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  1. Your wife should be ok with Eastenders. It took us a long time and a lot of hassle but we have finally got our French digibox and dish to work to pick up BBc channels. I dont know about the ITV channels but if you do an archive search you should come up with the numerous threads that have discussed this. I gather that there are many who have brought their sky system out and got it to work. There is some tetchiness from the "old folk" on here when questions are asked several times - welcome to the Living France Mairie!! (sorry Mazan but you ARE getting very grumpy!) Dont worry - ew all had a learning curve and I am sure that after you have searched the archives if you dont find the answer there will be loads of people who will help you out Rgds
  2. I saw the news broadcasts but have been so sickened by pictures of him being examined that I have switched the TV off. I am glad that he has been overthrown and captured but I wish for the sake of all democratic nations of the world that the Americans would treat him with a bit of dignity. It doesnt matter what he has done and what he deserves. Firstly he has not been tried yet. And secondly the Americans are doing their own cause and the cause of Western democracy no good at all by behaving like tyrants themselves. Take the message of civilisation, justice, democracy, equality and freedom to the rest of the world by showing them how people with these attributes and benefits behave.
  3. I taught English to speakers of other languages in UK but as yet have not found a way to do this privately here. ANPE have said that in their opinion I would be able to teach English in schools and also to business people. I am very dubious about the former and its not what I want to do anyway as I did summer schools for French kids in UK and it was a nightmare. There are organisations that employ one on a part time basis and send one out to workplaces to teach business people. Try registering at your local ANPE and they should be able to tell you of any local opportunities. Wherabouts are you?
  4. I heartily agree with all your comments. Its all been said before and nothing will be done and you probably wont even get a response from the Administrator. (I dont blame her - she has a lot on her plate) LF is a commercial undertaking and basically although we get this forum for "free" LF use it to generate interest in their magazine, and for ideas and column space. They will give as little as possible whilst picking our brains. I loved the TotallyFrance site - it was very clear and easy - but the expertise is much greater on this site. Something needs to be done before the site reaches gridlock.
  5. Also having to log in and not able to save my password - very annoying. Dont think much of the new LF page either but never spend much time there anyway. WHY on earth have they mucked about with the things that no one had complained about but totally ignored the suggestions/ request that have appeared numerous times for changes - eg splitting the Western Forum, being able to view postings in a differemnt order on a thread etc. Oh - and a happy new year!
  6. If you dont feel up to phoning your bank, email works well for me. I bank with CA in Deux Sevres and the staff fall over themselves to provide solutions to problems so I am sure if the situation is explained something can be sorted out.
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