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  1. Hi all Somebody mentioned to me a gadget which plugs into the back of your Sky box, sends out an FM signal which can be tuned into by a normal transistor radio. Thus enabling you to listen to the Radio with your lovely little Roberts radio, just as you did in the UK. Anybody know about this gadget ? John
  2. Hi everyone Anybody going to UK on Sunday 18th October, Caen to Portsmouth 08.00 sailing, with space for one in their car ? Also if possible need a lift to Southampton Airport when we get there. Willing to contribute. Thanks John
  3. Hi there all I now have 2528 messages in my Orange messagerie. I hear tell that it is possible to delete them all at once, is this true ?? I never use it as it is so prone to spam, can I disable it. Thanks   John
  4. Hi everyone Does anybody know how many phones I can use on my normal FT system. Presumably they have a REN limit as in England. Thanks   John
  5. Hi everyone A local factory unit has recently installed a centrifugal dust extractor, it is a sawmill. This extractor operates 12 hours a day and the exhaust emits a loud droning noise which carries for miles. I intend sending them a polite letter asking them to modify it to quieten it. If this doesnt succeed where do I go next ? In England I would go to the local environmental health dept. at the council, but where do I go in France ? I am hoping the letter will suffice but just in case where do I go ? Thanks to all who help John
  6. I had this problem after disconnecting the downlead overnight during the recent storms. I left the box on standby for 24 hours and it reset itself. Hope this helps. John
  7. I had this problem. You must make sure you follow the installation instructions to the letter. If you plug something in before you are supposed to, it will not load properly. Its easy when you have done it before and dont read the instructions to do things in the wrong order. Hope this helps.   John
  8. Hi everyone Can anyone help with a tricky computer problem ? The story so far :  The hard disk packed up, so I replaced it. Set it up on the BIOS, re-installed XP and now all works again. Only problem I have is with the internal 56k dial up modem. It no longer dials, but displays a message saying the modem is not connected. I did not have the original driver for it so used a generic one from the OS. I had to set up the connection again, put in dial up number ( Orange ) name and password but nothing. Have I missed doing something ? Cant use someone elses Computer for internet forever ! Thanks to all
  9. I heard on the grapevine that Sky are negotiating to move into Europe. Is there any truth in this rumour ? John
  10. In the UK, by law, you are not allowed to park on the highway unless in a marked bay. Thus, if you park your car outside your house it can be removed at any time by the Police if they see fit. People think that if there are no restrctions i.e. yellow lines etc. that you can park anywhere, this is a popular misconception, I know I was caught out by it..Is this the general rule in France ? John
  11. Can anyone tell me why French paint tins are always half empty when you open them up. Must cost them a fortune in extra transport costs. First time I bought paint in France I took it straight back complaining it had already been opened and half used !! Strange !! John
  12.   Hi everyone Just thought I would start a debate. Nearly finished the rewire of our old house. Can anyone tell me two things : Why do they not make an internally connected double plug socket, it`s such a pain putting two together, the boxes are so small. I think they assume that all electricians are midgets or small children. Why are the sockets not available switched ? in these days when we are being urged not to leave things on standby etc. isnt it time they did ? One reflection: I know the sockets work OK, but I dont like that big metal spike sticking out waiting for little fingers to touch it, these sockets are so flimsy, if there should be an internal short .................. What do you think ?? Regards to all John
  13. Thanks Lurcherleans He is an old dog, not many years left but seems a shame to cut him short. Hope the missus doesnt put me down when she gets fed up with me !! Best wishes   John
  14. Hi Dave&Olive Many thanks for the info. The longest span will be just under 3.5m, so 200 x 75 it is. Thanks also to Dave, who e-mailed me, tried to reply but it bounced back. John
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