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  1. hi , is there anyone out there who is based around the le bugue area in the dordogne, has building skills, speaks some french, is maybe a micro-bic and therefor finds it impossible to consider employing people but thinks that teaming up with somebody and splitting the invoices might be a way forward and who is getting a lot of work and quite frequently needs help?! anyone apart from me that is! just a shot in the dark really to put some feelers out for a potential partner???
  2. hi , is there anyone out there who is based around the le bugue area in the dordogne, has building skills, speaks some french, is maybe a micro-bic and therefor finds it impossible to consider employing people but thinks that teaming up with somebody and splitting the invoices might be a way forward and who is getting a lot of work and quite frequently needs help?! anyone apart from me that is! just a shot in the dark really to put some feelers out for a potential partner???
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    thanks for the responses, seems to tie in with the other research i have done.
  4. hello could anybody give me an idea of prices charged PER METRE SQUARED not hourly rate or daily rate for proffesional floor tile laying?  
  5. hi, has anyone got any advice about how to deal with an unpaid invoice for sub-contract work to an english run building firm? apart from going back to the site to undo the work of course is there a legal route i could take here without it costing too much? unfortunately there is no signed devis for the job, just an invoice sent, as the work has been on a regular basis over the last year. it`s not a great deal of money but more the principal, i`d like to warn others to stay away from this firm but i am not sure naming and shaming is allowed is it?
  6. hi all you accomadation owners out there, i live in france with my family (5 people and a labrador) does anyone have any accomadation we could rent at a fair price for a week or so in april somewhere on the atlantic coast between bordeaux and biaritz. must be close to the sea and have some outside space are about the only stipulations. please let me know if anyone has any ideas, thankyou.
  7. hi folks, i wonder if anyone can help me here; i have been offered carpentry and general building work on a sub-contract basis by a company registered both in england and france. they have suggested that i could work for them as and when ( but fairly reguarly i beleive) and be paid into my english account from there english account and therefor be classed as working for an english company. i have been living in france for the past seven months since july 1st in a rented house with my family. i have done my siret course at the chambre de metiers but have not registered to commence work yet. where do i stand if i work for this company on the above basis as far as tax, healthcare and keeping it legal of course, is it possible to live in france and work for an english reg company and be paid in england etc.... yours confused..........................................
  8. hi , thanks for the reply, i`ve read and heard some stuff about this usafruit but what if she dies rather than me with 70% in her name?, do the kids still get the majority? or do i get the majority? what would happen with the kids share anyway, the oldest is 6 years old! does the remaining partner have to wait until they are all 18 to make a decision?
  9. thankyou to all, my decision is made through my own enquiries and the valuable opinions offered on this forum, off to the notaires on monday.
  10. hi nick yes am considering that too! i appreciate it`s the best solution at the end of the day. is there a quick way of getting married in france or is it a registry job in the uk? left this issue far too late really as i`m on the brink of buying something, would it be too late to marry between signing the compromis de vente and the acte de vente? otherwise i think the only solution will be a PAC`S agreement with an en tontine clause?  
  11. is there some sort of forum in existence where time served french residents with " lots of french friends " can move onto in order just to slag off the english speakers for needing advice on many issues to do with moving to france, there is absolutely no point in some people contributing to this forum ( not you miki, like your posts) the original post is quite reasonable, it`s to do with grants for creating a cleaner environment, many governments give them, quite common in this day and age, all for the greater good,not about sponging off the state. seems to go straight over the head of certain people, or is that generations, i don`t know but i have a mental picture forming in my head!? that`s what my french friends tell me anyway!
  12. hello, i seem to be using this forum a lot lately and i am certainly glad it exists!! my next question is...........is there anyone out there who has bought property as an unmarried couple, perhaps with children,( i have three 2,4 & 6) and what did you find the best method of purchase with regard to sci`s, en tontine, en division etc....want to keep it as simple as possible ( a bit like me really!) and although i`ve been told sci`s are a good idea don`t really want to be employing an accountant each year and paying big start up costs ( need the money for renovation, don`t have much of it ! ) is there a simpler way to avoid inheritance tax etc. ( yes i know i could take legal advice on this but want to know what others have done in the same position first ) this is for a primary residence in france not a second home. many thanks for any advice from those who have been through it. 
