before going to bed.
  7. we've got 4 gites plus our house and they all are supplied from one mains supply. we have a manifold after after water meter which supplies all 5 properties.    
  8. To winterise mine I just follow the waterair directions. ie reduce filtering time depending on water temp, I add the chlor tablets and liquid when 90% of the tablet has disolved. i don't have a winter cover, once a month i use a net and get out any leaves etc. i don't use bungs because i don't fully winterise. come December when it gets colder and there is more chance of freezing i run the filtration say from midnight on for 15min off for 15 until about 8am, that way the water can't freeze as its moving. the building the pump etc is in isn't insulated, but i put an old quilt over the filter and wrap another around the pipes. i've been doing this since  i've had the pool without any problems. good luck
  9. I agree with poolguy about the standard of filtration supplied with the kits, i found the filtration supplied was not enough for my 11x5 pool, poolguy sorted me out with the mother of all filtration systems. However i certainly found the pool very easy to fit, with my average DIY skills, and i fitted it on my own, would have been easier with an extra pair of hands though.   Good luck in whatever you go for.      
  10. www.waterair.fr do good inground kits, very easy to install, and have a large selection.
  11. i have a waterair pool, i do the active option. and when i know the temperature is going to freeze i increase the filtration times, ie at night i would have the pump run on for 15mins off for 30  say from about midnight onwards. with liner pools you should never empty them anyway, if you do the liner will try to go back to its original shape and rip from the drain and jets and skimmer, remember they are stretch fitted. as for floating pools, i installed a drain all around the bottom outside of my pool that leads into asump, so if water table rises it goes in asump and gets pumped out.  
  12. the only thing these alarms do is comply with the regs, apart from that they are next to useless. i have one, i'm 6.4 and 17stone, i can jump in the pool and thrash around like i'm being eaten by a shark and it doesn't go off. little bit of wind or rain and it goes bonkers.    
  13. I have a hayward http://www.poolspacatalog.com/pools/h-poolvac.htm   i got through poolguy. amazing, works really well and doesn't break the bank.
  14. nooo, works really well, lots of smoke that kills the little critters. they sell a flea spray in chemists that does the same thing, you can either spot spray by pushing the button gently or push it right down and it will empty the whole tin, you need to get out quick though.  
  15. [quote user="Breton Networks"][quote user="Mikey"] i have this setup in our gites. http://www.darty.com/webapp/wcs/Réseau par courant porteur one plugged into AOL box then 1 in each of the 4 gites. [/quote] Very useful devices (I use them) but doesn't answer the original question.   [/quote]   And you response answers the original question does it? I mearly pointed out an easy way of getting internet in the gites, so i think it goes some way in answering the original question.  
  16. i have this setup in our gites. http://www.darty.com/webapp/wcs/Réseau par courant porteur one plugged into AOL box then 1 in each of the 4 gites.
  17. castorama sell a product that should do the trick. its in a small tin, you just shake it, open the top and lite the fuse, it then gives of a smoke that will kill all insects. one tin will cover 160m2, you just need to leave the building closed for 4 hrs. leave all the doors to cupboards open and put mattresses on their sides.   its sold in the garden section, i've used them for a flea infestation and they did the job.
  18. it could also be the phone line. we got hit a couple of yrs ago, the EDF meter blew up and our phone line was dead, nothing else thankfully. I'd get FT to check the line.
  19. for our gites i clean the bottom with a net daily, if the pool has had a lot of use I will hoover every day. i believe for individual properties with pool the guests are resposable for pool cleaning, i could be wrong.
  20. poolguy delivers, i live in brittany and he drove a guzzillion miles to deliver mine personally, now thats service.
  21. very good choice, the stuff is amazing. I got mine from poolguy. makes a huge differance. and you don't need to backwash so often.
  22. in 35 it's 70 euro a corde, they even stack it and come and put the wood in the fire twice a day for as long as the wood lasts.    
  23. never found a problem with any build up of chemicals. had our pool 4yrs now using waterair products. the only thing i didn't like was the filtration system that came with it, cartridge needed cleaning twice a week. poolguy set me up with the mother of all filtration systems and needs backwashing every 3 - 4 weeks, great setup.
  24. got me worried to, but on the waterair products it does say they are compatable with all other products exept a few, can't remember what, i'll have to look on the box. i will say my pool is always crystal clear, has never been green, even when i hadn't ran it for months due to being hit by lightining and the pump not working. when poolguy delivered the zelbrite for my filter he checked the levels of whatever needed checking and all was ok.   i will definatly be going for an automated system possibly next yr. 
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