  13. fantastic, thanks for the replys, don`t usually hold out much hope with these sort of posts. i certainly hope i can provide loads of useful info for other people a year down the road,  merci bien !!
  14. hi , further to my previous post, and i know these sort of posts don`t usually get much response, but can anyone recommend an english or fluent english speaking lawyer to over see a property purchase for us in the dordogne area, thankyou
  15. hi, could anyone give me , perhaps from experience, a rough idea of costs involved in employing an english speaking lawyer to oversee a property purchase in france. thankyou.
  16. thankyou for all the replys, got a good picture of how to go about it now, many thanks to all.
  17. thanks for the reply nick. so if we are talking law, then by law, should we sign a separate bdev for each house we view.we have only ever signed one and viewed about 30 houses since.
  18. hi, been to see several houses with an agent , signed a "bon de visite" right at the start (some weeks ago) but have`nt signed one for each house visit. have just found the same house with a different agent much cheaper, is the "bon de visite" signed with the previous agent worth the paper it written on? are they likely to have added each house to the list covered by the "bon de visite"as we went along? or could i start dealing with the other agent (which would be much easier all round as we have many questions about the property and the original agent does not speak sufficient english to answer them fully, which is fine, we are in france, but we are at an important stage and need to understand fully- before someone shoots me down for not being fluent!!)  
  19. regarding the aforementioned article, surely this about complete house construction where a deccenale makes complete sense of course, but what about " a bit of block work" in one area or a repair somewhere, or for e.g a stone wall in the garden? there must be an element of taking each job on it`s merits along with discussion with the customer, as the previous poster very sensibly suggested with regard to a window opening.
  20. thankyou vey much, took a while to come but eventually some really helpful information, much appreciated!! my intentions are very simialar so very relevant to me. one other thing, did you set up under the "real simplifee, real normal or micro bic tax systems" as an "enterprise indiviuduelle"? if the first i guess you have accountancy fees to consider also or are you the "conjoint collabarateur" ( spelling? ) within the business dealing with the books? interesting what you said about the decennale not being obligatory, must have missed that,( don`t have the best concentration span!) i guess it is up to the customer employing you as to whether they are bothered about a guarantee or not, as long as they realise you don`t have one at the start i guess? will get one anyway. public liability is obviously a must. good to hear you are booked up for work, so many negative comments floating around this forum sometimes. would you mind if i pm you if i think of any further questions? thanks again.  
  21. now, now ladies, if everyone could stop bickering! anyone got any useful info about the original post? can`t blame anyone for doing whatever they can to survive here, it`s just the same in the uk, the only difference being it seems very daunting and ten times more complicated for anyone new here ( like me) to set up doing anything !! hence the black market obviously, if the french simplified things it would`nt be the problem it obviously is to some people.  congratulations to those who have worked there way through it and are now trading successfully, it is quite a challenge and quite an achievement from where i am standing.  
  22. hi val, yes i appreciate what the point of the course is!! 8 hours a day for 5 days, with various very bad and confusing translations thrown in. i can`t imagine why i am not 100% clear on it?! so to sum up ; your advice is - to limit my chances of finding any work by registering as one thing only, or , become a gardener!! like i said, insurance for artisans was`nt really covered that`s why i am asking. i`m aware that different lengths of insurance are required for different trades e.g decorating 2 year guarantee carpentry 10 year gurantee (decenale) i`ve also seen many french firms which appear to be one man bands offering " revetements du sols et murs" to include "peinture et decoration" " carrelage et moquette" maybe this is the route i should take. anyway i`m much clearer on it since reading your message! merci bien.
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